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    This is just unacceptable I'm sorry. You knew that you will have a lot of traffic for something this special. And yet, here we are, 3 hours later, people can't even complete the tutorial, while some will get their next village soon. Awful. You cannot fix this without a restart. The time some players lost just isn't fair.

    You have dissapointed us.

    I got it fixed, beacuse of some recent changes on Google Chrome playing games on there doesnt work anymore beacuse they dont support something anymore. Soo i switched to mozila had to update it removed adware and it worked, Thanks everyone!

    I did try to use a diffrent brwoser and the private mode on google chrome but it doesnt work other browsers dont even manage to open to the lobby. I will go download Malwarebytes now and see if it works, thanks anyway for the adware remover :D

    Yea, I tried to disable it but it doesnt work, I use adblocker beacuse I have ad-ware and my anti virus cant even find it.. Maybe that could be the reason? And sorry for late reply, but until I get it fixed I will probably play on my phone