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    I see, I had the feeling I was so far behind with this fast expansion. Like everyone on my kingdom have enormous armies and I'm there with my fast expansion and no resource incomme whatsoever other than robbers. (even tho we all started at the same time).

    So if I get that cropper village as a second, should I move the hero right away to it and start building army asap so I can raid? Or maybe focus on the first and complete the quest at the cropper one till it's big enough? (I'm not sure If I'm expressing myself correctly).

    In your personal opinion, if you start with a good team, and you want to be offensive, is it worth going for the fast cropper even tho you are gonna be behind at the early stages?

    Thanks for the reponse!

    So, Im new to the game, I started like 2-3 servers and tried the game to get use to the mechanics.

    My questions are:
    1. I like to be Roman, I believe the best offensive tribe is teuton but I'm not feeling it. As an offensive Roman player, is it worth to create that fast second village? (Less than 24h) Or is it better to just build your army, get over 200 and start raiding, and only then go for your expansion.

    2. In case that you DON'T get a 9c or 15c as your second. Do you use your first or your second as your army builder?

    3. What is the use for all the villages beside your main one? Just as a suply to your main? Do you build even more armies?

    Thank you all in advance!