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    Lets say upgrading Barracks to level 3 in village 1 grants you x amount of resources. You can go to village 2, click collect reward and the resources will be added to village 2. I think everyone knows that and it works as intended.
    Now my question is about Building level rewards. For example building Warehouse level 10 in village 1, then go to your village 2 and click collect reward, will your warehouse level 4 or whatever transfor into a warehouse level 12?

    Thanks in advance

    Additional tribes are currently not planned for kingdoms.

    But in case there would: Which tribes with which strength would you like to see?

    Let's say Travian plays around 250BC - 100BC~ cause that's where all 3 tribes currently in Travian coexisted.
    Other relevant civilazations that existed around that time that are more or less relevant or more well known are:
    Celts, Britons, Norsemen, Macedonians, Spartans, Egyptians, Arabs and further east there are always the Indian and Chinese tribes that kept chaning names.
    I personally would find the Britons a bit boring and they should be somewhat similar to the Gauls anyway, moreso for the Celts. Norsemen (aka Vikings) are pretty much Teutons and i don't know if it would be right to add them to the game even tho it would be interesting for sure. Macedonians and Spartans are similar so only one of them should be considered imo. The Chinese and Indians would be a bit complicated so i'd just let them out of consideration for a couple of years.

    So were left with Macedonians or Spartans, Egyptians and Arabs.
    Macedonians/Spartans should have the strongest Infantry(maybe also cavalery) of any tribe. It could be made so their infantry is much stronger than other Infantry (80-90~atk, with good def) and while not costing much more than other infantry units with the drawback being very very high trainingtime and risk of them dying in training (aka a net loss of resources and time), was thinking of maybe 10-33% chance for the unit to not survive the training. Hero should be as strong or stronger than that of the Romans. Specialbuilding something that similar to smithy but what it does is give bonus to atk or def of the units in the village. on atk mode your troops gain let's say 10atk and in def mode 10def each. but since it would be to conveniant on its own like that, the drawback is that changing the mode takes some minutes (maybe 30m) and then it goes on a way longer cooldown (12h~) beofre you can change the mode again so you have to think how you want to use it corecntly.

    Egyptians should be more defensive with poor attacking units. Walls should give great defense while harder to destroy than that of the romans. Egyptian hero should give more production per point. Egyptians should not have a specialbuilding but something still very powerful, 1 more unit than all the other Tribes, slaves. How it works is by defeating enemies either by attacking or defending your village of an attack, 25-50% of the killed enemy units are added to your village as slaves. Slaves are weak in attack and defense but since they are slaves they gotta find their own food somehow aka they cost 0crop.

    Arabs have camels, Camels are more enduring. Camelunits are slow in very short distances but much faster than other units in long distances since they need much less rest. Wall of the Arabs is the weakest of any but they have a special building that makes up for it. Something similar to the water ditch, but with sand. What Arabs are best at is spying, their spy units don't eat crop (something like an eagle). Their infantry should be overall at the level of that of the teutons and their cavalery should not need more than 2 crop.

    Hope you like it and and can take one or 2 things away from this to make Travian great again :)