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    I am truly hoping they fix the "meta" of travian. Its always been there but seemed to get out of control in kingdoms. The changes they are making I think should help. I would actually limit the number of members based on treasure and double the number of WW sites. I'd also limit confeds and naps and make those things mean something.

    1. There should be robber events that do not have camps but start as an attack against a village. You must defend it an loot/stolen goods are awarded based on who killed the most robbers. Or who sent the most defensive troops.
    2. Kings and Dukes should get "Banner men" quests. Other players may join you on far more dangerous but rewarding quests.
    3. Using the treasure amount on a duke or king, allow him to borrow troops from other players as if they were his own. maybe 1-1 for kings and 1-2 for dukes.
    4. Use Natars more. You already have them in the game,

    Well the Travian team has a lot they can still do with kingdoms. Imagine defense quest where loot is awarded to the player that kill the most attacking robbers. As it is now yes the game is geared to offensive player like it always has been. I'd be ok with offense and defense getting on more an equal footing through rpg and hero quest elements of the game. What I would really like is them to add a Banner men ability for dukes and kings.