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    I said this many many times and will try to explain one more time. Something MUST be done in way of kingdom size ! Games now are simply too boring, and as @Ammanurt mentioned, only option you have now is to decide which of 2 metas you want to join ! That's no fun for me and most of the people playing the game, i want more kingdoms, more kings, i want to decide who i want to play with, who has same goals as me etc, not just sit in the community of 150 players and grind whole game, and send deff to my king/dukes every now and than, just plain boring !

    Also i think if kingdoms were smaller, more people would get into fights, help each other etc., which is not case now.

    Also 7days (4days on 3x) protection is WAY too much ! Make it 1 day on 3x and 3days on normal servers so we can start fighting asap, afterall this game should be about fighting, not building simcity, also people who are in beginners protection can reinforce other players now ?! Simply stupid !

    I found this building in travian image files but i just can't seem to find out what is it for.. I searched through wiki, google, travian blogs for 2 years, everything that could possibly have any information and could not find anything. PLEASE someone shed some information, is it for artifacts? Natarian treasury? Random building from alpha that was never removed? New building yet to make an appearance in the game? I need to know.

    Is @Georgi willing to let us know? :)

    It's brewery for arab servers, it's called tea house there

    I'll suggest something, it might sound little weird on 1st step, at least from disscussion on same topic we had years ago on legends forum.

    My suggestion and would LOVE to play, OCC game. OCC = One City Challange

    So basicly as the name says everyone has ONLY 1(one) village and that's it !

    We also had disscussions to change settler/chief to do something else than settle/conquer villages, but none of the idea we had comes to my had now, so maybe little more for you to discuss about ..

    Stop calling it a bug, it is not. You haven't found a solution on how to deal with it, then think more, you don't need to spend time in game to think about it.

    You may not be talking about COM7, but it's exactly why we are here and why you and friends are acting like this.

    I'll leave something to think about, if you have the chance of being scouted, whose fault is it?

    Solution is simple, killing scouts gives 0 off points to hero that's it. And i agree, they should let the game as it is, but than again, they took away spies on t4, where you could see everything what's in the city with 1 scout, they took away easy 1 unit fakes, so why would they allow this can't really say bug, but lame play from someone ?

    yes, it's no problem if he's not in protection, than you can collect tributes by attacking/robbing him, but while in protection you can't do anything. Now if you get several such governors in begining you have way slower start than others.

    Because they can deny tributes to you, so if you're not lucky you've start as king, another bright idea of developers, sometimes i wonder what with they think ! I understand denying tributes after few days of server, and we also had debate and majority of players said, they should remove it so you can't deny tributes if you're in beginners, but they simply don't care about it ! They'll after they start losing people !

    This game has gone too much into building/siming, it used to be verry nice strategy game at the beginning, but seems they made mistake hiring developers, which were unable to follow the line of Travian by improving it, raither they added tons of stuff that prevented all the fun and has now become boring game with all it's restrictions etc. and is totally different game as it used to be. Because of all this changes they've lost their playerbase, and i doubt they'll ever get it back if they don't start from scratch and follow the roots of original Travian, because games like TK you can find on every step now, even farmville is kinda alike to TK.

    Get developers who can use their own had, and don't need to copy stuff from other games, thinking everyone will like that !

    And this suggestion is one more in the line of the above thinking: leave me alone, i want to sim and play this game without thinking ! How dare you do something out of line, where i'll lose units for nothing ?!

    But on other hand, why do we even have inactive villages on map ? Because playerbase droped so much, that they needed to do something, so active players like those bitching about spiking don't become farms ! I'd raither see no inactives, this way people should actualy make farms, not only steal them from active figting people ! Why does inactive become grey ?! Leave him as it is ! If people are too lazy to monitor population is not my fault, but it's easy to monitor for new greys, not asking yourselfe did the one that made that guy a farm revenue his loses on him, and is maybe reinforcing him, because he cleaned him and doesn't want lazy simers to steal his resources !

    I don't know what you want to say ? If i want someone to be my personal farm i'll reinfoce him so others stop farming = more resources for me ! It's tactics ! And it's damn WAR game ! if you don't like it, go play simcity or any other nonWAR game !

    I said that ages ago, that they need to make kingdoms smaller ! i.e harder to get dukes or limit members like it used to be in old days of Travian, where you could invite 3 members for each embasy level, so embasy level 20 was 60 members and that was it for alliance ! Now there's no competition, because smaller kingdoms have no chance as you said, those kings either abdicate or get destroyed by double+ sized ally !

    I think good option would be to limit member number by treasury sizes. So each level of treasury = 1 member (those from dukes are also included), i think this would make game way more interesting, because people would actualy be forced to steal treasures, and would also add new strategy to the game, moving treasures wouldn't be so easy anymore, as you'd have to destroy treasury and by that you'd lose members rights etc in addition treasury villages would be even better deffended (once catapults are there) for same reason, not to lose treasury ... like we used to deffend embasy villages early in game.

    Also once you have some ally capacity i.e. 15 members, even you lose treasury you don't lose governors/ally members, you just need to rebuild treasury high enough to get new members in.

    Why treasury ? Because there's need to add more and more governors once game improves, and with every 4k treasures kingdom gets new duke (new treasury) so there's need for new governors, and i think 20 members/king duke at most is more than enough to have in ally !

    If i understand right, you're asking about late game, well depands how developed you are etc, how many resources you got, but best to make is all 3 of them ;) phalanx + druids in 1 city phalanx + hadeuans in another, if you can't afford filling another lvl 20 barracks do only haeduans in that village.

    I had exactly the same problem, or still do have :D I usualy built military stuff (barracks, stable, workshop) on right side of circle, exactly where rubbles are now :D Kinda got used to it, that my 1st village looks a little different than others, but still, would be awesome if you could fix that you can choose where you want to have rubbles or something, because it's important to me to have everything on same place, to find things fast when needed :D

    I must say i completly agree with Russians and don't like the idea as it's presented here. There're problems with multiaccounts even now, than there'll be even more problems.

    No one will cooperate better than during wartime ! If you want to improve teamplay there needs to be more wars, more battles etc., than people start cooperating, as was mentioned above new players will have no clue what to do with this workers, they won't get any, because no one will know them etc, however if you make it military wise, people will instruct new players how to make army etc (because that's something they can have benefit from later too), will help them to deffend, and what's better to make friends than help someone in troubles and be helped when you're in trouble ?

    Travian was always WAR game, so let's try keep it this way, not turn it even more into simcity state, raither force people to fight.