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    I've suggestion for you to make a (test) server with fixed entry fee (for example 50EUR/month until ww's are released) which player needs to pay if they want to register on that server. For that players get server long all bonus futures, all building slots, 10 npcs and 10 instant finishes per day (those numbers are only as an example, because having those unlimited would make game uninteresting) and limited amount of silver (let's say 20k as an example).

    Why i think this would be good option ? Because players would know fixed expenses they'll have on certain server and what they'll get for that money, but prize most be at some level most people can afford to spend. We'd get multiaccounting away with it, because if someone would want to have multiaccount, they'll have to pay for it to register and risk losing money for all registered accounts if they're caught cheating, also players would try harder (because they pay, now they can choose not to) and whoever would register would play at his 100% which'd make server more competitive and fun with far less inactive players, which can ruin someones game now, for example a king is realying on his governors to do their best, so if 4 or 5 stop playing after few days/weeks it hurts him too, not to mention if king becomes inactive how it can hurt governors.

    What's in for you ? I think your revenue wouldn't be so much different as it's now, because EVERY player would pay to play, now i think there're many who don't pay anything and play regualry, i think more people will be encouraged to pay money knowing they'll have same conditions as everyone, not like now, when someone can afford to spend 5k eur/month on travian, other can afford 100 eur (early money makes huge difference). I also think that might bring alot of lost players back to the game (from my information most stoped playing because they couldn't play as competitve as they'd like vs whales due to money issues and game became too much for their monthly budget) also it can attract new players to try the game.

    I'm not saying that EVERY server should be started as prepaid, there still should be some left as it's now, so new players can get to know the game for free and than decide if they want to pay money or not. But i think you should try to run few servers like that and see how it affects your revenue (which i understand is most important to you), if it'll bring people back and have servers with 10k people again.

    In my opinion that'd be win win situation for TG and players. So please take this under consideration.



    @PoLo the problem with that is that it would be too easy to set up a def block for alliance members to clear robbers quicker. That way the losses would be minimal and payout much bigger.

    I would also love some kind of option to piss the robbers off so they would attack, but then we need to find a sollution for this proble

    I think it shouldn't be that hard for devs to make "ignore" reinforced units, when robbers are attacking on demand (even animals) ...

    Well i think they should add button to them, something like "attack now" so deff players wouldn't have to build off just to clear robber hideouts, but could instead just force them to attack them (since they've deff in village), and go take resources and treasures out with their deff after the attack ...


    is it possible to make timer for when robber hideout will appear for player, similar to adventure one ? It's problematic for us to login or watch account 24/7 to see when robbers appear, sometimes you go to sleep just 5 min before they'd appear and lose like 8h on them, because you'd wait those 5 min if you'd know when they'll come.

    The way it is now rewards very active players, because they(we)'ve accounts covered almost 24/7 and isn't problematic to watch for those hideouts appear, but for new players and not so active it'd be good to know when they'd appear i think.

    And have what 200 people on server at most ? :D Maybe if they'd put server together like it's Nordic for Balkan that'd be a way maybe ;)

    That's why the developers need to make a choice. Now the com servers are full of russian players and there i nowhere to go for only english speakers. Like I said: Not Fair

    Where were you months ago when we were arguing this same thing ? :P

    @snappy_COM Not anymore^^ You're still not allowed to post messages without approval, but reports are totally fine now^^

    Well, last round I was totally fine with 2x 20€ (as governor) for the whole round. Finished being in the Top 3% for Off-Points and Population and 5% for Hero. So if your goal isn't to be the best Player in those rankings, you're totally fine with way less money..

    You can do that with no gold too, you're missing the point of this debate :) We're talking about top rankings.

    I'm just waiting for VVV to come by and tell us all that if they used that business model they wouldn't be making any money. A server with the current model makes them way more money than a server with a fixed rate of payment. So they WOULD lose money by booting up such a server.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see such a server (but not if it's just a one/limited time special type server).

    Well since we're all talking about things that'll never happen, i said many times and will repeat myselfe, this format is not geting them more money as if everyone could play a server with spending let's say 50-100$ a month and compete with others, as many people can afford those 50$ a month for a game and would buy gold, but not many of us can afford 200+$/month to compete with whales, so we raither don't buy gold, because as irubaya said we think it's waste of money when we see 20+$ bid on helmet of gladiator :D

    I'm up for that what you say here, to pay 10eur/month to play, would be way more inactives and everything, but than i'd also like to see all the hero things gone, just pure simple hero, everyone has the same, no buckets, ointments, cages etc :D

    Luckily, in a few weeks as teams emerge, these things won't matter as much. Obviously the heavy gold user will still be ahead (and can keep buying zoos for quite some time), but since it's team vs team tactical outplay possibilities open up.

    If you haven't been catted from the server by the gold whale before then that is.

    Nahh take all the fun away even in early game, because as was already said, everyone just sims and watches for inactives, raither than fight, which is boring, as this is supposed to be war game. Anyway i'd raither see you should pay 50EUR for each gameworld and that's it, let the best man win, than if they'd add things like 2 city elim (lose 2 cityes and you're deleted) would even make it more interesting, but ok i still play from time to time to have fun and give this whales some hard time at start, than delete after a week or 2 usualy, because it gets too boring, no action anymore. Oh and i can't remember when was last time i bought any gold, because it's useless anyway if i spend 20EUR/week which i could afford or i spend nothing, not much of difference, because with what i can afford to spend i can't compete on auctions anyway :D

    Well there're still players here who're saying this ain't pay2win game ;) With every change TG makes it's more pay2win, and besides it gets boring after a week, at least for me, because there's no action anymore, it has become kinda simcity game no one wanted, i'd like to have T3.6 back, they ruined the game with hero system intruduced in T4, why many many people stoped playing in 1st place, with T4 money become > skill in kingdoms they only multiplied this factor :D

    I don't know why i even bother, you show your whole respect to your customers by adding things, majority of players doesn't like, you ban rank 1 and 2 players in week 3 of server, than you need 24h to respond to their every message, than after 6 days you figure out they didn't do nothing wrong, unban them, don't even say sorry or anything ... you need to start understanding WE are your custumers WE make your salaries and by doing things like that will throw more and more away, i don't even know how you still didn't notice this, after all this years you're still making same mistakes, not listening to your customers ! If my people would be losing clients in my company at ratio you're losing them, we'd been closed long ago, but luckily we've happy clients.

    So what should i do when i'm only english speaking person in my kingdom (if i play as king) report my kingdom and lose governors ? As i said English isn't my native language, it's my 3rd language, i'm not trying to speak to everyone in my native language. Problem is you allow different language interfaces and nothing else, what do you expect ? And what is goal of this ? If it's english ONLY server ? Than leave interface in english and who doesn't understand it, won't bother to play, or there'll be just few of them, not 3/4 of server ! This things turn me away from the game, since i can't enjoy it anymore really. My native language isn't supported so i can't go play on national server, if i go on any other server i need to strugle with google translate to even say or understand something, so only thing left for me is english speaking server, which isn't that anymore as everyone speaks their own language !

    So problem is not in us players, but you, because you allow language change in interface, and even promote that server can be played in all available languages, what do you expect than ?

    The .com's are considered English only. So if you are finding yourself in a situation where it is not, then send in a ticket to the "Help Center"
    They can handle it from there.


    They might be considered english only, but you can play them in different languages, so people who got no clue about english come and play it, because they can play it in their native language (i gave russians as an example, because there's most of them and most of them don't speak enlgish) !

    I think this thing to see treasures on map is total bs ... not only because scouts are downgraded in use a little, but because now when you're sucessfuly attacked as king everyone sees you lost treasures, and can follow up the attacks, hope you remove this stupid feature for lazy people who don't build spies asap !

    Well it's problematic as they write in cyrlic, ok i can read cyrilic (if i really try), but still it's kinda silly talking trhrough google translate whole server, especialy as translates are sometimes same as if you'd just read it in russian, got no clue what other's trying to say :)


    I think you should reconsider making some servers english only, because now on com servers you got many russians who don't speak or understand english and it's hard to communicate with your governors/king !

    Interesting now ... how people changed their stories, remember few month back when they introduced new building queue on test server our debate about same topic, how i compared bars with prices of beer ? One having beer 20$ other 5$ which'll earn more at the end of the day, you were strongly against that and said they must make money :) But glad you noticed same thing, even few months later that high prizes only throw people away, even if you can afford beer for 20$ it's not same if you sit in an empty bar or crowded one ...

    Exactly the thing i was saying few months ago when they introduced this future, you were strongly against my opinion at that time, but glad you realized same thing i was saying months ago ;)

    Here we talk about gold future that went more expensive by 300+% with a change no one needed, so if you comment, at least make the comment in the way it'll make sense, but on other hand you're right i used to use gold to use this futures before, now i don't use them anymore, i mean i don't buy gold at all anymore ;)