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    So does everyone else ;) I personaly hate it when i see big metas early in game ! That means boring siming game ! Everyone starts from same spot, so best and fastest people will get dukes faster, which won't allow you to sim and not steal treasures from others, afterall it's a war game and let it stay this way ! I like the idea of one king and nothing else it'll bring so much more strategy into the game, because now games are boring everyone just makes naps early and they play it out, almost no action, well now you'll be forced to hit people to grab treasures and expand as fast as you can and get as many people as possible in.

    Edit: mah forgot to reply with quoute and am too lazy to find the post i was replying to now :D It was one of Jallus posts :P

    It's day 55 of server atm and isn't over, than it's at least 14 day waiting period for new one to start so it's 3 months at least. You can register for last 7 days only if that's what makes fun for you, i enjoy mostly in starts, first few weeks, which i can't if i start late, because it's totaly different strategy than etc which i don't like. I think there could be one more x3 server starting when other one is at half, so they'd start every 90 days or so, because there's only 1 x3 server for all domains, and they got so many x1 servers available on all domains.

    Will there be more x3 servers ? It kinda sux for us who like to play on x3 server, because if we miss start of it, we must wait 3 months for another to start, and if we miss again ...

    Can someone explain to me how auctions work, because i see things i want to buy at much higher value than i get for them if i try to sell them. For example on com6 i've sword to sell 400 power one it offers me 650 silver for it, same sword was just sold for 3200 and there's another one 2h till end of auction and it has prize of 2200, so why is my valued only at 650 silver ?

    I mean on other servers this doesn't matter, since they're long past this task, but com6 is new and makes difference if you make party or two (to get those CP some will get free) with one city or with two when you've more that double production. We could wait until 27th true, but than we might lose advantage again and not get crops we want, so i suggest you put new version on com6 asap to avoid this :)

    Hmm ok, but isn't it little unfair to put update on COM6 on 27th, since you're invoking build Town hall task after build residence ? I'm playing on com6 got residence on 10 and will have 2nd city before 27th, so those who'll make it will have disadvantage to those who won't and will get free CP from town hall task ?

    To improve your experience there will be an update with patch 0.47 to all COM game worlds. Please find the schedule below.

    • 23.06.2016 ~13:30 (GMT+2) - Maintenance on our Login & Registration servers
    • 23.06.2016 ~15:00 (GMT+2) – COM1 + COM4
    • 06.06.2016 ~10:00 (GMT+2) – COM3, COM5, COM6, COMx3

    Can you explain update for COM3, COM5, COM6 and x3 please ? It can't be 6.6.2016 ...

    Yes i think this change will make huge difference on gameplay too, and i support it, I think it'll make game better, just too bad it comes after messed up building system which i don't like at all, so i won't have chance to test it :(

    It works only in village it's built, if you send them to another village which doesn't have it it's normal to consume 2 food, however if you build it in that villa too, they'll consume 1 food there too.

    Seriously, take in consideration to remove alliances out of this game, because now 3/4 of active players is allied, and you got no one to fight, and even you want to fight them, you got no chance ! Every king from 3 in ally gets tons of governors, than there are dukes, just takes too much teritory, so what happens is that other alliances join biger aliances, their kings become their dukes, until whole sector is full of them. Than fight if you can. If it was king vs king, you'd limit this things down alot and can actualy get some action around, else it's just boring simcity game !

    Problem with attacks is that this game is way too much deff oriented. If you play off it's just boring attacking inactive players and waiting till end to hit ww ... too long beginers protection, so everyone can make starting deff up, deff can be stacked together, and there're several people in kingdom whatsoever in ally helping each other, so it's hard to attack anyone if he ain't really noobish or inactive. This game won't live long, because it's boring buildup game, they took power of fighting away with kingdoms, they should just continue to work on versions up to 3.6, because those were versions that brought masses of people to play.

    Now on t5 you've 1000 starters, of which after 1 week there's maybe 200 are still active ... boring


    I got one maybe little crazy idea. Many people don't have time or energy for slow starts of the servers, or they just hate slow progress early on, while on other hand some of us love starts of games and don't like mid/end game so much, or some people just got 14 days of time and start the server which they know they won't be able to finish. So i was thinking why wouldn't you make selling of accounts possible, we're talking selling for gold not real money. I think this would add another dimension to the game, where you could put your account on sell and still get away with some gold if you have decent account and someone would like to play on that server who doesn't yet. Also it would make alot easier for people to start playing imidiatly on some decent account, rather than wait for new sever to start. Also i think it might bring alot of oldschools back who stoped playing because they're used to be in top 5 every server and just can't afford to be there anymore, so this way they could be making accounts on different servers put it into a good start and try to sell it after few days and earn some gold which they'd put later on account they'll play for themselfs.

    The idea i got is, that you make some sort of auctioning system for accounts, that means if i decide to put my account on auction, all the people that are curently not playing on the server the account is on, can check the account (get only view option), it's surrondings, production etc. Because army can be delicate i'd still hide army and reports from this view. So than people could bid for that account. It'd be gold they're biding, however after the auction is done the account owner could still decide not to sell his/her account for the prize that was offered to him on the auction, if they think prize is too low. If account owner accepts highest bid, account is transfered to highest bider imidately, the amount of gold that they agreed is cut from buyers account and is transfered to sellers account.

    I don't know how it's with taxes etc(goverment stuff) to make this legal, because some people could earn something this way, but if it's just gold idk you pay taxes when someone buys that gold, and you can't put this gold back into real money anyway ...

    Have you even read what this thread is about ? Because what you're saying makes no sense ! You're talking about earning money for them, and we're talking about premium servers, where they earn from "entry fee" and that's it ! And all that random stuff you mentioned are true for t4 and above ! On t3.x or previous version from all that random stuff you mentioned only spawn is included, which i agree is important, but on premium server i don't think there'd be many farms do you ? Would you pay money to enter the server and than not play it ?! And no hero items don't put another dimension strategy vise, they only limit damage done to hero and other random stuff you can get that can make huge difference on servers like the one we're talking to ! Imagine you pay entry fee of 50 EUR to play on server, you get in clash with your neigbour, you both lose heroes, he's got bucket you don't ... he gets some armor/weapons in adventures you don't, you both try to get same new city spot, he gets artworks you don't ... too much luck involved if this stays in to get me into such server !

    And i'll never know what you 2 are talking about with strategy on hero items, all strategy you need is far away from hero items. Hero items can just make huge differences early in game, because i got no clue who'd be selling good stuff on server where they don't need gold !

    You missed the point there'll be no gold invovlved, so it adds randomness what you get to sell etc to get silver to buy things ... so it's pretty much randomness. It's same as you'd play with no gold buying now, you can get lucky in adventures and get things you can sell for good silver, or you get nothing good and strugle ...

    Well, it could. People would just have to use the silver they get from selling items, find from adventures, card game, and earned from daily quests. Things would be a lot cheaper, and it would be more of an even playing field, outside of being lucky enough to find items from adventures.

    To much random luck involved this way, in 3.6 there were no adventures, no hero items = pure skill ... so even they take away adventures/hero items and let the server be pure skill server or i don't like the idea that much ...