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    It's not really that simple. If you don't get the right armour during adventures, what do you do then? If you don't buy gold, you're not going to have the silver to buy in auctions. Not only that, but if you don't buy gold, you really need to put points in res production, and move it around to limit the fact you can't NPC. As it stands now, if you don't have all points in strength, the hero is unusable. The simple fix is to go back to the old mechanic. Hero levels up, 100% health comes with it. That suggestion has been made so many times, it's not funny. Generally, I've been a fan of the game dev and design team answering questions on the forums, but I really think they need to come clean on why they removed hero health restoration on levelling up, because it appears to have bee a pure economic decision that ruins gameplay for non playing players.

    You answered your question, ointments were selling that much than so they did, same thing was on T4 with oases mad animal growth after they seen cages aren't selling well, but as i said than and will say now, they don't see they're killing the game with things like this, and than they wonder why more people won't play the game, and that there're less people registered on every new server.


    my king got banned, now i wonder since i was fighting hard for those treasures he's got what happens with them if he gets deleted ? They disapear ? Why do i get punished too if king broke the rules, he can't collect taxes from me, so he can't take treasures i stole from others, meaning when i sell treasures i get from robbers i don't get aditional crop ! Next thing is if he gets deleted i won't have kingdom, unless i crown myselfe, but if i wanted to play as king i'd do so from the start, and if i'm governor not within king borders i don't get bonus resources for selling treasures ! So if you ban/punish king you punish all of his governors too !

    I understand you need to keep servers clean of cheaters etc, but in this case you should find some solution for governors, because it's not governors fault if king cheats or does whatever to get himself banned, but governor takes punishment too, later in server this happens the biger punishment for governors, who lose their units etc to get those treasures which disappear than with king !

    Someone might say, king might get inactive too ... that's true but in this case you can at least steal his treasures back and maybe crown yourselfe and have those treasures with you.

    Problem is early on server when they're still in beginers protection, governors got 7 day protection on normal server, 4 days on 3x, and after 3 days (when still in BP) they become grey and they get out of BP once they get grey, and this always happens at midnight CET. It's not a problem for people once out of BP, but if they're in BP and even you know they're inactive you can't attack them until they become grey. That's what i was trying to say in 1st post.

    I wonder why do inactive players become grey only at 00:00 CET ? This is huge advantage early on for people in different timezones, especialy for those in GMT -*, because most EU players would go to bed at that time and can't send attack to grey players who get out of protection early in servers, so they can't compete on free resources they got in villages once they become grey !

    Was discussed long time ago, i was saying this makes no sense back than already, but was told you changed this as you want to speed up building of 3rd village, which doesn't make sense either, because it doesn't matter when you get those CP, it only slows down 2nd city expansion and speeds up nothing for 3rd, because if you get those CP for 2nd city is same as if you get them after building 2nd city ....


    i wonder why's free play in card game on 3x same as on 1x every 24h ? Shouldn't it be every 8h to get same amount of free stuff from it as on normal server ?

    KEEN i know it may sound little weird but maybe add another "resource" units killed/got killed to upgrade military/storage builidings or even better resource fields, this'd force people to move army out, and maybe number of killed troops needed for upgrade drops every now and than, same as with hero revive resources. This'd leave the game basicly as it is, but would bring armies out in my opinion at least, and would also stimulate people to help others deffend, as they'll get killed units count. I don't know if this is possible, but i think it's worth considering something in this way.

    @commanded KEEN i know you can be in top 10 with not paying anything, am doing it lately, but was trying to explain you something else. I'm around for 10 years so i know all the tricks which new players don't and won't even take time to learn them ... why i was trying to tell you in my post one simple thing ... sometimes less is more !

    Commander KEEN,

    when i read your post i agree with some things, but still need to put my 2 cents in. You're saying you're trying to bring the game to new players, that you want biger servers and more players on each server. I'm part of Travian comunity for about 10 years now, i know many players, most of them very good players who stoped playing and 90% of them have same reason they stoped playing Travian and that's money !

    We don't need to go far back only few years, to version 3.x, there were servers with 10k+ players on 3.x so you had your player base, but did you guys at TG ask yourselfe why you lost so many players since ?! Well you made same mistake as most game developers do when they have player base, you go and add things to game which require people to spend more and more money, which is no problem for some players, but for most i can assure you it is, especialy those who're earning their own money. While you could play version up to 3.6 with reasonable amount of money spent to be competitive, everyone was able to have same hero for example when you had to upgrade one of your units to hero, everyone had same chance to make new cities, as all you had to do were celebrations, there were no help you could buy it was only skill which determined how good you are. All of this changed with introduction of hero as his own unit and hero items ! Now no matter how good you were, someone near you just bought 100000 scrolls, ointments, buckets (back than it was no limitation how many you can use per day) and you simply had no chance, because you couldn't compete with him on money and all he did was killing your units with hero, until you finaly gave up and there was no other escape as to delete for most people, and even most skilled people strugled for weeks to build up and try to kill this person. It's true you could get free gold with introduction of auctions, but this didn't add up the advantage some people got with buying stuff and this was one of the major things MOST people stoped playing Travian back than ! You tried to fix things up when it was too late by limiting amount of scrolls, buckets, artworks, ointments etc player can use per day but it was already too late.

    Now You make Kingdoms and what's new in Kingdoms is only you need to spend even more money as on T4 if you wish to play competitive ! Npc costs 5 gold (3gold on t4), hurry thing costs 3 gold (2gold on t4), price of plus account is suprisingly same 10 gold, bonus resources costs 30 gold (20 gold on t4) and even plus + bonus resources cost more it lasts less than on older version, on Kingodms only 5 days (7 days on t4). You even changed selling an item on auction, where item doesn't go on auction anymore and you get amount of silver someone spent for item, but you get fixed amount of silver and i can assure you if you're selling everything you get you don't or maybe early barely get amount of silver to pay for plus/bonus resourcecs. Than you even add card game to the game which improves your hero items alot and gives people with deep pockets another huge advantage.

    Another thing you mentioned you buildup villages alot faster now and time of server has droped significly with which i totaly agree, but than again building times stay the same, which means you need to hurry alot more things, npc more etc if you wish to compete with people or you're stuck, this means more gold to buy again !

    So to make my story short all you're doing is to milk more and more money from people which turns people away from the game, back in the days you could play the game nicely with 20-30 eur/month which most of working people are willing to pay for some fun after work, etc... now days with 20-30 eur/month you can't do anything at least not if you try to compete with others, not just to play to be someones deffer and basicly hold 2nd account for him where he makes deff units !

    For all the new players you're looking for i can assure to you that they won't pay tons of money for a game they don't even know, they'll try to play it with as little money invested in as possible until they know the game, until they're good enough to understand the game and not to become farms on day 1, no one will pay for that, and won't even give it 2nd try when they see they need to spend money in order to compete, this turns people away.

    But on other hand i know you need to make profit from the game, that's why you're developing it, but you'll have to find better model, maybe hire some people who'd calculate what are optimal prices of things, how much money/month are most people willing to spend etc ... also you need to count on those people who don't spend money on your game, but simply want to play it for free, you need those people too for numbers, to bring others in etc, but you need to calculate again how much advantage to give to people who pay you to those who don't (now this difference is too big) and you need both of this players if you want healthy game, or you'll be left only with those with deep pockets, but eventualy even they'll lose fun when there'll be no easy targets for them, no people where they could show their power on etc and game will die slowly if it continues at this pace.

    This is my 2 cents on whole situation, even i don't see/know your buisness resoults or your profit during different versions/years of game and don't know what your main strategy is, to have little people who pay alot, or have alot of people who spend little, that's another plan you need to have/make and stick to it, but if you decide for 1st you can't expect alot of new people to come and start playing your game, but afterall you know and see the math i don't, but at least this is my opinion.

    Best regards,


    Well you can't do lvl 20 iron mines anyway, you can't make enough great warehouses/granaries to be able to build it ;) Well maybe now it works with this plus ... but it sure didn't in old versions, anyway, most i've ever upgraded field was 19 and it was wheat and i've done it only once, else i stoped @ 17, maybe sometimes few fields on 18 too but for that it's better to make 5 new 7c or 9c cities for same amount of wheat you get for those resources ...

    Well, I think com servers were in "universal" language, because they were international version, so would be little weird to have it run on hungarian language for example until they made language picks available wouldn't it ?

    I agree with you, it's possible to do good without any or little gold, but from version to version this is harder and i think this is what Kardam tried to say. Now even market works this way that you get fixed amount of silver for selling stuff, which is usualy lower than what they sell for, becuase i think it's some kind of avarage price you get, and we all know during the night prices drop, also i see things put up on market directly by TG which makes more things to be sold in market, which lowers the price and it's harder to get some gold from seling things which helped alot before.

    And this is exactly thing Kardam tried to say and i agree 100% with him, it's harder and harder to play with little or no gold, just because those heavy buyers get more and more advantages and if you're not very skilled it's virtualy impossible to do good with little or no gold, and new players usualy aren't expirienced, and also usualy doesn't want to invest tons of money into the game they don't understand fully, they want to try it out with no money or very little money 1st, but now they're just turned away because they see what's going on, and that is Travian has become pay2win game and exactly as Kardam said, before it was alot easier to play with no or little money investet that's why there was alot more players involved in servers, which gave fun to all, even whales, but as i said in one of my previous posts on this subject, it's their game they can do whatever they want, but with pace they're going i give them 2 years before they'll have no players left, but than it'll be too late changing things, because no one will go back and try the game that has died again. But again this is my opinion and i could be wrong.

    Templar stop giving new stuff in which needs more money to be spent in order to play competitive, like card game etc and pretend you invent this for low gold users to gain something, they gain 1 card free/day while gold whales can buy 1903 for example, also high prices for npc/finish fast unballance game even more and disatract people to play on. I think most people have some budget how much they'll spend over one server and i don't think making people pay more to get same as before will change this, it'll only make people that managed to play competitive before to go away from the game. Now if your goal are people who don't have limit on spending than i understand, but again when all those people who can't afford competitive playing anymore will quit if they'll still spend same amount of gold as they do now, because they won't have that many competitive players to play vs. It's your game, you're free to do with it whatever you want, but you must look after most people, not few individuals who have pockets full. At least my thinking of it.

    For example if i go out and beer costs 10$ i'll drink one maybe 2, because i'll feel it's expensive, and people who can't afford 10$ for a beer won't even show at that place, if beer will be 6$ i'll drink 5 maybe 6 of them, because i'll find price reasnoble and will actualy spend more money there, and also more people would show there beceause they could afford beer. But again all depands what's your strategy if you want small amount of players, who spend alot, or you want biger crowd who spends less, but need to think people who're ready to spend alot will do it anyway.

    Your post is just something. I'm playing travian since 3.x version, there used to be 10.000 people registered on comx back in the times when all you need gold for was plus, bonus production npc and to speed build, with t4 and all the hero stuff which required more gold to compete on equal level number of people drasticaly droped, and with this prices it's hard to convince people to come from t4 to kingdoms, and like Railgunz said more and more will quit playing, good players who just don't want to put alot of money in games, so you'll end up playing with 20 people on server and than buy all the gold.