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    TG doesn't care about their players and/or what they think. Reason heroes are the way they are is in money of course, more people buy ointments and buckets means they're more expensive, means people spend more money, same thing with npc for 5 gold, they just got too greedy, and as you said they're losing base of players who're not willing to spend that much money on a game, they only see big spenders for now, but as you said they'll be gone too when they'll have no other players to play with/against, so if things don't change i give travian one-two more years before they're gone to history which they deserver to be honest, because they never listened to players.

    Yes agree, now i need to make like 5 parties to get 2nd city, and protect those settlers, instead i could just put those resources i put in settlers into resources and build settlers when i can actualy use them pfft

    Well task 23 here says townhall will give 800 cp, but it doesn't anymore ;)

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    ohh i need to build 2nd village before that ?! Wtf ?

    Hi, where can i see all open tasks in 0.40 ? Is there any tasks that helps you with cp early on ? I built town hall and no more free cp, or you give this big help with residence now and i need to make 4 parties for 2nd city ? :o

    We all know you can get different bonuses in this version, but if you know max % you get is enough and much better as now, when you need to zoom in on every crop and count tiles if you get that oasis in or not etc ... so i agree get us max % bonus you can get with crops !

    I'll add my 2cents here, because i agree with person who started this thread. Travian used to be strategy game, where you fought with your ally's vs enemy's, catapulted them, robbed them etc, but it's becoming more and more farmville alike game ! I used to buy alot of gold, just to get some sort of advantage over my enemys, to instant build new village, repair catapulted ones etc, now honestly i don't care anymore, there's too many things i need to spend gold on and i gain nothing ! There used to be alot of people around on servers, because you didn't have to be milionare to play a decent game from start till end. Now you've 1000 of things that have nothing to do with the origin of the game (am talking about travian before t4), even i liked hero stuff intruduced in t4 it gave some more strategy into the game, but now watching kingdoms i wonder what were they trying to do with it ? I wonder when they'll start with action's buy 1500 gold and you recive 1000 units etc ...

    Bottom line, they want us to spend more and more money on the game, but they just don't see they're losing players big time because of it. Maybe they don't see it in ballance each year, but even people actualy buying stuff now, will stop when there'll be 50 people starting server. For example us4 started yesterday, there're 140 people registered ! Think about it, and ask yourselfe why's that so !


    Is this bug on x3 servers that merchants carry same amount as on 1x ? roman 750, gaul 1125 and teuton 1500, this used to be doubled on 3x normaly ? Is this going to stay as it is, or you going to change it ?

    What i'm talking about, but it does matter in reviving, i've fields on 7 in city, and it takes 10h production to revive hero !!! So this means you don't have 20 EUR/day for ointments, don't play this game anymore, because you can't compete with people who can afford this ?! And imagine they even call this more ballanced than it used to be before this update ?! However i'm deleting my account and won't play Travian for some time. I know and understand they need to earn money from game, but since i'm playing Travian for 10 years now i notice all changes they're making are going into spending more and more money from users, well if that's their goal, to have players here who are willing to spend 500+ EUR/month for a game it's their choice, but i'm not willing to pay that much money to play a game, and i think many others who're willing to spend about 50-100 EUR/month max for a game, well guess it's time to find new game, too bad as Travian is nice game, but seems it's becoming game for reach people which i'm not.


    So you're not answering in previous thread anymore, so i'll post it here with pictures.

    So hero loses 14xp it had on adventrure, even it is level 7 (in top 10 of heros on server) and has 28 points on strength:

    And also has sword and light breast plate on it:

    so i ask you again, you call this more ballanced ? Or you call this buy ointments and buckets 24/7 ?!

    I'm talking abot begining of server, when you have more advantures, later is maybe different but in begin you need to heal or revive hero almost every day @!

    I've best level hero on server, with sword and armor, and still lose 9hp on each adventure, how's this hero making less damage ?! Before it lost 9hp if i had it full on resources and no equipment on it, this update is nothing but trying to get people to buy more ointments/buckets/healing equipment, as this doesn't balance game more, but it balances it less for people who can't afford to buy 20 EUR gold every day to buy this things, but have to spend resources and time to revive hero every day !


    i wonder why you removed energy refill when hero gains level, you need to sell more ointments ? Also i've a question why does my fully equiped hero with all attributes on strenght lose 10xp on every adventure ?

    I don't think stealing ally treasures is good idea, someone will fight whole server bringing home treasures, while some other ally will build up in peace and than just hit this one ally who was fighting hard for 8 months and win the game ? No i don't think it's good idea sorry. But i like idea of leaving kings :)

    I think it's not possible to do it for 1st 24h or so, was thinking same thing, even this unbalanced start is just something, i want to play as king and not decide based on luck if i'll play king or gov, why i decided in begining i want to play as king, but now i don't think i've any other option than to abdicate when i can.... or even better just delete