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    My idea is that you make npc governors for 1st week, so every king gets same amount of resources for 1st week, after this unbalance isn't so important anymore, and every governor sells their treasures just to npc king for 7 days, that would fix unbalanced start of kings i think

    Yes, need to find better solution for kings to start the game, as they depand on governors and luck by geting them too much, it really depands for king what kind and how many governors they got, if you get neighbour with 3 governors (as i do) and all develop and you got only 1, even he plays good you're doomed, now imagine i'd get 1 dead governor and my neighbour 3 active, i can start deleting imidiately as i can't keep up with him neither in pop to expand teritory and eventualy get those governors into my teritory neither in army, because his production is just too big.


    Yesterday i started US1 few min after server start, it said there're 12 people registered when i registerd. Now almost 1 day has passed and as king i've only 1 governor, while some others have 3 by now and most have 2. As governors are verry important especialy at server start to develop fast for a king i wish there was better distribution of them, as someone with 3 governors can develop alot faster than i can with 1 governor (by collecting cca. 3x as many tributes as i can) and as there's only 1 day beginer protection for kings that really sux !