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    MiladIR_COM We will fix that a fight should take place at the time of the event. So in this case, if the attack is supposed to happen at 11:50, but due to a lag it arrives after the peace has started, it should still be calculated for the original time.

    you can not fix it now , it has been days and you did not pay attention in time . it was not only 1 player attacking us there were 200 multis of IYI and Friends attacking all at same time . you want to fix that and calculate all of that again , good luck with that


    in com1x3 we had more than 500 attacks coming on our treasuries ( of which more than 200 were real ! ) they were all supposed to hit us at 11:50:00 ( 10 min before start of peace ) . so we fortified our treasuries but some of our treasuries had less def troops than other ones . but strangely some attacks of attackers didn't hit on time and calculated with 10 min delay and counted as "happy easter visit" while all of those attacks landing time were at 11:50:00 and there shouldn't have been any landing after 12:00 .

    it gets even more stranger , attacks on our defenseless treasuries landed exactly at 11:50 and we lost that treasury , and 50% of attacks on other treasury landed on time but 50% of them were shown to land at 12:00 ( while the clock was still 11:50 ) and didn't take place . and on a well protected treasury of ours 0% of attacks landed on time and this delay in landing saved some enemy troops .

    so we lost a not protected treasury because all attacks landed on it in time , but enemy lost no troops in one of our well protected treasuries because attacks on that treasury didn't land in time at 11:50 . now who is responsible for this mess ???

    i would say its the most important building both for def and off . as people mentioned in early days of server 40% less loss is best thing for offensive players . and if you want to be a top def player then its needed from the first days of server specially if you train def in different villages and your kingdom has early wars with a rival from the beginning . and off player must always build enough levels of this building ( multiple of them if needed ) to cover 40% of hammer ( except for ram and cata which you know why..) but def players can upgrade it to high levels in different villages in middle days of server and there is no rush for them .

    i repeat , its the most important building

    The problem is though, TK could stop people defending each other, but you cant stop 100 friends ganging up on individual players (just because they can) and that feels really not balanced or fair at all

    and yes some people are sad enough to do just that, they live on egotistical power-trips & don't consider the little guy at all, also this would be a really bad experience for any newbie that just happened to stumble onto the server by chance :|

    well in kingdom system they can do this , first hammer as rammer sacrifice itself so the others can get through and in the end the stolen treasures and VP ( determinant of win ) will belong to all of them . but in the server that i described the first hammer arriving will lose everything for what purpose ? so his/her friends can get through and earn what ?

    yeah that whole ganging thing is a sad story

    I played a server once with no WW, the win was all based around VP's. (I think it was where the idea of TK was born)

    it was on T4 "Ancient Europe" it was called (the map was Europe) & artefacts were in fixed places, you had to settle out towards them (rather than capturing them & passing them around)

    you could either activate the artefact for it's own effect or activate VPs & they had to be defended instead of treasuries or WWs

    It was quite a fun server to play ;)

    i remember that Travian , years ago.. good time it was :P

    thanks for your time and answering

    yes as you said a pro player means someone who has enough time and of course experience in Travian . such server can be design for these players to compete each other . so there would be no place for casual players in such a server . and i am almost sure you agree that all pro players start the server in first days not in middle of server .

    and about people grouping each other well i explained in normal servers the motivation of players for helping their friends is winning as a team but in this server there is no such thing to win as a team , only persons can win and earn glory and achievements :D so in such situation what would motivate the players to help their friends ?

    1- as you mentioned sending def for other players can be disabled . but more important than it when you play a normal server your friends help you because you are in same kingdom and when kingdom wins you and your friends earn that glory together . but when you are playing solo in such server then what is the point of helping your friend ? in such environment friends will become rivals .

    2- yes days of game can bi limited to a certain number .

    3- sure such server won't fit for casual players who play this game just for fun . the main part of players will of such a server would be those who play more serious for winning not just to have fun . so this can be a server dedicated to pro players not regular players .


    i would like to suggest design a special server without WW and kingdoms and victory points . just an everyone for oneself server . everyone play alone , raid alone , defend alone and attack alone. summation of def points and off points and a ratio of population determines the victor of the server .

    i understand kingdom system is based on teamwork and best team can achieve the victory . but let's see how do players play solo .