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    Lol. Man wake up plz. In test we not have a team=) only few jumpers relocate near the wall. We dont have a team in es too. And in es server we play relax Mode. We have es vacation. Only few jumpers Play well and got top 10 with attack and defense. And last. You and your team can enjoy our server and you suck with all ru kingdoms because we all was Play against gamburger chesburger bigmag team. Good luck.

    So every single time you guys loose you don't really have a team? is that it?
    So you don't have a team a lot of times :)

    i feel you bro! it sucks when you just have 6/7 kingdoms with 20/30 each (just talking about server test). In Es server maybe a little less. 3/4 kingdoms with 20/25 each? :)

    Hello my dears russian friends!
    Sorry i just come here now (was in travian vacation). I'm amazed you guys got 2/2 servers. Tried on Server Test and lost, tried on ES server and lost. Maybe you should focus only on RU servers. :)

    Congrats Marvel Team!

    Hi Guys!

    We gonna enter this server test. We will play as "THE WALL" and looking foward to fight with others big teams and make this a great server!

    As many of you know we are a group experient and we will figth with honor!

    If you wanna join us feel free to contact me



    Les voy a bailar una lambada a esos portugueses.

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    E que rica lambada que foi! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Querem tentar novamente? :)