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    Hey ,

    i got a technical problem.
    Today i started at com3 and im -12 Crop in the first day. All 6 crop fields are Level 2.

    Crop Protduction :
    Total production
    [TABLE='class: rowOnly']
    [TR='class: production']
    [TD='class: ng-scope']Production[/TD]
    [TD='class: numberCell ng-binding']**54‬‬[/TD]
    [TR='class: bonus']
    [TD='class: ng-scope']Bonus[/TD]
    [TD='class: numberCell ng-binding']**0‬‬[/TD]
    [TR='class: treasureProduction ng-scope']


    Production treasures


    [TD='class: numberCell ng-binding']**0‬‬[/TD]
    [TR='class: heroProduction']
    [TD='class: ng-scope']Hero production[/TD]
    [TD='class: numberCell ng-binding']**20‬‬[/TD]
    [TR='class: interimBalance']
    [TD='class: ng-scope']Interim balance =[/TD]
    [TD='class: numberCell ng-binding']**74‬‬[/TD]
    [TR='class: goldBonusProduction']
    [TD='class: ng-scope'] *+*25‬%‬ production[/TD]
    [TD='class: numberCell ng-binding']**0‬‬
    [TR='class: total']
    [TD='class: ng-scope']Total[/TD]
    [TD='class: numberCell ng-binding']**74

    And there are only my Hero and 1 Phalanx in my village. The others are in an oasis.