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    Resetting the server won't be happening most likely.
    I would not want to have spend 4 hrs F5ing to get back to square one, but I also hate how much of a mess it is right now.
    At the end of the day travian as a whole, as a game and as a community, has lost today with this mess, regardless of what they decide

    It wouldn't matter were everyone is right now getting it right and sorting it out before, releasing it again for restart would be good, you would be were you are now in a matter of 30 minutes to an hour due to the free speed ups working, which should of been used to get res fields to 4 within the first 20 minutes.

    with all the quests and everything, by now your talking mines 5-6 seconds village with mines of 4 and a couple hundred of troops based on perception if that's what you build more if you know how to farm good as more res income.

    The big problem is too many accounts starting at the same time, so the server gets just overrun.....better to get rid of all those Multiaccount players :)

    On any other server that is a possible excuse, However on this server they knew the hype they advertised the even, and by the looks of it when you can actually do it, if you click on the pumpkin near your beginner protection it has zombies and community quests.

    It looks to me by the challengers that they were hoping for around 10k zombies which to me looks like players so they must of had preparations for such a thing as more accounts joining at the start.

    I just dont think they have the servers in general for such a thing and this is why its so laggy and unresponsive. things need to be moved and rearranged to sort the bad things out on this server.

    personally they should have give it an hour and then took it down for maintenance and then tried it fresh at 2 hours after the initial start, with some gold compensation for everyone, as if it was in the middle of a game then a starvation thing would be implemented. unfortunately at the start that is not useful at all.

    It also hits home hard as they may end up loosing due to the gold they give out and the gold they get back, but its like any business you do something wrong then it needs to be rectified even if it means a little loss at the time. then its down to them to not make the mistake again.

    That's my opinion.

    You should make sure the server is stable then release to us. You guys need legends developer help. They already have best travian lol

    They really should I've been battling since the start of the server got to 27 pop with how laggy and unresponsive its been then you look at rankings to see people with 100+ pop, kind of thing that just makes you wanna walk away now by the time I hit 100 pop they'll be settling there second village.

    Played a few servers including test and I still cant believe that there is not delete village button, so you still have to cat it down yourself or get someone else to help you... defiantly think this needs addressing its annoying sat with nothing in a village but not being able to delete it as there is still res fields and the only way to get rid of them is cats.

    I thought the reports had an update were they dont actually show you who you attack or who attacks you. was thinking there was something seriously wrong tried seeking IGH as you said but no mails and keeps saying am on and off line like every 6 minutes.