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    I can't find out because I have 500+ TT's hitting all farms constantly. In order to find out, I have to stop farming for a few hours. And i'm not going to do that.

    Say I have 10 TTs, and I set up 2 farm lists (100 farms each). If I select both farm lists, will the TTs be sent to the closest villages out of those two farm lists? Or will the TTs attack farm list number 1 first?


    BTW, if you want to complain about the tribe special buildings, the gauls trapper would be the one that overall is the least helpful in the long run. It doesn't take long for people to easily have enough troops to overpower the trapper even if fully upgraded.

    Yea but it's very cheap and perfectly accessible during early game. Brewery is such a late game option. At that time, I already have 53% attack bonus from other sources that another 20% isn't as big a deal anymore. Also, those last % cost an arm and a leg.


    So for 2.65M you get a 20% bonus -- that's in addition to the hero bonus and the siege bonus. That's a big deal!

    I respect the fact that you tallied up the cost of all levels of brewery. That's a lot of work. However, I think we see those numbers differently. You see 2.65 million as worth it. I see 2.65 million as 7794 axemen. Let's do some math. Without brewery you should have 153% attack damage. So an additional 20% is actually only worth 13% of 153%. If you're saying 13% is better than 7794 axemen, then your hammer must have at least 59953 axemen (or equivalent combination of axemen and TKs). Actually that is quite achievable... I guess at one point it is actually worth it.

    Still kind of underwhelming though.


    The level 20 granary isn't a big deal, as your cap should have one of those fairly early on anyway.

    I wouldn't waste a slot in capital for a building that affects account-wide.

    First of all let's talk about cost. A lvl1 Brewery requires lvl20 Granary, which is a big investment. Basically you can't take advantage of brewery early game. Of course you'll get lvl20 Granary eventually anyway. But just look at cost for lvl10 Brewery: [TABLE='class: wikitable']


    [TD='class: wikicell']13465[/TD]
    [TD='class: wikicell']8580[/TD]
    [TD='class: wikicell']11530[/TD]
    [TD='class: wikicell']16050


    That's pretty big for 1% in my opinion. But wait, let's look at the cost for lvl15 and lvl20:
    [TABLE='class: wikitable']


    [TD='class: wikicell']46270[/TD]
    [TD='class: wikicell']29475[/TD]
    [TD='class: wikicell']39615[/TD]
    [TD='class: wikicell']55145[/TD]


    [TABLE='class: wikitable']


    [TD='class: wikicell']158980[/TD]
    [TD='class: wikicell']101270[/TD]
    [TD='class: wikicell']136115[/TD]
    [TD='class: wikicell']189470[/TD]


    All that for 1%? Some might say offense % is rare, but it's not. Siege attack gives you 33% and hero gives you 20%. Now we're looking at 100k+ each res for an additional 1%? No thank you! And did I mention I can't aim my catas? That's a pretty big deal.

    And before you say "Just don't get the building then", let me stop you right there. I'm already not getting Brewery. So you can't tell me to not do something I'm already not doing.

    You know what this makes a lot of sense. The distance travel is a loss to farming efficiency. I should trust the farm list then.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Reversing that sends to 100 first, and then makes its way down to 1. This way, you get to the farms which haven't been attacked recently, because you're going at the list from the other side.

    It actually doesn't work like this currently. If you select more than you have troops for, the closest ones will always be farmed first, regardless of how you sort the farms. Try it. It's probably a bug.

    It would be an acceptable alternate sort, but it would be a horrible default sort. The big advantage of moving to the farm lists back in T3.6 was moving to a system where you could easily attack all your farms on the same interval. If you don't currently have enough troops available to regularly raid your farms that are further away, I'd really recommend skipping those farms entirely until you have more troops available.

    I have enough to farm them all. That is not the issue. The issue is troops coming home gradually, and I can't keep track of where I'm at on the farm list. Right now it's near impossible to keep track of who I sent the troops to last.

    It is definitely an acceptable alternate sort, because I'd use it. I dont need it to be the default sort. Did you know that right now there is no way to override the default sort of distance? Even if you manually sort by last attack landed or current attacks, the system will still prioritize based on distance first when you don't have enough troops to attack all selected farms.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Open the farm list so you can see all of your farms.
    Sort based on distance to farm.
    Select all.
    Start raiding.

    I don't want to attack based on distance. I want to attack based on "Last Attack Sent". The ones that I haven't sent an attack to for the longest time should be prioritized first. Why would I sort based on distance if I don't want to farm based on distance?

    Currently if you select all farms in a farm list and you don't have enough troops to attack all the farms in this list, the closest ones will be attacked first. I think this is counterproductive. They should keep track of "Time of Last Attack Sent", and prioritize the farms that you haven't attacked for the longest first. Notice this is different from the current "Last Attack" column, which keeps track of when the attacks landed. Here's why Time of Last Attack Sent is better:

    Let's say you have 100 farms, 1 of them is 1 hour away, and 1 of them is 5 hours away. You would still want to send attacks to these farms in the same interval. The column "Last Attack" will not help you keep track of this, since there will be a 4 hour difference.

    Please implement this since it would make keeping track of who I should send attack to next easier.

    Honestly I want it to work exactly the way it does now. I want my troops to be landing at each farm every hour or so. It doesn't matter to me if the troops I sent an hour ago are still underway, I would still rather hit the closer farms after my hour gap than go to my further away farms that I didn't have enough troops to send to last time.
    Or to put in another way, I'd rather attack 100 farms every hour with a 3 hour round trip than 50 farms every hour with a 6 hour round trip.
    I never assume my farms are going to build up resources just because I didn't attack them last hour, because I know there are always plenty of other farmers attacking any given farm.

    I'm gonna adopt your farming style until they give more control over the farm list

    Yeah I dont know about the gold cost being reasonable. I also think its a bit excessive. It used to be 100 gold. That is 10 weeks if you pay 10 gold a week. Now it is way more. I have to say I dont like it one bit. Go back to a bulk payment of 100 gold for the server.

    Okay that is A LOT cheaper. I was not aware of this.


    My point is that there are other than pure profit reasons to chose location for second village.

    Not in my book. If I didn't get that 15c as second village, someone else would definitely get it. Then I have to cat it down later. And I might have to start a war.

    EDIT: Also, if you need more non-wheat res, just settle another 6c. If you need more crop, can you just settle another 15c? Where are you going to find that? No where.

    The current cost is reasonable to me. None of the issues you raised is relevant to me. I do have 1 issue with the farm list though. If I select all farms in a list, and some farms are already being attacked, what the farm list does is attack those farms anyway. Why doesn't the farm list automatically skip the farms already under attack? It's just intuitive that way.

    The newest patch notes say that you will now be able to build great stable and great barracks in cities. I assume that this means that you can only get great stable and great barracks by upgrading the village to a city. This makes perfect sense. A city costs twice the culture points, and it enables you to build troops twice as fast. And the 3x cost for building in GB and GS balances this out too. It's just too perfect. So perfect that I must suggest additions to the benefits of cities. Right now, what I have in mind is a Great Townhall that can throw 1 additional party. The prerequisite is to have a lvl20 townhall (this costs a ton of resources), so I think this is fair. Feel free to add your own suggestions to this thread.

    No, the number of crop tiles would have to be set by the game. But I could see being able to change the 345 to 354, 435, 453, 534 or 543 (w/c/i)

    I absolutely love this. I prefer 4446 while others prefer variations of 6c. It's definitely not game breaking, since 6c and its variations are not that much different at all. If you do your math, the best you can gain from this is 3% total resource production. It will not give an unfair advantage, it just makes it less necessary to npc your resources to meet your needs.


    A more interesting option would be the 18c, which should have some extra bit of programming to pop-up a warning to say, "hey, this spot requires high gold usage and/or a lot of raiding, and a lot of support from other villages. It is not for beginners or casual players!"

    A 18c would definitely break the game. And I, personally, love it :D

    3x3 is 9 squares. Nobody settles all villages in 3x3 and there is no reason to do so.
    And in 3x3 around your spawn are 6 (including spawn) and only 1 uneven field.

    BTW, you settle 15C but not 150% :D Will you admit that there are reasons not to settle best yield field for many players including yourself?

    I edited my post to say "in my 5x5 there are only 8 standard 6c tiles" which makes more sense.

    I settled in the closest 15c. In case you missed what I said earlier, a capital 15c will produce as much wheat as 4 (maybe 5) non-capital 15c. A capital 6c will produce as much resources as 4 (maybe 5) non-capital 6c. You can find 4 non-capital 6c in a lot of places, but it's impossible to find 4 15c. This is why I always take a 15c. It serves a role that cannot be served by any other means. Btw, without the existence of a crop-finder, I was unable to find a 15c with 150% in the whole server (I spent almost an hour hovering my mouse). Additionally, a 15c with 25%+ crop oasis will out produce any variation of fields out there, even when I leave my wood clay iron at lvl 0. I already showed my math here I think.

    Believe it or not, competition for a 15c with 100%+ oasis is very, very high.

    In all the years I've played I've never had the problem there weren't any 4446 villages around my spawn place. You must be in a truly unlucky spot :/

    It's not like they don't exist, but in my 5x5 there are only 8 standard 6c tiles. Some might say it's plenty but trust me when I say it's not good enough for me.

    EDIT: I also don't like tiles that are neither oases or available land to settle. That's also inhibiting my choices.