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    Cities - I still think they look good on face value. I haven't played Kingdoms long enough to decide whether the water moat makes it worthwhile, but 200CP extra day is less than you'd get from a developed villa, and 10 to 12 is less extra production than you'd get from a developed villa.

    Enabling the Great troop buildings makes a city important for a hammer, the defense bonus is also nice for important villages like a capital and a hammer. But those aren't really important for a regular feeder. While going from 10 to 12 is less than than the production of building a second identical village, the reality is you can't always build a second identical village. Players tend to be packed in, trying to get croppers or good oases while staying in the kingdom territory to get the tax boost. Eventually you reach a point where your choices for a new village are not as good as the villages you already have. At that point, nearly doubling the production of the old village will give you more resources than settling a new village.

    The most likely reason you would see discrepancy between the attack points you think you earned and the attack points you actually earned is that oases and robbers only count at half value.

    I agree that allowing downgrading voluntarily is a bad idea, and also that a confirmation should be required. However, I still fail to see how upgrading to city could be done accidentally unless one happens to be in the wrong village at the time.

    The OP posted that he was trying to demolish a building and hit the wrong button. That's actually an easy mistake to make because the box that lists the buildings you can tear down appears right next to the city upgrade button. Considering the number of times I have thrown the wrong size party or upgraded a TH when I meant to throw a party (I'm happy that mistake isn't easy to make in Kingdoms), a single miss-click shouldn't allow such a serious result.

    The hidden treasury is completely useless as far as I'm aware. Literally does nothing.

    As mentioned above, the hidden treasury moves a portion of your tribute fund into your warehouse when you are attacked (in other words you actually gain resources when someone attacks you). But it's far to expensive to be worthwhile.

    I'm pretty sure that in T3 the default was raid. It happened quite a lot that reinforcements died on the ww wall.

    The default has always been reinforce. Plenty of reinforcements die on the WW walls, but that's because people accidentally change from reinforce to raid because they are so used to doing it.

    You can indeed sell stolen goods from any village, and get resources for them. However, you will not sell them to your king if the village is not in his or her kingdom. Your king can only collect treasures from a capital village in his or her kingdom.

    Your king can only collect treasures from a village in his or her kingdom, but it doesn't have to be a capital.

    Previously, when you combined stacks, they would take on the attributes of the newest item, people would exploit that to make more money reselling stackables, so they changed it in the last patch.
    To see the confirmation, just try to sell an item, it takes you to a new window that tells you the item's quality and age.

    Every time a specific item is sold, it's price drops by ~25%. That's why the confirmation screen says "This item is new" or "This item has X previous owners". The items you are trying to sell have had more owners than the items your friend is trying to sell.

    The 1:1 crop:treasure ratio stops at 4k and then goes up according to some algorithm they haven't publicized.
    But IIRC when my king had nearly 100k at the end of COM2 I was "only" getting around 15 or 16k per treasure sold.

    First 4k you get 1:1 (4k wheat at 4k treasures)
    Next 4k you get 1:4 (5k wheat at 8k treasures)
    Next 8k you get 1:8 (6k wheat at 16k treasures)
    After that you get 1:16. My king only has 20k treasures so that is the extent of my tracking.

    If you are a governor, you probably want to make your capital into a city. The reason is the extra 500 cp/day. That's a huge bonus for a two village account, especially since your parties will go up to 500 cp if they are not already there (and they almost certainly are not). If you are a king, you probably want to settle a third village because the more villages you have, the active treasuries you can have.

    exactly that is what i meant by my suggestion
    if the defenders already got tons of reinforce deff troops in his village
    why not set up the battle for him to fight the both attacks at the same time

    That's a horrible idea, you'd lose the benefits of trailing cat waves landing in the same second as the clear.

    You could specialize your villages to produce rams in 1, cats in another, and then build your infantry and cavalry in several more.
    We'd see the effective size of hammers triple.
    Hitting with 10k cats and 15k rams would be a normal thing, rather than 2 different very powerful hammers.

    We are about to see something very similar to this situation on the Birthday servers that start next week in Travian Legends. They are going to include the ability to change the home village of troops (though no World Wonders to use massive siege against).

    You just have to understand how the auction works.

    The auction works differently, but as Wonka says, you just have to understand it.
    Tier 3 items just started dropping on US2 this week. In less than a week I already have a full set (mostly top quality) and my silver increased 60%. The most powerful use of gold is and always has been the 25% production boost. A very close second is the NPC merchant. Most of the rest of it is just convenience.

    That rather supposes that I have time to get settlers out and move does it not?

    It's fairly simple to get your settlers out and move away while still in the governor's beginner's protection period. Then the farming can commence when you found your second village and change kingdoms.

    If you don't like the king you started next to, move away. That's no different from T4. What is different is if you don't know anyone on the server, you'll find that the top kings will generally be happy to have you move in next to their territory (they want the income your taxes will generate and the treasures you find). Travian Kingdoms doesn't really dictate what kingdom you choose to ally with, it just gives you a default choice rather than the old default choice of "none".