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    I mean getting a notification like when you get a report in the bottom right corner.

    The forum software (Burning Board) is not developed by Travian Games. Adding interactions between the forum and the game might not be possible, and if possible, way too hard to implement to be worth as it's just a really small Quality of Life feature.

    It's a nice suggestion though, but you will have to keep two tabs open to see game and forum notifications ;)


    Efectivamente, el foro no es el lugar adecuado para reportar a un usuario. Para hacerlo, dentro del juego pulsa el botón con el interrogante que encontrarás en la esquina superior derecha:

    Se te abrirá una ventana con la ayuda del juego. En esa ventana tienes que pulsar el botón "Centro de ayuda":

    Esto te redirigirá al formulario para abrir un ticket. Como lo que quieres hacer es reportar a alguien, selecciona la categoría "Violación" y rellena el resto de campos con los datos que te pidan.

    Espero haberte ayudado, un saludo!

    Yes you can, but I think you can only delete thru Lobby (Trash button) if your account was already marked as Inactive.

    Hm, you are right, the way to delete an active avatar is as you described. Sorry for my mistake!

    The game should display this menu when you are going to add something to the queue:

    The button on the left will build instantly using gold or a "Finish now" card if available, the button on the middle will add the building to the queue and reserve the resources needed, and the one on the right will add the building to the queue but won't reserve the resources. You have to use the one in the middle.

    Also, if it's a new building, the game won't reserve the resources by default. You have to manually do it hovering over it in the building queue and pressing this button:

    However, if you're using the mobile app, there's no way to reserve resources as far as I know (someone correct me here if i'm wrong).

    Today the Lobby got updated (To fit better visually, I guess). The problem is, It doesn't show some useful information anymore.

    First thing I really liked and used a lot which is now gone: Last Login showed the exact hour. As a sitter with shitty mobile connection it was really useful to know if I should take a look at the account. Now it takes me several tries to login (It just gets stuck a lot of times when you're not using a good connection =D) just to say: Oh, everything is okay here, I don't have to do anything... will logout then. Repeat this process every few hours, as I can't see if the account owner is online or not from the lobby anymore.

    Now It shows only the last login day, and the only thing shown in minutes is the last time I logged as sitter. How is that info useful for me as a player?

    Second thing: Incomming attacks. After what I said above, I probably don't have to point out why this was useful. Now I can't find this info anywhere, only a short world game summary with 0 info about the player's account state.

    It probably lacks something else I didn't notice yet, so feel free to comment other missing features in this post.

    I don't mind visual changes, do as many as you want, but please don't remove functionality...