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    While I didn't obtain the information that way, you could see that when playing around with the battle simulator. If you send 10k scouts vs. 10k scouts you will see, that the fighting strength is ~350k vs. ~200k, which gives a great hint on how this works. I'm trying to remember where I found that numbers, but I found them years ago in T:L, sorry. :(

    They have. All three tribes have the same stats: 35 "scout power" when attacking and 20 "scout power" when defending. The same combat formula & smithy formula apply when calculating an espionage and when calculating a real combat. For instance, when 1k clubs fight against 500 pretorians, they have (simplified) 40,000 attack strength versus 32,500 defense strength. The attack & defense strength for espionages is calculated by taking all the scouts "scout power" into account. 1k attacking scouts would therefore have 35,000 attack strength and 1k defending scouts 20,000 defense strength. What happens next is the same for espionage & normal attacks, the only difference being, that the defender's losses are set to 0.

    Smithy formula also applies as usual, which is why gaul & roman scouts are stronger than teuton scouts (making roman scouts op, as they are stronger but easier to supply):

    Level 0 Att/Def Scout Power Level 20 Att/Def Scout Power
    Roman 35 | 20 53.1 | 35.8
    Teuton 35 | 20 46.7 | 29.4
    Gaul 35 | 20 53.1 | 35.8

    What the hell did I just read? If you have trouble scouting a target train more of them, literally nobody has scouts in their villages, at least not enough to matter. About 30-40% of the villages don't even have a single scout in them, tested by sending 1-scout-attacks at hundreds of villages from the same kingdom and counting the green ones.

    Showing scout attacks in rally point or the map is the most useless thing one could ever have proposed. Scout attacks are meant to show the troops in the village. If I see an incoming scout attack, I just change the amount of troops (for instance, send my hammer away), problem solved. No need to train scouts anymore at all. For neither side.

    Defenders losing scouts is similarily weird. As attacker you pay for a kinda big advantage: Knowing the enemys troops. How does one even come up with the idea to make this an somewhat even trade in terms of costs, while it is obvious, that the attacker has a huge advantage, while the defender gets ... nothing from defending a scout attack? Besides, imagine 10k scouts trying to scout a village, seeing 5k enemy scouts and randomly deciding "hey, there are 100k deff in there, but lets yolo and kill the enemy scouts, what could possibly go wrong?".

    and the smithy level of the scouts (WHO DOES THAT)

    Everyone, who actually builds scouts and doesn't just train 50 of them and is then upset when they die? Scouts benefit from smithy as well as all other units and additionally their spionage efficiency is affected from smithy level aswell.

    I am referrring to the wiki, but what do these values mean at the end of each item? "This tier has variants of the bonus of -2, -1, +0, +1 or +2 troops" These are in regards to gems right? But whats the significance?

    No. It means, the tier has (for instance) the value 10. But you can find variants of 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 - without gems. With gems you can add five times +1.

    • Du bekommst +25% Lagerkapazität mit Travian PLUS
    • Du kannst mehrere Lager und Kornspeicher bauen, sobald eines jeweils auf Stufe 20 ist
    • Du kannst, allerdings nur in Weltwunderdörfern, große Lager und Kornspeicher bauen, die haben die dreifache Kapazität

    Abgesehen davon sind mehrere Lager/Kornis der vorgesehene Weg die Kapazität zu erhöhen, langfristig führt da kein Weg vorbei - selbst mit PLUS hast du einmalig +25%, früher oder später werden dir 100k dann auch zu wenig sein. Du könntest z.B. Versteck, Akademie (sofern alles, was du bauen möchtest, erforscht ist und ein Rathaus steht), Schmiede (sofern alles, was du baust, ausgelevelt ist), Residenz/Palast (falls alle Expansionsslots belegt sind) und in 1-1-1-15er Dörfern Sägewerk, Lehmbrennerei und Eisengießerei abreißen, falls es dir an Platz mangelt. Bestimmt noch ein paar andere Sachen, an die ich gerade nicht gedacht habe.

    There are a few drawbacks, yes. But it exists nevertheless, and if you turn up your volume high enough, you hear it everywhere in your apartment. I would love to see this feature preferably removed / nerfed on desktop or integrated in mobile, but right now it's quite double standard to say no to mobile, but yes to desktop - coming from an exclusive desktop user btw.

    also keeping your computer running 24/7 isnt ideal either. for several reasons.

    Well. xD

    One of the many flaws in here lies in the fact, that he talks about utilizing everything one has, but wants them to keep their iron and crop fields low. You don't have extra wood and clay then, you just have a lack or iron and crop ... also several tasks should be waited with, because doing other stuff first is more efficient and don't forget about the "everything to 10"-quests, which should be done according to him, but should not be done, because iron/crop according to him. Or the "every village after the 3rd/4th should have academy 20"-thing. Like wtf. Not even expensive and both, horribly time- and costinefficient.

    At least not all tips are complete nonsense, number 10 for instance. And 5, to be fair.

    Aber dafür musst du ja trotzdem irgendwie online sein. Wenn man aber überhaupt nicht im Spiel ist und darauf aufmerksam gemacht wird... gefällt mir einfach nicht. :/

    Hmm. True that, soll ja auch Leute geben, die nicht 24/7 am PC hängen. Seltsames Völkchen though. Ich fände es deutlich schöner, wenn die Angriffsounds am PC entfernt werden oder z.B. eine Minute vor Einschlag ertönen, damit man, wenn man online ist, den Att nicht verpennt, als dass eine solche Funktion in der App eingebaut wird - aber es irgendwo angleichen fände ich schon fair.

    You guys know, that on PC you already have acustic notifications for incoming attacks, if you turn on sound, right? Even a quite loud one, got me out of bed a few times already.

    The formula is continous, there is no sweet spot and nothing like an acceptable range. If you have equal or less population compared to your target, your hammer will be 100% effective. If you have more population, your off will only be (defender population / attacker population)^0.2 times as effective, capped at 66.66% when having roughly 7.6x the defender's population. The whole account's population will be taken into account, so forcefully keeping your hammer village low isn't the best way to go. You usually don't want to ruin your infrastructure, just to keep your population down. More villages means more resources, which implies more off. Having a 50k hammer which is 100% effective because you only have three villages is worse than having a 100k hammer which is only 80% efficient due to 10 villages more. If you then don't build a lot of unneccessary stuff (for instance high barracks/stable/smithy in support villages), you should be fine. Usually smaller players don't really have enough troops for this to really matter anyway, you generally just don't really wanna get walled bashing the kingdom's smallest member or so.

    Kingdoms has, especially compared to T:L, a lot of options for casual players to sacrifice a bit of effectivity to gain more convenience. For instance the major ones:

    • Cities - you sacrifice a large portion of your culture efficiency, but you have easier logistics and are safer
    • Boots of the chicken - you can send your hammer to a raid on a gray village over night and the boots save your nightly production
    • Shared oasis mechanics - nobody can steal your oasis over night
    • GB/GS (versus 3 small offs) - you sacrifice several minor advantages of three offs to get easier logistics and a more casual-friendly hammer due to the lower crop consumption
    • Trade routes
    • Farmlists

    As far as I know you can only transfer gold to a dual after you made a new purchase on that world.

    You can't transfer gold to accounts, that you're playing as dual in, no matter what. Your lobby gold can only be transfered to your own accounts, that you created yourself.

    My regular dual still has a few hundred gold from her very first world before we played together. xD

    Gut möglich, jau. Meine Klausuren fang ich auch immer erst an 1-2 Tage vor dem Termin vorzubereiten, auch wenn ich mir jedes einzelne mal vornehme, zumindest eine Woche vorher anzufangen. Aber mir ist lieber, ich fange ohne Rundenstress an und bin dann eventuell nach ein paar Wochen fertig und hab dann Zeit, als dass ich mit Rundenstress anfange und die dann plötzlich doch nicht so locker flockig zusammennagele.

    Guten Abend,

    kurze Rückmeldung von mir: Erstmal danke, dass so viele (41 + 3) Leute ihr Interesse gezeigt haben. Im Moment ist mir das aber zu stressig und zeitraubend, eine neue Runde anzufangen und ein Königreich zu führen und das alles noch dazu auf 3x Speed. Wer meinen Entwicklungsblog zu Binary-Tools verfolgt, der weiß, dass ich im Moment unter der Woche auf Arbeit mehr eingespannt bin. Anfang April kommt noch eine kleine Klausur dazu und danach meine Bachelorarbeit. Wenn ich / wir eine neue ernste Runde starten wollen, komme ich aber auf diesen Thread zurück! Einen voraussichtlichen Zeitrahmen würde ich dazu aber ungerne geben, solange dieser noch nicht feststeht. Who knows, vielleicht ist die BA ja nur eine Sache von 3-4 Wochen. Oder ich brauche wirklich die vollen 5 Monate. Danke für euer Verständnis.



    In terms of having small off for robbers, swords work good for that

    Not really, swords do literally nothing, but stand afk until a robber appears. Haedus can be used as def. Ok, you could def with swords, but then you're better off build haedus.

    "Balanced off" ... there is more to it than that. The balancing depends on the off type you're building and which tribe the offer plays. Most extreme example would be club off from teuton (426 - 290k) vs. caesaris off from roman (288k vs. 296k), each off with rams, without hero stuff, the latter one due to lazyness. Rams are kinda neglected by you aswell, btw, they cound as infantry. Also the "you have a robber off"-advantage fades away if you build haeduans in multiple villages, because you don't need two of them. On average, druids have 58.5 defense versus a decent teuton hammer, haeduans only have 45.7. Druids are 28% better in this regard.

    Another point, that you completely ignore is the different unit speed. Druids are faster and both horse units are faster than a phalanx. As an active def account, one should always consider this, as a not so active def account, one can just spam phalanx with optionally one haedu village, as Paul mentioned. This is due to the fact, that inactive accounts can't use the druid's speed advantage very well anyway, because well, they're inactive, they are probably not always online, if one needs their druids quickly. But then again, if the whole kingdom has several decent def accounts, which are active and online a lot, maybe with duals / sitters, one doesn't have to rely on its own unit speed, because another def account, who is much closer, can make it with phalanx aswell. The speed factor is very conditional and depends a lot on the circumstances ... but one shouldn't ignore him.

    Another point, that you missed, is that one might not always send the full hammer. If you are trying to farm some less active members quickly or if you intend to sneakily steal some resources with a lot of thunders, it often happens, that you attack with clubs only (for farming) or horses only (for farming or sneaky treasure stealing). Depending on which kind of attack you're facing, druids or haedus are a much better option than the other one.

    Lastly, some other ones already mentioned it, druids and haeduans are much more expensive than phalanxes. You pay 6k resources per hour per level 20 barracks and you get 615 phalanx per day out of it. But you pay 8k resources per hour per level 20 stable for druids, getting only 250 druids (500 def) per day out of it and 9.5k resources per hour for haedus under the same circumstances, getting 615 def per day. So, if you have to decide, what you're doing with your 60k production per hour, you can chose: 10x phalanx queue (6.2k def / day) or 7.5x druid queue (3.8k def / day) or 6.3x haedu queue (3.9k def / day). This is sometimes neglectable (because yes, once the def is trained, those costs are irrelevant), but it is another factor to calculate in. Having a rough time and really aggressive neighbors? Better build phalanx only, because more def per time accross all def villages. But if everything's calm and only few attacks every now and then, one can handle the disadvantage easily and train horse def.

    Due to all of this, and probably some points more which I didn't think of right now, I usually recommend one haedu-village, otherwise only phalanxes and optionally a few druid villages to def accounts in my kingdom, the last one highly depending on the general kingdom state.