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    Total irreführend die Verluste bei Fakes nicht mit anzugeben, nachdem diese Verluste offensichtlich die große Mehrheit eurer Verluste dargestellt haben. Mal wieder reine Selbstbeweihräucherung und Propaganda, die nichts mit ehrlicher Berichterstattung am Hut hat. Außerdem voll gemein nur den Keulen ihre Tapferkeit anzurechnen. Daumen runter, Tohu 4 live. #londoarmy


    Einige Spieler bevorzugen es, die Gebäude in gesiedelten Dörfern immer an der gleichen Stelle zu errichten

    Du glaubst nicht, wie ich mich gefreut habe, als meine Dualin mich damals gefragt hat wo ich die Gebäude hinhaben will. :D

    Die meisten werden ihren Fokus erst auf den Ausbau der Rohstofffelder legen, aber auch der Innenausbau sollte dabei nicht zu kurz kommen.

    Anfang der Runde immer zuerst Felder, wenn erstmal 7-9 Dörfer stehen bau ich zuerst das Lager auf 20k oder so, damit ich mich nicht mit diesen Minifizzelrohstofflieferungen rumschlagen muss.

    Bei Galliern wird schon schwieriger.. da haben die Haedus vielleicht gute Off und Deffwerte.

    Kurz eingeworfen, als Gallier kannst du Blitze bauen und damit easy farmen, dann hast du auch was um die Räuber kaputt zu machen.

    @Topic, Farmdeffen ist einfach low efford, mit dem man big efford von einer unbestimmten Zielgruppe kaputt macht. Worst case - der wsl. nichtmal so selten vorkommt - defft man sein eigenes KR noch dazu. Wenn man sich stundenlange Arbeit macht Farmlisten zu erstellen und dann permanente Arbeit die regelmäßig abzuschicken, ist das einfach ein Gamedesignfail wenn ein dahergelaufener Spinner seinen Helden und 1k Deff reinstellt und damit quasi verlustfrei hunderte Keulen/Blitze/EI/wasauchimmer killt.

    Have at most 0 crop in all granaries as a top 50 player at the end of a game round.

    Wtf, and I thought 30k is hilariously little. Low pop server works I guess though.

    Resources aren't stored as integers, but with something after the decimal point, e.g. 0.013 crop, I guess for making stuff easier to calculate. My guess is, that you had a total of 1 crop in your granaries, e.g. 0.12 in the first village, 0.23 in the second, 0.16 in the third and 0.3 in the fourth (total = 0.81, rounded to 1). I don't think it's ever achieveable to have "at most 0" unless you destroy your croplands in the whole account with no troops in it

    (-> negative production, but nothing will starve, because there are no troops, so crop stays at 0).

    You could chief him, but either your duke or your king granted him protection. Protection granted = no conquering, because - obviously - the village is under protection. Tell your duke/king that is responsible not to be so greedy next time, because guess what, by granting protection he got access to the tributes. ;)

    And btw my King is on vacation.


    Vom Prinzip her: 11:59:01 ankommen. Wie im anderen Thread geschrieben, hab ich leider keine Erfahrung ob das nicht ab und zu paar Sekunden nachlaggt.

    In Travian: Legends stand früher in den Ankündigungsposts immer, dass der Frieden u.U. ein paar Sekunden nachlaggt, daher geh ich da immer auf Nummern sicher. ^^

    Grundsätzlich geht das, aber bevor der Frieden ein paar Sekunden nachlaggt und deine komplette Offaktion für die Katz ist, time lieber auf 12:00. :p

    (Wenns ums farmen geht: Wir haben das glaube ich mal gemacht, da ging es gut, aber auch nicht auf :01 sondern auf :02).

    To your first point, perm banned accounts would be deleted after 24-48 hours.. problem solved.

    To number 1: yeah that seems appropriate, two accounts aren't going to do much anyways.

    To number 2: You're not thinking big enough on any of these, these guys aren't small time 'we each create 2 accounts', it's 'we each create 15 accounts'... So i absolutely do not agree with that punishment, all slave accounts banned (obviously) and perm ban the main account and delete it. It's the only way to bring balance back, as it would be impossible to track all the illegal progress made from that account (certainly not impossible but damn time consuming i believe)

    15 accounts = 14 violations = 14x the punishment

    The problem is that if not from severe punishment no one is afraid of cheating. All the little cases you mentioned would not arise with the danger of suffering a permanent ban.

    No, you assume that everyone knows the rules in perfection and that everyone knows the consequences in perfection. Also, it's a reasonable thing to think "ah, that account only has 10 pop and they'll see that I never used it again, won't be a problem if I make a second account, because I selected the wrong tribe" (and also a reasonable or understandable thing to think "seriously, they permabanned my 15 day old account which I invested a lot of time and money in, because I made a 10 pop account 15 days ago and selected the wrong tribe? f... this game, I'm gonna play [browsergame xyz]"). It's in fact a neglible violation, that shouldn't be punished nearly as hard as for instance creating 14 multiaccounts.

    You just run into problems everywhere and it's no reasonable or considerable choice for a company at all to perma ban for every small violation. I probably agree, that people who make 14 accounts deserve a perma ban of their lobby accounts and new lobbys of them get banned on sight, but they aren't the reason why I argument against it at all.

    Maybe accumulating the violations across all servers would be a reasonable choice and after collecting x (x = 3?) non-neglible violations, the lobby (but not the avatars, i.e. nobody can login into the account, but it's still attackable) gets permabanned - and while collecting them, the punishments get more severe. Multiple violations at once count multiple times, i.e. creating 2 multiaccounts = 2 violations at once.

    That + a subparagraph for neglible violations (like creating a multi and abandonning the first account) for milder punishment and not counting against the total violation count, but getting punished.

    This choice not to implement permanent bans, as I see it, is a total lack of respect for all honest players who bring money to your company.

    As a honest player, I think perma bans are stupid. Also I bet you're the first one to complain, if your enemy is suddenly permabanned, because he made a multi to evade your attacks just to piss you off. Or a guy settling a 15c next to you, then getting perma banned.

    The main problem is, you can't categorize the vast amount of possibilities you get from breaking the rules. And also, I think one should at least consider comparing the benefits of multiaccounts to having two players play the account on their own (i.e. no "can you push me pls?"-accounts). Three instances of multi accounts could be:

    1) You play two accounts on their own (e.g. because the original owner doesn't have time anymore). If I'm honest, I don't think this is too bad at all, and if you get crushed by that it's your own fault, because it's basically no advantages compared to two people playing their own account. Obviously it's against the rules, but deletion of one account + a mediocre punishment for the main account (e.g. 5% troop deletion + 5% building reduction) would be - in my opinion - fine.

    2) You create a slave account to let your main conquer friendly / farm friendly. That is, compared to the first option, a much unfairer advantage, because there is a huge difference compared to two people playing on their own. The main account benefits from quicker expansion, more resources, more troops, etc., and - again in my opinion - a punishment of 25% troop deletion + 25% building reduction would be appropriate.

    3) You create a jumper account, push it kingdomwide to a 150k hammer and wreak havoc on your enemies' capitals by jumping to them, cating them down and porting back. (Leave aside that the mechanic is stupid as fuck, that's not the topic right now). You obviously don't have any advantage from that account (compared to two people playing on their own), but abuse it to inflict direct damage on your enemies. In my opinion that's one of the worst types of multi accounts, because you don't boost yourself, but ruin your opponent's game, making - in my opinion - 100% troop deletion + 50% building reduction for the main account appropriate.

    There are obviously more applications than these three (imagine creating multis to block croppers in your enemie's area as a similarily bad one or selecting the wrong tribe => create a 2nd account and abandon the first as much more harmless example) and obviously you don't need to agree with my opinion-based punishment proposals. I just want to raise a bit of awareness for the fact, that different kinds of multiaccounts have different impact on different people, and thus making different punishments appropriate. But that's nothing you can really measure well, but a subjective judgement to do. Which is not easy, especially not if you want a equalish treatment across all domains.

    You obviously can complain as much as you want, but I'll suggest instead, making good and well thought proposals on HOW TG could change their policies in a way, that they are acceptable for all kinds of players (i.e. take into account more harmless types of violations, not making it abuseable, not creating massive inconveniences for 3rd party players by e.g. blocking fields, ...).

    Best regards,


    If you are a duke, that gets promoted forcefully due to your king abdicating, they stay stolen goods and you can still sell them.

    In any other case (including regular coronoration), they get immediately converted into treasures (losing the potential resources you'd get from selling).

    Du bekommst einen wunderbaren Grill für die Gartenparty, allerdings sagt jeder deiner Gäste ab. Da der Grill nur für die Gartenparty war, verschwindet er nach der einsamen Party wieder.

    Ich wünsche mir die Fähigkeit, mich plus Zeug was ich anhabe und trage, beliebige Distanzen zu teleportieren. Endlich keine Parkplatzsuche beim Rewe mehr. :thumbsup:

    Ok so teuton def king is viable?

    Everything is viable, except gaul off.

    For off there's not much difference in reasoning as for governors. Teutons = best strength per time, roman = still good strength per time but much less crop consumption, gaul = shit, because no strength per time.

    For def accounts you need to factor tributes in. If you'll have many tributes (which you could predict based on the amount of governors you have or plan to have). If you play pure def, you won't be able to convert all resources + tributes into spears (teuton) or praets (roman), because you'll lack barracks (and villages to build barracks). As teuton you would have to train paladins then, which sucks, because druids to their job 100x better. As roman however, you can opt into training equites legati, which are very important (and also cost almost no iron, evening out your overall resource consumption a bit => less (npc) trading required).

    If you don't want to train scouts, go for gauls - there you can train druids (or haeduans) as def in the stable, bypassing the "no more barracks possible because no villages"-problem, that roman and teuton def kings might have.

    Long story short (for kings with many tributes, considering the too-many-resources-first-world-problem):

    S-Tier: Off teuton, Def gaul, Def + Scout roman

    A-Tier: Off roman, Def teuton

    B-Tier: Def roman without scouts

    C-Tier: Off gaul

    Die e-Mail sagt im Grunde: "Irgendein Depp hat 4 Tage lang versucht sich in fremde Kingdoms Accounts einzuloggen und hat dafür tausende e-Mail Adressen probiert - von denen aber so gut wie keine überhaupt nur einen Kingdoms Account hatte. Ändert dennoch euer Passwort zur Sicherheit, eigentlich komplett unsinnig, weil der "Angreifer" dumm wie ein Stück Brot war, aber wir wollen rechtlich abgesichert sein. Gegenmaßnahmen gegen den "Angriff" haben wir übrigens natürlich auch eingeleitet."

    Meine Vermutung: Nichts worüber man sich Sorgen machen müsste, sondern nur irgendein Skriptkiddie, das vor ner Woche voll ambitioniert am Schulhof angegeben hat "muahaha die hack ich jz" und jz von seinen Mitschülern ausgelacht wird. ^^ Geklaut wurde nix, wenn ich das richtig verstehe.

    Die Mail ist aber echt, gehört auch zu Travian Games (= Kingdoms Devs) und deren ganzen Mails laufen irgendwie über (info@), warum auch immer.

    To be fair, a member limit wouldn't change that the game world is boring as hell with 106 players. Why don't you invite the other 22 guys aswell, then at least you made a funny record - all players in one kingdom.