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    This post states mostly the obvious ... and is sometimes a bit inaccurate.

    It is fairly obvious, that lag = bad, bad app = bad, no ads = less known = bad, bugs on map = bad, cheating = bad & forum activity = good, discord = good. If you find bugs, report them via help center btw, I bet the SS-marker-bug you mentioned in the op went unnoticed (or forgotten while reading the text after it).

    Trapper is the weakest special building in this game.Changing the building makes unstoppable the Gallic race instead a few improvements can be added to this building.I have three different suggestions :

    - Captured soldiers should be able to be executed.

    - Captured soldiers should be able to be returned for a certain amount of raw material, depending on their type.

    - Should be able to convert a certain part of the captured soldiers into their own troops after a certain period of time by adapting their race.

    Sorry, but wtf? Yes, trappers don't do that much in the lategame. But they hard-carry early game because no sane farmer touches a gaul that potentially has trappers in the early game. You can save settlers & chiefs there for near to no cost and even in late game 2 trappers on 1x speed can trap almost a day production of clubs - it's not huge, but still very protective from farming, especially considering trap costs and building times.

    Roman's special building doesn't do anything in the early game and only becomes relevant as soon as you have a few k horses. Their trade office is useless until later aswell. Gauls have more of an early game focus, romans more of a lategame focus, so it's fine that trappers are strong early and weak later.

    The biggest reason why this game is enjoyable for me is the competition.The game is played in a more defensive way rather than an aggressive style of play.The most important reason for this is the current VP system.Each kingdom in Top10 or Top5 should be able to steal VP from each other, but there should also be some percentage of it.If you can steal 50 VP from the first kingdom, you get 25 from the second kingdom and 15 from the third kingdom.Thus,the top kingdoms do not only have to play defense after a certain period of time,and the kingdoms. have multiple strategies to get VPs.

    Second,crowded kingdoms with more than 2 WWs are drastically reducing the game competition.They are crowded and powerful from other kingdoms, limiting what their opponents can do when they have 3 WWs.The number of WW that a kingdom can receive should be limited to 2.Thus,competition is protected and we do not see kingdoms gifting WW to each other.

    In long-distance wars,especially in battles using siege,kingdoms can easily close their treasures.Treasury closure period should be extended.

    It doesn't make much sense to use a spy with no attack power only to track the XP of the hero.This is a feature that prevents large and detailed operations from being performed.In the game,defense is more advantageous than attack, and this feature makes that advantage even greater.The attacking side needs to be very careful and even if it cannot take action against only 1 spy,the whole operation plan is deciphered.My suggestion is that the spying process doesn't get XP.

    The most important reason is the treasury system. In the beginning, you used to have only one treasury per village, leading to a much higher distribution of the treasures. More distrbution = more points that you can actually attack = more options and higher chance of success. (Yes, I'm aware, that requiring 10k treasures per treasury village won't work with one treasury per village).

    Now you have (almost) unlimited treasuries per village. So the main strategy right now is to throw all treasures into 1-2 villages and throw all defense behind a lvl 20 water ditch in that village is someone is attacking. Nobody cares about capitals (why bother? kings have tributes, governors are irrelevant), hammers (because most are in capital = not chiefable and zeroing isn't easy without allowing snipes) or random villages. And if you do have some treasures in other villages, they just get fetched away.

    It doesn't really matter how much VP you can steal and whom you can steal it from. With the current system, it's the best option to throw stuff against rank 1, who could try to prevent this by removing the other contenders preemptively, or steal stuff back if they drop, etc., but if you have to throw like 1 million [I know, a bit exaggerated] in hammers against a treasury just to have the chance of stealing stuff, nobody will even attempt to.

    And yes, the xp-trick is annoying. But tbh, valueable targets are very predictable anyways ... if an offplan was about tricking the defender in defending the wrong villages, you could just send the hammer without the hero to protect the information, rendering xp scouts completely useless. If the plan is to take stuff without running into defense anyway, you can maket he full bet aswell à la all or nothing.

    Why are people so obsessed with huns and egyptians? TG stated multiple times, that they will NOT add these tribes to Kingdoms, because they want T:L and TK to be noticeably different games. And honestly, I happily welcome that, egypts' waterworks are completely broken (source: I played them ... twice). I wouldn't mind a new (as in, different from T:L) tribe in Kingdoms if it's well designed and fills a nieche spot (but please no support-tribe, keep techaccounts out from TK and don't provoke them), but currently pretty much every playstyle kind of has a tribe that matches it, doesn't it?

    Btw, about the IGM point you mentioned (and kind of the stuff like seasonal skins): Every organized kingdom uses Discord (or similar) anyway, and Travian will never be able to compete with that. I'm fine that they don't bother trying and stick to the super-basic message system. It's enough for announcements, a spam chat and the ability to exchange discord tags. I'd prefer the dev-power used somewhere else - same with seasonal skins etc.

    Glaub ich dir. Ich kann dir da leider nicht groß helfen, ich spiel aktuell auf keiner Welt. :s

    Vielleicht findet sich in deiner Umgebung ja ein KR, das dich aufnimmt und dem die Kattas mal wegdefft. ^^

    Feelsbad, manche Spieler brauchen halt ihren E-Penis. :(

    Vielleicht klappt es auf einer neuen Welt ja besser, wenn du zeitnah zum Spielbeginn startest und dir ein Königreich suchst, dem du beitreten kannst, hast du vor solchen Spinnern normalerweise ganz gut Ruhe. :)

    wie bitte.. jede truppe ist wichtig., ein offer weiß das

    Hmm, grundsätzlich ja, aber ob mir alle paar Tage pro Off mal 15 Truppen sterben ist mir ehrlich gesagt relativ egal, sind halt 3-4 Minuten Bauzeit, das ist noch im Promillebereich auf mehrere Tage hochgerechnet. :D

    Und es sind ja selten alle Angriffe scharf.

    Naja, wenn du im kompletten Account in 12+ Kasernen Truppen baust, ist das wohl auch egal, wenn da insgesamt 200 Neubauten oder so sterben bei einem Angriff. ^^

    You new cookie system are remove a lot troops of honer players.

    What? Sorry if I kind of miss the essence of your post, but how does the cookie consent popup remove players' troops?

    I know that many players need to login multiple times or get randomly logged out, but that's a simple bug and doesn't remove troops.

    Like it was before when some players report you about bug with catas and you didn't do nothing.

    Pretty sure they fixed it? If you refer to the cata-target-leak-bug?

    Travian allgemein: Als ich 11 war, hab ich eine Werbung dafür auf Schueler.CC gesehen.

    Ich: "Mama, darf ich das spielen?"

    Mom: "Muss du da was downloaden?"

    Ich: "ne"
    Sie: "ok"

    Kingdoms: Naja, wollte halt die neue Version austesten. :D

    Was war bisher deine Lieblingsrunde?

    Not sure why you are surprised, that you see the catapult targets of the attack you sent. You literally see the information in the rally point aswell.

    That "bug" doesn't work if another account attacks you, because then both catapult targets are 0.

    Edit: I was wrong, it did work with other accounts. ^^

    Also not sure what I have to do with that? :/

    I am no TG Dev, I just work on my toolpage for Travian.

    Best regards,


    Yes, I know that. You can also have more than 1/2/3 waves in <3/3-6h/6-12h range with that trick. I just wanted to point out that it's legal to do that and that it's also legal to use multiple browser tabs for sending. :D