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    Fact is this is stated in the game rules :).

    If this isn't purposefully abusing game mechanics....

    True - I actually meant that gamerules don't explain game mechanics though. Bad wording I guess.

    I don't believe you have insight. And what now? Your way of thinking is impossible to argue with.

    If you don't believe people that know what they're talking about and have some knowledge in their field, feel free to continue living in your bubbly world of assumptions.. ;)

    Critic is fine, but not fine if you don't agree with it?

    Critic is fine, accusing a company randomly of fraud, abusing their players as guinea pigs and trying to rip their players off, because you feel like it isn't. As you don't even try to understand this, this discussion is indeed pointless. Probably no official will ever care about what you're saying, if a big part of it are pointless accusations trying to diffame them. But they will not just not care about the pointless nonesense in your post, but they will not care about the post as a whole. Which is always a pity, if there's some truth in it aswell.


    I did ignore the points, because I either agreed or didn't find it worth arguing about. Menhirs and mist have nothing to do with each other, besides menhirs being disabled in the mist. Everyone knows that. Why would I discuss about the mist being Menhir 2.0, if that's obvious nonesense and nobody every provided any point for it? The special server has some new zombie-avatars, a virus special achievement, more bats & spiders, stronger bats & spiders, some community quests, the mist and 5x speed. Sure, nothing too special, but it wasn't meant as re-invention of the wheel. As a halloween-themed server, I'd say it's fine and I like the thought to make holiday-themed servers - my 2 cents to that. Lastly, yes, the scroll was ridiculous. ^^

    1)Rulebook needs to be clearer (sitting inactive account come to mind first).

    2)Support response time has to be improved, waiting days is not acceptable.

    3)Event servers need to be special (make real rewards, not 1xp scroll)

    4)You should get a reason why you were banned in-game, so you can plead your case faster

    This, for instance, is a positive instance of critics. No accusing randomly, no flaming, but constructive proposals and critics.

    Isn't 4) the case btw? Idk about violation bans, but I'm sure it's displayed for payment bans.

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    Are you Youtuber, by any chance? xD

    When you registered to play you have accepted game rules. Have you even read them? :D
    No worry be happy!

    Makes me wonder whether you read them, gamerule don't say a single word about the actual game mechanics.

    I don't understand the few posts directly above me (and google spits out glibberish too), but for robbers to appear you need free tiles in your borders, that are settleable (as trasgul said), and aren't 4-4-4-6 tiles.

    That's why I really like to post something on forum!

    7 hrs passed after the topic was created!

    We've finally got the robber camps! Congrats!

    Maybe a new treasury of yours opened, causing more space to spawn robbers to be inside the borders?

    Big oof. You guys were the ones running against us, Kyum#IT , not vice versa. You tried to use your triple chief right next to us to chief our border villages, you were the ones trying to conquer several villages of ours coordinatedly and you're the ones aggressively opening treasuries right next to us and then cowarding into vacation mode. Now, if I (as def account) chief some villages as form of expansion, you call us out for "harassing" and "ruining the fun", nice double standards you have there. The only reason we started to build a cute little anttack-troop at the borders is as response to your triple chief right next to us by the way, which we scouted days before your first action. Don't act like the aggression comes from us. ;)

    And telling someone "yo, join our confed. these guys refused to and got hit badly" [@mods, still no 1 : 1 quote] is blackmail. Maybe not by strict law, but everyone knows what you're saying with it: Cooperate with us or get hit badly by us and our confed.

    And btw: I honestly don't mind your attacks (otherwise we would have accepted the cooperation lol). I already told you ingame, that I enjoy wars in general. But your victim-acting is kinda ...

    Attack all Insects now they got no defense! Thats why they showing us those silly reports. Full attack everyone, go go go!

    Damn, my carefully planned tactics to hide from the fist of doom has been revealed. :(

    But really, I posted the reports for general enjoyment and out of fun to write such posts. Read it, if you enjoy it - don't if you don't. Have fun and enjoy the game guys. :)

    This example alone shows the non-existent quality of your post:

    I did not say they're intentional, you're making assumptions again, from your own fake world as you would say.

    wait what do you mean they're using comx5 as test server under disguise? they are using us to test new features?

    Playtesting isn't bad, don't get me wrong. But hiding a playtest as a SPECIAL EVENT server is just plain disgusting. The mist is just menhir 2.0 and everyone knows that.

    You obviously said they use comx5 as test server under disguise. This is not possible unless intentional. Hence you said it's intentional.

    I also wonder how one can even mess up to interpret my "I never experienced bans on com, therefore I have no idea about the specific bans you mentioned" as "never happened to me => not true and even if true, they're humans". I did really rarely read such a nonesense. In case you really missed the point: The paragraph as a whole says "most cheaters lie about their ban and it's very likely that a banned guy who claims to be innocent is a lying cheater and not an innocent player - but I don't know the guys that were banned, so I can't tell in that specific case".

    And by the way, no. I did not mean my kingdom. I meant that no player I tried to interact with was ever banned on com.

    To be fair you made a few reasonable arguments though, that I don't want to ignore:

    1) True, 6k was an overstatement, but the actual number doesn't really matter. Comx5 had way more registrations than a normal server, and it's hard to plan, test and prepare for.

    2) You say I can't tell your accusations concerning TG's intentions are wrong, because I don't have insight either. Partly true, I don't have insight. But mostly false, because I do have the technical knowledge to know what's going on behind the scenes. If you recall, I even posted a workaround to the lags for the players. :P The lagginess of comx5 is exactly what I would expect to happen if an unexpected amount of server load is happening. As Dev (to clarify: not dev at TG), I know, that just throwing more hardware at the server won't work. => Find the bottleneck, refactor it, test it, patch it, see if it's better. Which might take some time. Sure, if you offer some game like idk, LoL, CS or similar where a single match contains only a hand ful of players, it's easy to add more servers to balance the load out. Doesn't work for games like Kingdoms though, at least not so trivially.

    3) Obviously it's Bridget's job to communicate to us. But the way she does her job, that she's doing it well and putting much effort in it shows, that she actually cares. Pretty sure her contract didn't state, that she has to post highfrequent updates about the status, try to entertain the users with forum games while incidents, etc. - caring and job doesn't exclude each other. More like the opposite, caring and job have a great synergy.

    So, we have my background knowledge, Bridget's posts and the benefit of doubt for TG for the "nope, no test server in disguise"-side. And a "there was lag!!!!!!!!!" for your side. May everyone conclude for oneself.

    Also, I mentioned a few times now, that critic is completly fine and appropiate - but accusing other people (in this case TG) that they (ab)use their community as labor rats to disguise special servers as test servers is a nogo. Also, please re-read my (first) post, this time without taking stuff out of context and interpreting what you just feel like. Few of your points were totally nonesense and arguing against what I never said or intended to say, you completely missed the point a few times.

    So what you are saying is that we are only allowed to make a comment if we know the full workings of the game, staffing, set up etc; etc?

    No, please read my post carefully and don't interpret into it what you want. You can for sure post your critic, but accusing TG of guinea pigging us, ripping us off or doing any of that intentional is just plain stupid and wrong. Yes comx5 start sucked, but it didn't intentionally from TG. Is it really so hard to understand what my point is?

    there are many English words for it, tosh. tripe, twaddle. blabber, being just a few

    Thanks. Twaddle sounds nice, I think I'll stick with that.

    If Travian had called this a test server for special events right from the start people would have been far more willing to accept the problems that have occurred.

    Instead they sold it as an amazing, fun, speed server with lots to offer the enthusiastic game player (now this was really "Gesabbel"). In fact we have been used as guinea pigs to test out the fastest means of getting quick profits.

    I am no program expert and barely know my way around the online game world, but I do know that the problems that spoiled this server were the kind of problems that are usually ironed out in testing, not once people have joined, started playing and paying for gold.

    Yes, obviously it's true that people would have been willing to accept lags and bugs, if they called it test server. No doubt. But it wasn't meant to be a test server. Accusations like "ehhh all intentional, TG just wants to guinea pig us" are most likely wrong, frustrationbased, unproductive, unconstructive and probably some more negative words. You have no insight in their management and in what their plans and true intentions are. You say yourself you have no knowledge about the behind the scenes of online games like Kingdoms. Yet you think you have the competence to decide whether the problems were intentional, expectable and whatnot. You obviously don't have that competence. I don't mean this offensively. But you simply don't know what goes on behind the scenes. I mean, that's okay. Nobody has to be an expert in anything. I bet I have no idea about your job either. But if one has no idea and zero knowledge, one should just stay back with accusations like yours or OP's. You don't know what could go wrong unexpectedly, you can't judge whether something was guinea pigging or just were non-predictable or hard-to-predict problems - but yet you do judge and say "ah, it's intentional, TG abuses us as test subjects, fucking ripoff". And this is where you're simply wrong, destroying your argument, rendering your critic useless and causing yourself to be ignored.

    And again. I don't doubt that the server start was horrible, that people would have accepted it as test server and that people were disappointed. But that's a completely different topic as what I'm writing about.

    I'd appreciate some quests to guide lesser experienced players in general. Some examples:

    - Celebrate 10 days in a row in one village

    - Celebrate 10/25/50/100/200/300/500 parties (in one game round, I know such achievement exist)

    - Train 100/250/500/1000 scouts

    - Conquer another player

    I didn't read the rest of your post (yet, but will do so in a minute), but you reading the forum rules and concluding from it, that one may ban you without reason ingame disqualifies you as competent to judge anything in my opinion. Yes, they may ban you in the forum without telling you the reason. This is probably to prevent idiots from arguing like "but if you interpret it in that absurd way it's not against the forum rules, which means your ban is unjustified, and obviously it was meant that way, blablabla" and exerting their right to kick people out of their communication platform if they are a unbearable burden.

    This does _NOT_ mean, that they can ban you without you breaking the rules ingame. If you read the gamerules carefully (which you should have done before posting such informed stuff), you'll see that those only say that you might be banned after breaking the gamerules or GToC and may only be unbanned after an appropiate punishment.

    Which gets me to your next point. As I don't play com often (and if I did I never experienced bans anywhere) and don't know the specific cases you're talking about, I obviously can't speak for those. But speaking from long-term Travian experience (not only kingdoms, but also Legends and T3), I know that nobody will ever admit to cheating at all. Never. Everybody claims it's TG's fault, even if they're botting with 12 bots at once and having 4 multis. There of course may be false bans, Travian staff is also just human, and there are also bans for not cheating (e.g. insults and payment problems) - and I even agree, that often one might wish for a quicker response time from the staff in such cases, but your accusations of being random or even intentionally random or false are just nonesense.

    I don't know whether the problem is much worse on COM than in DE, but I know a lot (most?) active and long-term players in DE and write with them occasionally and I would definitely have heared if players would be complaining about random / incorrect bans and irresponsibly high response times.

    By the way. One time a guy in DE was banned for multiaccounting + pw sharing + blackmailing (back then when the last one was forbidden). I was in his kingdom. In kingdom chat he was like "nah I'm innocent, TG sucks, wtf are they thinking, idiots, blablabla", when talking to him via PM he was like "no idea how they found out that it's my multi and that I have xxx's password -.-". So better think twice whether you can trust your information, cheaters will never or rarely admit their cheating towards publicity.

    as a programmer I know that took you what 10 mins at best?

    If you were are professional programmer or had experience in professional programming, you would know that changing the numbers and adding a few if statements and database columns is the lesser part of the work. There's testing, that has to be done, organisation stuff to be done, writing test cases, letting QA test changes, thinking about balancing, and so on. In a company there's more to it than just changing a few lines of code - but yes, those particular changes weren't hard or stresful to implement. You're also kind of ignoring the global missions by the way. But whatever. I don't really care about the time it took to implement anyway, but telling it 10 minutes work is just clueless ... in german there's a cute word for it: Gesabbel. If someone knows an english pendant, feel free to hit me up.

    As a professional programmer you would know how much stuff can go wrong, how many unexpected issues can occur and that 6k+ registrations at the start (compare to a forth or so for regular servers?) while having more load per player due to 5x speed is a big deal to prepare for. I know it was frustrating, I was planning my 2nd village in < 3h aswell and for me it felt like 3 hours per click instead aswell.

    Also I'm pretty sure, if Kingdoms wouldn't care about its players, comx5 would still lag like a piece of eating-results, but it doesn't, because they cared and looked for a solution. It took a while and that sucks, but like I said, as programmer you should know that finding and deploying a fix isn't trivial. You have to make sure it has no unexpected/unwanted side effect, bugs, and so on. Also, the amount of posts from BridgetB should show pretty unambigiously that one (at least she) care(s/d) about the users, one wouldn't inform them on an almost daily basis about news. Note that Bridget herself probably has no idea how to code or how to fix anything, just to prevent "wow that's nice, a post, how about a fix?"-brainless-comments.

    You're trivializing a lot, ignoring a lot of facts, assuming what fits in your thesis and basically arguing against a false reality that you made up by yourself. Sure, it contains some true facts (like I said, comx5 start was horrible, response times are often way improveable, ...), but all of this is absolutely worthless, if you make up so much stuff. You will reach NOBODY with accusations like "nobody cares all is intentional blablabla". Critics in honor, and I'm sure Kingdom-Guys care about critics, but what if I would tell you "eh, please stop intentionally spreading lies and fakenews without any reason, you're such a bad person, go shame yourself", instead of (trying to) staying objective, tell you why exactly I think that your post is poor and giving you reasonable things to consider? Bet it wouldn't change anything for you, because you'll think "eh, what an idiot, let him shittalk".

    I can PM you screenshots of our chatlog, if you don't believe me. Since her english wasn't very clean but rather very broken, you might have simply misunderstood her. Maybe she told a random guy of us, I can't possibly know that for sure. But like I said, I (the guy who made the decision where to def) had no information from her, neither directly or indirectly.

    Hey guys,

    I'm not sure why you think Babylone told us anything about your plan, but last time I wrote with her was one day before your op - and that conversation was about food and a pizza dough recipe. I can assure you that I didn't get any information from her (also no indirect information, i.e. she told someone, that someone told me or sth). I obviously don't know whether she said something to some member of us, but if she did, I don't know and wasn't influenced by it when deciding where to def.

    We refuse to work with spys at all (ask a certain Italian guy who offered his service as a spy, which we declined ^^) - and even if she told us anything, we couldn't know whether we can trust her or not, so we would have ignored it.

    Also, if anyone is reading this who thought about leaking us information - don't. Even if they're true and we come to the same conclusion independently, it'd suck for us, because it would feel cheated. All of us (at least those who I know, can't tell for guys I just met) would prefer to wake up without a capital, than to use spys. The thrill and fear, whether one's analysis was correct or not is a big part of why the game is fun for me/us. We wouldn't let someone ruin that. :)

    Best regards,


    Good Morning,

    as apparently nobody likes those sweet little bastards croaching around on your floor and settling inside your buttery, we're the target of a lot of guys recently. As you see in the def rankings, those actions weren't too successful. So, let's have a look at the reports.

    ELEMENTS vs. Insects - 14.11. 23:00

    Tonight, ELEMENTS attacked a lot of capitals & treasuries of us. Our def sheet exploded, and to top it off I (being online until 7-8 am usually) had a important call yesterday morning at 9 am with some stuff to do after that and decided not to go to bed at 13:00 ... big mistake, as I was tired as hell and had to leave for bed around 21:30. But I didn't leave before calling one village I believed to be (one of the) real attacks. Bombus and Scabies believed (in) me, despite my drowziness and did all the coordination for me after calling out a target. DrunKing made a city out of his capital for a level 20 water ditch with a little resource help of ours and built a stonemason level 20. Turns out, I was right and DrunKing's capital was one of the two real targets. Needless to say, that no hammer returned home, none of them even saw the def. Here the reports, not in chronological order though, because my image upload tool mixes the order when bulkuploading:

    Report Screenshots:


    Player Hammer Cats
    Maya Halls 27k 740
    Art1x 68k 300
    javagame2 30k 200
    GorGona 98k 250
    Vibrissa Enota 41k 300
    Sparr0w 74k 250
    Denn 72k 300
    vlad22 25k 327
    uni2zik 34k -
    Cigans 50k 300
    Total 519k 5517

    Unfortunately, I missed the second target they hit, causing Natravnen's capital to be heavily damaged. Fortunately however, we're a swarm and no ego-players, so we all sent him a big chunk of resources for rebuilding his capital, most of which being rebuilt by now. Natravnen managed to snipe some cata waves with in-between-def [may someone tell me how you call it in english?] on his own, causing 624 catapults to die.

    Report Screenshots:

    Italians vs. Insects - 14.11. 02:00

    The very same day, 21 hours earlier, we had another visitor. It wasn't the first time they hit us, but the previous ones weren't too mentionworthy. In their first op (29. October) they managed to steal 2k treasures from my capital, losing 3 of 5 hammer sin the progress. If you're interested, find the reports below. The last time before yesterday they visited, they tried to steal several villages from us. They managed to steal my 002 and Harb's 004 I believe, don't quote me on his village number. My 002 had 20k troops build in it (10k off / 10k def), Harb's village none. We re-chiefed both villages within 48 hours without losses. Other attempts in the same op were dead chiefs due to in-between-def, one "hammer" died on the villages' self-built defense and some attempts to one-hit two villages with a roman triple chief with big party failed. That being said, let's get to yesterday.

    Italians are confederated with Turks (source: they apparently hit DEVILS together and Kyum told me), so they apparently thought they're in a position to blackmail us into cooperation for a wonder à la "do you want to cooperate with us? DEVILS refused to cooperate, so we hit them hard." (it's not a 1 : 1 quote @mods). I told them we don't care about wonders and we prefer their dead hammers in form of def points. They insisted and gave us a deadline of 12 hours, to which I mockingly responded, that we accept their capitulation, if they donate us their treasures, abdicate their vacation-mode-duke, provide stationary defense for us and give up Kyum's triple chief next to us. They obviously didn't do that, didn't even respond to that anymore, but made an offplan against us, hitting yesterday 02:00. Finally. I wanted those def points!

    So, what happened? Italians attacked Scabies', my and Bombus' side villages mainly. Based on experience, we decided to put a little def into most villages instead of full-deffing a few. Some reports look funny and stupid (and they probably are), but we figured that it's enough to kill 25% of the hammer to kill one of two chiefs to ruin the conquer attempt. Also we didn't expect the two roman hammers against Scabies to be that big. But if it looks stupid but works, it ain't stupid ... I guess.

    In the end they managed to conquer only one out of five - and we re-conquered that a few hours later.

    Italian op from 29. Ocobter that I mentioned above:


    Top3 def kingdoms overall:


    Top3 defender of the week kingdoms:


    Top10 def players overall:


    I hope you had a great read and enjoyed the reports.

    Best regards,


    It's actually different in Kingdoms than in Legends. I am not 100% sure how it works in Legends, but if there are 1000 legionnaires + 1000 praetorians from village A and 2000 phalanxes from village B, one legionnaire will die, then one phalanx, then one praetorian, then one phalanx - and this will repeat over and over again. Here the full ruleset:


    Kingdoms distinguishes between five starvation classes.

    1. Foreign units, that support the starving village.
    2. Own units from other villages, that support the starving village.
    3. Own units from the starving village, that are trapped in some gaul's traps.
    4. Own units from the starving village, that are at home.
    5. Own units from the starving village, that aren't at home (e.g. reinforcing an oasis or moving troops).

    Troops of the first class starve completely before troops of any other classes, i.e. troops of the 2nd-5th class can only starve if no troops of the first class exist. Analogously, no troops of the 3rd-5th class can only starve if no troops of the first or second class exist, and so on.

    Within one class, the biggest troop compound starves first, counting by numbers, not by crop consumption. If e.g. one player sends 5000 phalanxes and another player sends 3000 druidriders, the phalanxes will starve first, if both compounds fit into the same class. Within one compound, the most common troop type starves first, again counted by numbers, not by crop consumption. If the compound to starve has 2000 phalanxes and 1500 druidriders, its phalanxes will starve first. In case of a tie, the "leftmost" unit will starve, e.g. phalanxes before swordsmen.

    These rules are applied unit by unit.


    • It doesn't matter whether troops come from the same kingdom, NAP, confed or an enemy. All are treated equally concerning starvation.
    • Unlike in T:L, sending a hammer into a WW may lead to significant starvation losses, as it's most likely the biggest troop compound and will therefore starve first. At a usual 6-digit negative production this means a 4-digit loss of infantry units per hour.
    • Starvation does not generate any reports, but starved troops are mentioned in the welcome screen.