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    The idea is to spear a building spot. The most gold consumer job is to play a hundred card games to get one additional building spot.

    I got the idea, but the idea is just bad. Being able to manage buildings spots properly is a skill, that is required to make a decent account. I doubt that gold players use additional building slots in every side village, simply because it is not necessary. I never felt the need to use additional building spots in side villages at all and tbh I was fine in the capital aswell before the additional ones were introduced and I often don't even use them in hammer villages ... crop supply can easily be managed with trade routes aswell; also you can demolish academy and smithy when you're done researching and (if you have it) stuff like cranny, trapper, etc. to get more space if you urgently need it.

    And worst case you can leave town hall out of the capital once you have a certain amount of villages, because capital parties will then only make a small percentage of your total culture production.

    Celebrations are a huge advantage and offer a lot, so it does make perfect sense to require an additional building spot for them. Main building has nothing to do with generating culture points, but it's basically a place where the guys who contruct your buildings live. That's why building speed increases as you level up main building and also why you need certain MB levels for some buildings, as complicated buildings require more skilled builders.

    Now everyone can celebrate from every village they have, speeding up the player’s growth. Player’s growing faster will make more troops, more troops will lead to better wars, and better wars will make the game more interesting for players. More interested a player is in a game, the more likely he is to spend money and buy gold. More money a player spends, more money Travian kingdoms make. Hope you see the benefits there.

    Why not merge all buildings into the main building? Would save a lot of building space aswell, allow even quicker growth and would make the game even more "interesting" by your logic. Obviously, that logic is flawed.

    If you want celebrations, you need to plan accordingly, if you can't, you don't get that juicy extra cp. I really don't see a point in rewarding players with such a huge advantage (ability to celebrate) for free. It just dumbs down the game and removes the ability to make a good decision and seeing the benefits of them. Not really a good thing in strategy games. Kingdoms is not only about troops and how you use them, but also how you set up a proper infrastructure required to train and supply these troops.

    But if we cant access user spesific data why we should authenticate him?

    Tool developers can use this feature for something like a "Login via Kingdoms"-login, or to let a Discord-Bot automatically assign roles to a user, if he authenticates as member of the kingdom. Been there, done that.

    You can NOT access the account data legally and there is no way to make an attack notifier legally. On desktop version you get a pretty loud sound if you get attacked and if you have sound enabled though, maybe that helps?

    There are three endpoints of the API:

    1) registering your tool (required for the other two endpoints)

    2) getting the daily updated list of villages, players, kingdoms, alliances, fields and oases (all one endpoint/request)

    3) the mentioned authentification

    There is also no official API endpoint to obtain the data for unit values, however I have a list: tk.units.json

    Du kannst ihn als Unterstützung dorthin schicken. Im letzten Fenster, bevor du die Unterstützung abschickst, kannst du einen Haken für "Held umstationieren" auswählen, dadurch wird dein HD wieder sein Heimatdorf. Sieht in etwa so aus:

    Mit meiner Superkraft kann ich so hell glühen, wie eine Sonne, nur dass das Licht keine Wärme abgibt.

    Ich sehe absolut keine Nachteile hierin - das ist eine perfekte energiesparende und umweltschonende Beleuchtung.

    Mit meiner Superkraft kann ich mein Geburtsdatum aus dem Gedächtnis anderer löschen.

    Wahrscheinlich waren die nicht kaputten, nicht-hotgefixten Dateien noch im Cache. ^^

    Und wegen der Farbe: Das Overlay an sich ist grau. Definitiv grau, der RGB Wert ist 110, 110, 110 (im Zentrum) bzw. 30, 30, 30 (am Rand). Da die aber leicht durchsichtig sind, wirkt es durch den grünen Hintergrund dunkelgrün.

    Ich finde das amüsant, dass Skadi explizit geschrieben hat, dass das nicht wegen den Bären reguliert wurde, aber dennoch jeder nur über die Bären schreibt. xD

    Grundsätzlich finde ich eine Regulierung sinnvoll. Welchen Sinn hätte es, dass ein 20k EW Account mit 5 Offs seinen Namen ändern und die Gegner damit überraschen kann? Sowas sollte nicht als taktisches Mittel missbraucht werden können. Aber wo zieht man die Grenze? 500 Einwohner wie in T:L*? Was ist mit Teleportoffs (mal davon abgesehen, dass denen ohnehin ein Riegel vorgeschoben gehört)? 1k Truppen? Levenshtein-Distanz von Originalname -> Wunschname <= 2? Es gibt sicher viele sinnvollere Lösungen, als Namensänderungen komplett zu streichen, aber wenn man nur an TGs bisherigen Lösung rummeckert und keine besseren Vorschläge bringt oder versucht zu verstehen, warum das möglicherweise eingeführt wurde ... dann braucht man sich irgendwie nicht wundern, wenn man gegen eine Wand fährt.

    * Für Kingdoms only Spieler: In T:L kann man seinen Namen selbstständig bis zu 3x ändern. Einmal kostenlos, sofern man unter 50 Einwohner hat und insgesamt maximal 3x, sofern man unter 500 Einwohner hat.

    This post states mostly the obvious ... and is sometimes a bit inaccurate.

    It is fairly obvious, that lag = bad, bad app = bad, no ads = less known = bad, bugs on map = bad, cheating = bad & forum activity = good, discord = good. If you find bugs, report them via help center btw, I bet the SS-marker-bug you mentioned in the op went unnoticed (or forgotten while reading the text after it).

    Trapper is the weakest special building in this game.Changing the building makes unstoppable the Gallic race instead a few improvements can be added to this building.I have three different suggestions :

    - Captured soldiers should be able to be executed.

    - Captured soldiers should be able to be returned for a certain amount of raw material, depending on their type.

    - Should be able to convert a certain part of the captured soldiers into their own troops after a certain period of time by adapting their race.

    Sorry, but wtf? Yes, trappers don't do that much in the lategame. But they hard-carry early game because no sane farmer touches a gaul that potentially has trappers in the early game. You can save settlers & chiefs there for near to no cost and even in late game 2 trappers on 1x speed can trap almost a day production of clubs - it's not huge, but still very protective from farming, especially considering trap costs and building times.

    Roman's special building doesn't do anything in the early game and only becomes relevant as soon as you have a few k horses. Their trade office is useless until later aswell. Gauls have more of an early game focus, romans more of a lategame focus, so it's fine that trappers are strong early and weak later.

    The biggest reason why this game is enjoyable for me is the competition.The game is played in a more defensive way rather than an aggressive style of play.The most important reason for this is the current VP system.Each kingdom in Top10 or Top5 should be able to steal VP from each other, but there should also be some percentage of it.If you can steal 50 VP from the first kingdom, you get 25 from the second kingdom and 15 from the third kingdom.Thus,the top kingdoms do not only have to play defense after a certain period of time,and the kingdoms. have multiple strategies to get VPs.

    Second,crowded kingdoms with more than 2 WWs are drastically reducing the game competition.They are crowded and powerful from other kingdoms, limiting what their opponents can do when they have 3 WWs.The number of WW that a kingdom can receive should be limited to 2.Thus,competition is protected and we do not see kingdoms gifting WW to each other.

    In long-distance wars,especially in battles using siege,kingdoms can easily close their treasures.Treasury closure period should be extended.

    It doesn't make much sense to use a spy with no attack power only to track the XP of the hero.This is a feature that prevents large and detailed operations from being performed.In the game,defense is more advantageous than attack, and this feature makes that advantage even greater.The attacking side needs to be very careful and even if it cannot take action against only 1 spy,the whole operation plan is deciphered.My suggestion is that the spying process doesn't get XP.

    The most important reason is the treasury system. In the beginning, you used to have only one treasury per village, leading to a much higher distribution of the treasures. More distrbution = more points that you can actually attack = more options and higher chance of success. (Yes, I'm aware, that requiring 10k treasures per treasury village won't work with one treasury per village).

    Now you have (almost) unlimited treasuries per village. So the main strategy right now is to throw all treasures into 1-2 villages and throw all defense behind a lvl 20 water ditch in that village is someone is attacking. Nobody cares about capitals (why bother? kings have tributes, governors are irrelevant), hammers (because most are in capital = not chiefable and zeroing isn't easy without allowing snipes) or random villages. And if you do have some treasures in other villages, they just get fetched away.

    It doesn't really matter how much VP you can steal and whom you can steal it from. With the current system, it's the best option to throw stuff against rank 1, who could try to prevent this by removing the other contenders preemptively, or steal stuff back if they drop, etc., but if you have to throw like 1 million [I know, a bit exaggerated] in hammers against a treasury just to have the chance of stealing stuff, nobody will even attempt to.

    And yes, the xp-trick is annoying. But tbh, valueable targets are very predictable anyways ... if an offplan was about tricking the defender in defending the wrong villages, you could just send the hammer without the hero to protect the information, rendering xp scouts completely useless. If the plan is to take stuff without running into defense anyway, you can maket he full bet aswell à la all or nothing.

    Why are people so obsessed with huns and egyptians? TG stated multiple times, that they will NOT add these tribes to Kingdoms, because they want T:L and TK to be noticeably different games. And honestly, I happily welcome that, egypts' waterworks are completely broken (source: I played them ... twice). I wouldn't mind a new (as in, different from T:L) tribe in Kingdoms if it's well designed and fills a nieche spot (but please no support-tribe, keep techaccounts out from TK and don't provoke them), but currently pretty much every playstyle kind of has a tribe that matches it, doesn't it?

    Btw, about the IGM point you mentioned (and kind of the stuff like seasonal skins): Every organized kingdom uses Discord (or similar) anyway, and Travian will never be able to compete with that. I'm fine that they don't bother trying and stick to the super-basic message system. It's enough for announcements, a spam chat and the ability to exchange discord tags. I'd prefer the dev-power used somewhere else - same with seasonal skins etc.

    A very long time ago there were 'indefinite' servers. They lasted so long that the devs patched in Natar WW's.

    This isn't true, servers always ended on wonder of the world level 100 (or after X days in annual special servers from Legends). Also in Kingdoms there are no self-building Natar WWs, it's a Legends feature.

    Attempts to just not build a wonder were never successful, TG announced to close the server forcefully if no wonder is level 100 until day X in the past.

    @Topic, Travian just isn't an indefinite game. Players will quit, but it's impossible to join (because you can't catch up to months and years of play time) for new players. So basically you're alone after some time, not really nice. (Also it becomes increasingly annoying to manage the account as it grows, although trade routes make it more manageable).