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    Why do you not getweely achievement point credit for creating a new settlement if you use your culture points to create a city ?

    Why they decided it that way ... no idea. The challange text is acquire a new settlement (i.e. occupy another slot on the map), not use another cp slot, so probably that's why though. However, you can conquer a city and it'll count.


    Here you have clearly described why the game is unfair and not fair play. A few players can handle this, but most don't. What about players playing on the phone? What is their chance? They can watch the others decimating the armies and pludnrují villages. This is not a beta server, here players pay for the game and want a quality product.

    No idea whether one can bypass the issues on mobile or in the app aswell, didn't test it there, and barely used it anyway. My point stands tho, be positive about a working workaround, instead of negative about the issue itself. I know it sucks, it sucks for everyone and we all know TG should be able to do better, but the decision, whether to be negative, mad and rage or whether to be positive, try to workaround and have fun despite it, is in your, not TG's, hands.

    Also, that some players can't handle this properly is one reason why I posted it here, such that more people can see and apply it. ^^


    If the game were totally free you would be right, but since the players pay for a service that doesn't work it is right to criticize and complain.

    Not sure if you understood me correctly. My point is not about TG at all, they should do better, no doubt, that's obvious and out of question. And sure, it's your right to complain, but you and me, we both know that complaining a lot won't solve the problem faster or at all. Soo, since we have to wait for a fix anyway, we can both enjoy a workaround, the workarounded-but-still-not-perfectly-working game, or something else, instead of being mad and spreading negativity, right? Again, it's not about TG or their issues, I don't even disagree with most of the non-absurd accusations here (TG should have known, stresstested, ...), but doesn't mean we have to let it ruin our mood. At least not mine. And yes, I spent money and leftover gold from previous rounds in comx5 too.

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    Sorry, I agree, the last two sentences shouldn't have been written.

    Why should I understand these problems and look for a way out ???

    Sure, you can cry about it a lot aswell, but it comes with several disadvantages. It's destructive, doesn't change anything and invites other people to be destructive and crying aswell. If it makes you feel better tho go4it.

    Looking for workarounds is the more constructive way to go, which I did to actually play and have fun on the server. All a question of mentality. So, to finally concern your question - you should try to understand the problems and look for a workaround, because it's a constructive, successful and actually changes something. But I guess that's a question of mentality. If your goal was to do nothing but to increase the amount of cry posts, good job, you did it.

    Well, you understand that pressing f5 or opening a page in a new tab, reinstalling Windows, changing citizenship and country will not help restore stability?

    Why is this situation throughout the server? Why don’t you say: “Yes, we ruined your game and there’s nothing we can do about it”?

    P.S. Anyone who knows IT understands that the problems are on the server side, and not on the client side. I advise you to hire sensible specialists or replace equipment, because this is how you only scare players.

    The problems are serverside. That's correct. But that doesn't mean, that you as client can't do anything about it. I barely have any issues. Maybe 60 min a day in the evening is when I can't access chat, reports are buggy, and so on. That's it. Rest of the day it works perfectly fine. The reason is, TK uses two different connections to the server. Their Websocket has issues, the standard http stuff doesn't. If you F5 you disconnect from websocket voluntarily (because page is reloading), then your browser tries to reconnect to it. But the request before connecting to websocket is timing out in the evening, probably due to too much traffic or whatever. If you're connected once, you rarely get dc'd (at least that's true for me). Chat, village/player names in reports, updating troop movements, informing you about incoming attacks, and so on, it all works via the websocket connection, not via http requests, so if you're dc'd from it, you don't get those updates and have buggy behaviour like no names in chat, merchants and buildings stuck at 0, and so on.

    I usually have 2 tabs open, at least one of them usually works fine, even at high lag time like evening. Maybe 60 min a day or so both don't work. And if I'm dc'd I don't reload the current tab, but rather open a new tab to check for atts, send merchants etc., while I wait for the other two to reconnect. This is, because if I reload the same tab every minute or so, I cancel the pre-websocket-requests all the time - which I don't want.

    By the way, yes, you see incoming attacks after F5. BUT, that's because the server sends you the current state of the account via HTTP (or rather, the client asks for it) on page loading. Every update (that the client didn't cause directly) on that state after the initial loading is sent via websocket. (Every update, that the client DOES directly cause, e.g. sending merchants, enqueueing a building, ..., if received via http response to the http request - that's why these still work, even in lag time.)

    Hope I could help you at least a bit.

    Best regards,


    You got chatbanned rightfully, I hope you learn from it and realize, that warmhearted people, who are not used to a toxic environment like yours, exist aswell and want to play the game too, without being bothered and harrassed.

    Ganz ... ganz ganz ganz ganz ... GANZ grob kannst du davon ausgehen, dass du das 2,5-3,5fache an Deff brauchst im Vergleich zur angreifenden Off, um mit akzeptablen Verlusten rauszugehen und allermindestens das 1,5fache an Deff haben solltest, damit es keine Vollkatastrophe wird. Gemessen in Kornverbrauch, z.B. 1000 Keulen + 300 Teuts = 1900 Off, weil 1 Teut 3 Korn frisst. Du solltest übrigens nur in absoluten Ausnahemfällen alleine deffen, sondern gemeinsam mit Verbündeten aus dem Königreich. So teilt man sich die Verluste auf und kann super fix nachbauen.

    Gallische Offtruppen = Schwertkämpfer, Theutates Blitz, Haeduaner

    Römische Offtruppen = (in Sinne der Rechnung) Legionäre, Imperianer, Eq. Imp., Eq. Caes.

    Germanische Offtruppen = Keulenschwinger, Axtkämpfer, Teutonenreiter

    Und natürlich alle Rammen und Katapulte

    In deinem konkreten Beispiel: Wenn jemand mit Phalangen angreift kannst du mit 200 Phalangen easy 1k Angreiferphalangen klatschen, das gilt für die meisten angreifenden Defftruppen. Phalangen sind einfach superschlecht, um damit anzugreifen (genau so wie die meisten Defftruppen: Prätorianer, Speerkämpfer, Paladin, Phalanx, Druidenreiter).

    Eine allgemeingültige Tabelle klappt hier nicht, da zu viele Faktoren eine Rolle spielen (z.B. sind 100k Römeroff stärker als 100k Germanenoff; Römeroffs haben mehr Kavallerie und Germanenoffs dafür mehr Infanterie, das macht z.B. eine reine Druidendeff gegen einen Römerangreifer mehr oder weniger wertlos).

    Mauerstufen: Kasim, kann man nicht verallgemeinern. Kommt auch auf Moralmalus an (d.h. wie viel größer du bist, als dein Ziel), auf das Level deiner Truppen (Schmiede), welche Truppen (Blitze, Haedus, Schwerter?), and so on. Am besten Mauer mit Rammen kaputt machen und fertig, wenn du farmen willst. ^^

    You can start on a world without night truce. :D

    Edit: I just noticed, that there seems to be a bug on iOS with non-nighttruce-worlds. -> If you play anywhere BUT com1n, wait until it's fixed and/or play via desktop version in mobile browser, then you can farm.