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    One scout attacks are not "successful". They only give you one information. Hero is in that village or not. For everything alse you have to snet a "real" scout attack.

    that's what i am talking about, not sending scouts as attack, sending as much as scouts for scouting simply.

    Okay, that was pretty random, I won't take it personally. I don't like to assume things I have no idea of what I'm talking about.
    Guys when you calm down and you are ready to discuss it calmly like adults I'm sure every member of the forum will be glad to talk this issue with you guys.

    I'll just say this, if you think that spending more time in game influenced our scoutings on you, you are greatly mistaken and once again, try to see the bigger picture.
    (Little hint: the scoutings on you lylai weren't necessary)

    it's not about scouting me or you, Mayo, it's about the game. we are not talking com7 issues here.

    nah, i dont think the idea is quite good.. since if you use farm list and you on the top robber you'll be pump up by the points.. and its for sure that you want to see your point increasing like crazy while leaving others on the list.. and this gonna make the game more interesting!!well you can say that the delay only on hero.. but 1st developer will need to work hard for it since all the updates on statistic is on the same delay (maybe) and 2nd.. 2 hours is too long.. just imagine that you on the top 10 hero of the server and you want to be 1st and lastly when server ended the game put the statistics on wall of fame.. and with 2 hours delay you cant see all things that happend on the last 2 hours neither the top 3 hero or others and need to wait 2 more/less hours for that.. so i dont think this a good idea

    or maybe they can hide after " , " numbers from hero exp,
    for example your hero has 120.467 exp, the game can show this as 120k.
    there will be always solutions if they want to fix this bug.

    also this bug is not only about your spending game time, thu rule is simple, if you want to scout succesfuly, just scout with as much as scouts, you have to take this risk,
    It will be more funnier in this way.

    If you want to scout an enemy when he/she is starts to attack you, you can send all of your scouts to his/her village, maybe you can see if the hammer is in the village or your scouts may die too, it's a risk and it's the real gameplay, or some of your kingdom members upgrades scouts to level 20 and trains as much as scouts and have a duty to scouting enemy villages during attacks, this is the strategy and this is the gameplay,
    But you want to use this bug and abuse it agaisnt your enemies, i understand you too, you may be right for your interests, but unfortunately, this is not a common interest for whole community.

    Hey Mayo !
    If you really want to improve game community, and gameplay, i think you should be against that bug too !
    Because, with this bug, experienced players have unfairly advantage ( actually, not just an advantage it's an abuse and can destroy whole progress of a player w/o any good move).
    If you are happy about this bug and enjoying to use this, i am sorry, i dont believe (really) your concerns about growing game community.