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    Exacly Tiitana, it would only even out the game and not make it dependent on the amount of players you can gather. At day 111 the hard work they did beforehand will pay off as the "disadvantage" will get removed.

    Give a man a fish and he will live for a week
    Teach the man to fish and he will survive a lifetime

    I have a suggestion that would not ruin the experience for new players.
    What if, for the first 111 days, leading kingdom in VP has their production of vp reduced by 50% while they are on top? This will allow kingdoms to still invite 100+ members and would not result in them falling behind by having a superior amount of players, but would also not let them get too far ahead from the rest of the kingdoms with fewer members.
    The reasoning behind this thinking has taken place in COM5 with this VP destribution seen below.

    Now looking at the stats above 4UMA has a clear and obvious lead. By giving them a "penalty" of 50% reduced vp while they are on top would result in the race being closer.
    Say for the next 10 days, 4UMA will get 50% reduced vp, this will result in 500k VP instead of 1mil, meanwhile CZ&SK would get 700k and letting them catch up and eventually be above 4UMA. This would then result in CZ&SK getting the "Penalty" of 50% until a new kingdom takes the lead. This would mean the lead would shift around more frequintly during the round if this would take effect from day 1.

    After day 111 the penalty would be removed starting the endgame and the race would go on. This will make the highest WW more desireable and wouldn't allow kingdoms with high VP lead to chill and would result in them eventually getting more VP form a 10% bonus than someone with a 50% bonus.

    Plumpkin Great post! This really limits what people can do and would also put people in a more fight to survive idea.

    Pinkguy#NL Yeah I agree with that, as I wrote myself the game needs a secondary warehouse, but it's a good add that it can only be used to upgrading fields, even then the game can still give you the same goods as before, but now it cannot get raided.
    Something I would like to see them do is kinda similar to Netflix where you simply cannot play the game if you have a VPN. I know you can bypass that, but it could help against most of the cheaters

    What answer do you expect to get from that? If he tells you that it cannot be detected, then people will start doing that instead.. If he tells you it can be detected then people wont try and do that :D

    An idea Could be to have a seperate "hidden" warehouse that stored the ressources given by menhir whihc could not be stolen? Then people could still invest in buildings and demolish them to get ress, but I guess that is somewhat unavoidable

    Basically agree to transform a normal Villa into a cropper Villa. But why only in the capital? And what happens if capital changes?

    Additionally there should be a tool that 1 res field (lumber, clay, stone) could be transformed in any other res field (lumber, clay, stone). This would make more sense when claiming oasis and not being in first position. Like this, the FARMER would be a powerfull item / building.

    I think giving the opportunity to make every village a cropper is too much so I like the fact that it is only the capital. If the capital changes it is like when a city transform to a village, fields are reduced, and every fields should go back to normal as level say 10 ( assuming the crop fields were higher than 10)