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    9.75% (1-(0.95^2)) is in fact (or should be, if the chances are equal) the chance of getting a certain item of which the chance is 5% that you get it at least once while sending your Hero on a long adventure. The majority of people just don't know how to math properly.

    As Wonka said, you're overthinking it. If the answers given by the forum-users are wrong, the devs/CMs would have stepped in. As they haven't, you can regard the answers given by the players as correct.

    I don't think having Dukes with more than 1 Treasury is a good idea.. In fact, the same argument could be used to say that Dukes could have unlimmited amount of treasuries granted that all the previous ones are full, because why shouldn't he be able to activate a new Treasury when he has 2 or more filled but should he be when the first one is?

    Step 1: Make someone a Duke
    Step 2: Focus ALL your treasures on him and let him steal all of them from you and your other Dukes (once you have 1000+, 2000+, etc. treasures).
    Step 3: Let him activate a new treasury.
    Step 4: Repeat Step 1-3 with another Duke
    Outcome: 1 extra Treasury for every 4k treasures
    Conclusion: Bad idea! It's basically the Oasis-system all over again where your Kingdom could become virtually unlimited. I admit, it isn't as bad, but it's really nothing we'd want to see again to be honest..

    The Duke-system as it is now is the perfect concept. I agree that it is flawed, but not so much that it needs to be broken once again.
    For instance, I agree that once a Duke's Treasury is filled (or once it has passed 4k at lv 20, either of those 2 options is fine for me) that new treasures should automatically be transported to the nearest treasury that isn't filled, whether that be the King's treasury or a Duke's. In fact, I think all the treasuries in a Kingdom should work that way. Once one of them is filled and overflowing, the treasures get transported to the nearest non-filled treasury automatically, but that's a whole other story.

    TL;DR NO, bad idea.

    2. This has always been an option. It's located where you change from villages in the PC version. Press the square with 3 horizontal lines next to the village name, then select the tab 'troops'. There you have the total that any village has under their command.

    It's a Travian Plus feature, though. If you don't hve Travian Plus, you'd have to add all the troops in the Rally Point.

    What's the difference? It both serves the same purpose. The top one does indeed feel more 'official', but you refuse to use the bottom one's search option because you simply don't like it?


    I'm not gonna start an argument why chat system A is better than chat system B, but I'm just saying that everyone has their preferences and if one has a search option, why not include one in the other chat system?

    the search option is already there so no need for it for individual player chatting ok
    because if the scroll is too small just search the player name open it in new window send your message and then open the chat system will find last conversation in top

    Yeah, that's true, except I don't always want to send something to someone when I only need to check something I or that person said. Having to send a message for the convo to pop up is annoying and could have unintended consequences, like people getting suspicious for no reason at all, which is something I'd rather just avoid altogether.

    On NL1 I have to keep in constant contact with alot of people and the chat gets quite chaotic very quickly. I think alot of people would agree when I say that a search option would be an amazing addition.
    Maybe even add an option to show Alliance chats or Secret Society chats only.

    Even if you just put a time-frame on it -- 24 or 48 hours from the time you make a city, you can downgrade it for free.
    And in doing so you forfeit all CP gained while it was a city.

    Actually, you can simply make it so all extra CP gained is forfeit if you downgrade a city. And once you have upgraded, settled or chiefed any other town, any existing cities lose the option to downgrade. This way you can't just save up the CP, expand and not worry about losing the CP if you downgrade.

    I'll admit that those are creative solutions that could work, but the influence thing still bugs me and there are probably more ways to exploit such a mechanic that maybe nobody has thought of yet.
    I'd say the "Confirm upgrading [village name] to a City"-button is the easiest solution.

    I'm really not entirely sure what the mechanics behind kingdomless governors are, so I'm not even sure if you produce taxes, or that the stolen taxes are leftover from when you did have a king..

    The resources in your tribute fund are protected by the Hidden Treasury, if I'm not mistaken..

    3. If I deactive a treasury (as a king) would the treasures disappear or move to another treasury regardless if its full?

    3. Yes, they will.

    Well then.. O_o

    In all seriousness, I'm pretty sure they would be transported to the nearest of your villages that has an active treasury that isn't maxed out yet and if you don't have a village with an active treasury that isn't filled/overflowing, they'll be transported to the nearest village with an active treasury.

    A governor's village houses the resources available to the governor as well as the resources he gives to his King as taxes. These tax resources are stored in your so called "tribute fund". The King can collect these taxes/tributes, but an enemy can steal these if not collected in time.

    In other words, tell your King to always collect as many of the available taxes as possible, especially those of villages that are under attack.

    If I'm not mistaken, the amount of available resources in an Oasis are equal to 50x[number of animals in the oasis] of each resource that the Oasis provides a bonus to.

    For example (and please someone confirm this, because I'm not entirely sure):
    A 25% Wood Oasis with 2 Rats and 1 Bat provides 150 Wood.
    A 25% Wheat Oasis with 2 Rats and 1 Bat provides 150 Wheat.
    A 50% Wheat Oasis with 2 Rats and 1 Bat provides 300 Wheat.
    A 25%Wood/25% Grain Oasis with 2 Rats and 1 Bat provides 150 Wood and 150 Wheat.

    What this does mean, though, is that you can't clear an Oasis, for it to be raided afterwards.

    It would seem logical to send your Hero to have a minimum amount of losses, followed by your resource-carrying troops, but this doesn't work. Once you've cleared an Oasis, there won't be any animals left, meaning the Oasis provides 50x0=0 resources.
    To succesfully raid an Oasis with minimal losses, one should send the Hero accompanied by other troops.

    1) Settle on a Cropper
    2) Upgrade 1st village for 3rd slot ('cuz of the incredible CP-boost)
    3) Cap-switch after upgrading your Crop to a city
    4) Downgrade 1st village

    Too broke.

    The option to downgrade essentially lets you have all the benefits of having your Cap be a city without ever worrying about a Cap-switch. And the fact that when a King exploits this feature in the way stated above, he gets to activate another treasury even sooner.
    Influence would also be a topic of debate. You could for example upgrade a village with an active treasury to a city to completely blow away a neighbouring King, only to downgrade after he resigns.

    I think the option to downgrade is a bad idea, but that's just me..

    Upgrade your first village and get all your fields to lv 12. Level everything in your 2nd village when you need to and only upgrade it to a city when you want to change your Cap.

    Yes, this does mean that you have 1 less active treasury to work with, but you really do want your Crop to be your Cap and you really don't want to miss out on the CP-boost in the beginning by upgrading one of your villages to a city.

    Hey, I don't want to be rude, but I'm really losing my patience with all of TK.

    This topic and to some extent this one, like what the actual ****?
    On the Dutch forum I was told that the fix for the "merchants of the king"-bug that came with the update would come soon and would probably be a hotfix (which it should have been). It has been well over a month, We've even had an entire new update and where is that fix?

    I could in fact write the developers a letter, attach it to the back of a snail, send it all the way to that one place in Germany where all you guys do is print out the code for TK and fold it into paper airplanes instead of checking out what's wrong with it and correcting it, pray to god the snail doesn't die on the Autobahn, it dies anyway, repeat until 1 snail survives and brings you guys the message and my merchants would still be halfway on their journey to my village.

    I feel like with the v0.36-update, the option to sort the taxes has become a necessity. The way it is now, it gives me and probably a lot of others as well a massive headache.

    Please make us able to sort our taxes! Especially by:
    -The amount of Treasures in a settlement
    -The total amount of resources gained from collecting the taxes
    -The total amount of Wood/Clay/Iron gained from collecting the taxes
    -The distance between the village you're collecting from and the village it gets collected by (in other words: the time it takes for the merchants of the King (<--**ehem**) to deliver the resources)
    -The time it takes for the taxes to get filled up

    If anyone else has other suggestions for sorting-options, feel free to leave a comment.