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    Upgrade your first village and get all your fields to lv 12. Level everything in your 2nd village when you need to and only upgrade it to a city when you want to change your Cap.

    Yes, this does mean that you have 1 less active treasury to work with, but you really do want your Crop to be your Cap and you really don't want to miss out on the CP-boost in the beginning by upgrading one of your villages to a city.

    Hey, I don't want to be rude, but I'm really losing my patience with all of TK.

    This topic and to some extent this one, like what the actual ****?
    On the Dutch forum I was told that the fix for the "merchants of the king"-bug that came with the update would come soon and would probably be a hotfix (which it should have been). It has been well over a month, We've even had an entire new update and where is that fix?

    I could in fact write the developers a letter, attach it to the back of a snail, send it all the way to that one place in Germany where all you guys do is print out the code for TK and fold it into paper airplanes instead of checking out what's wrong with it and correcting it, pray to god the snail doesn't die on the Autobahn, it dies anyway, repeat until 1 snail survives and brings you guys the message and my merchants would still be halfway on their journey to my village.

    I feel like with the v0.36-update, the option to sort the taxes has become a necessity. The way it is now, it gives me and probably a lot of others as well a massive headache.

    Please make us able to sort our taxes! Especially by:
    -The amount of Treasures in a settlement
    -The total amount of resources gained from collecting the taxes
    -The total amount of Wood/Clay/Iron gained from collecting the taxes
    -The distance between the village you're collecting from and the village it gets collected by (in other words: the time it takes for the merchants of the King (<--**ehem**) to deliver the resources)
    -The time it takes for the taxes to get filled up

    If anyone else has other suggestions for sorting-options, feel free to leave a comment.

    Governors can't directly be invited into an alliance, they automatically join the alliance of their king.

    You can only invite a governor into your kingdom if at least 1 of their villages falls within your kingdom's borders. You can expand your kingdom by building Active Treasuries in your villages. More about active treasuries, influence and all that stuff here and here.

    And by that I mean reviving. Is there any way of knowing / calculating beforehand how much it's going to cost to kill him and then revive him? Mine is at 20 health which makes him as useful as a sack of potatoes. I'd like to kill him off instead of waiting for his slow-*** health regeneration to kick in.

    He who talks disrespectful at his troops, be it the Hero or the Clubswinger or any troop, will never achieve greatness in the game of Travian. Shame on you!

    Sorry for the necropost. Didn't realise this topic was that old.. :S

    Do the Shoes of the Chicken only work for your own troops or do reinforcements (as long as the number of reinforced troops is under the limit) also evade the attack when your Hero is wearing them?

    EDIT: Guess I and 221 Praets had to learn the hard way..
    For anyone wondering, it only works for your own troops. Not only that, but only troops that are trained in the defending village (excluding the Hero, ofcourse) will evade the attack.

    Claiming farms isn't a good idea ever.

    I agree with Daniel that the clearer should have some "free play" on a farm, but once some time has passed others will attack a new farm as well. Claiming it (as in letting players you are allied with NOT attack village X) only means that you are allowing the opponents to take resources that could have belonged to your alliance/SS/Kingdom/etc. if you hadn't claimed it.

    I like your other idea of having more options to mark a field (like for an SS or even your Kingdom on top of your alliance).

    I've asked this on the Dutch forum, but I haven't gotten any response yet.

    After the v0.36 update, I feel like the merchants sending me my tax resources have gotten 3-4x slower than compared to before the update.
    Is any other king experiencing this? I haven't found anything in the Changelog about it.

    The best thing you can do is upgrade your Capital to be to a City before switching Caps. That way your CP-production won't be reduced (It'd increase by 200/day), your Cap will be a City (which you'd generally want) and you wouldn't have to worry about upgrading your first village (which you ultimately wouldn't want to have as your Cap), since upgrading your first village after settling a second one is also generally the best thing to do.
    If that makes sense...

    Kings have to watch out though, as having more Cities means having less active Treasuries.

    Thanx for the answer. So is there any way to increase area of my duchy? I've already connected all oases I could reach.

    As Georgi said, you've already reached the limit, as your village has a population of +1000. Thank god Oases didn't generate an influence after Com2..

    This is the maximum area a village with an active treasury can generate:

    The influence bonus gained from treasures in the treasury is really only important once 2 or more villages with an active treasure from different kingdoms have influence over a particular field/village. Influence is calculate with this formula:
    (1+treasure bonus)*population/distance

    If 2 or more villages with an active treasury from different kingdoms have some influence on some field/village, you just compare the influence of one kingdom on that field//village to the influence of the other kingdom(s) on that field/village and see which one is higher. Here is where the treasures in the treasuries matter.

    Hey Gianus,
    are you suggesting that the robber attacks are displayed in grey next to the 'real' ones? The image itself doesn't say much :)

    Kind regards,

    I thought it did, but yeah, that's exactly what I'm suggesting. :P
    I'm getting tired of having to check all the attacks just to see which ones I should be concerned about and I'm sure other people in very big alliances share the same thought.


    Decided to air my suggestions here on the forums, maybe have some feedback or possibly receive explanations why my suggestions suck.

    1. "Main Building" in queue. If you queue up the Main Building, followed by any other construction order, the percentile reduction doesn't take effect of what is queued afterwards.

    Very easy to work around if you have multiple master builder orders.

    Upgrade MB
    Que anything that takes a few minutes and wouldn't make a difference anyway
    Que the thing you want the reduced time for

    Reviving the hero the first time? The first 20 (or so) adventures? Please don't try to trivialize my concerns with such statements, I was not speaking of the first revival only, nor of the first 20 (or so) adventures. That what you say is mentioned in the change logs does not negate my concern, nor does it validate any need for such a change in the first place. I suggest you reread my earlier post in order to try and understand the reasons for and the extent of my concerns for the game.

    This change does not make sense.

    Not a statement, merely a fact. I was simply noting the changes they did make, not how I think about the changes or about your opinion on the changes.

    As the title said, I abdicated as a king to be a governor of another king "A". I already demolished my treasury and it has been 24 hours.

    Say "B" was my governor before abdication, he has already became a part of A's kingdom. Weird thing is, I am still not. It's like A's influence border stops right before it reaches my block. The distance between me and A is 4x1 blocks, while the distance between A and B is also 4x1 blocks.

    Does anyone know what's wrong? Or did I miss something?

    I've noticed similar things in the past on NL1 and although it makes for some nasty situations and I'm pretty sure is a bug that needs to be fixed, the best thing you can do right now is the following:

    • Crown yourself King again
    • Do NOT activate your treasury
    • Ask King "A" to invite you into his alliance
    • Abdicate

    Once a King abdicates, he should become part of the nearest kingdom, should he not have been in an alliance with any other kingdom(s). If the King is in an alliance with at least 1 other kingdom, he'll become part of the nearest allied kingdom at the time of abdication. I'm pretty sure that isn't bugged and works 100% of the time.