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    I've wanted this for so long. Of course normal servers has to be running. But just one or two pay to play servers running. Just pay for each server you want to start, sure sucks if you are knocked out early. But at least people might not delete just because you meet some resistance early on.

    The idea is great, remove gold features like instant build/delivery and NPC trade etc. Open up the trade route, farming list for everyone who play on the server. No advantage for people spending more gold than others.

    Note, I know of people playing on private servers just to get this kind of game, where everyone stand equal and no one has any advantage over each other. I think it would be great to at least test such a game world out and bring back those lost Travian players.

    The idea is not that all servers become pay to play. But just one or two, at least to test the waters and see how the interest is on the idea. Normal server must of course run as usual.

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    2. Reinforcement

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