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    1)There no magical guide that will teach you have to play.You just have to play the game, cuz u always learn from mistakes. Adept to the play style which fits you the best.

    2)Of course you can fallow a guide which tells you to build X troops and farm grey, but it won't change the fact that you don;t understand the game mechanics.

    3. i made a acc. on com2n to see what is the situation on 11th may and there where not a lot gray villages and probably the same amount people in every world, who are going for the same plan to farm grey villages. 1 year back there where far more inactive players. I kinda blame Mehiner for that . But the good players adept to it

    4. Ofc. gj travian kingdom team for that, a lot more active players. tho benefit is that there are more good farms in mid game :D :D :D :D

    5. tho i don't like the big zerg meta. Well most of them are bad anyway. (50% very bad players, 30% bad players, 10% mediocre players, 5% ok players and 3% kinda good players and 2 actually that are good) Well actuality that is the whole travian player base .xd

    6) The good players woun;t share info how to become good. Cuz they like to abuse bad players

    See you on com4 it will be a fun round