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    Kim as i see it you and the other sitter abused regular auto-abdicate system for your own beneficial purposes and abused system where you completely immobilized an aliance through its founder. This can not happen whatever situation. Instead of saying sorry this is not good what we did and we apologise for obvious abusing and yet you continue to defend yourselves with ridiculous arguments. You were aware what you are achieving by logging long dead account. It was obvious i was expecting that this will happen.

    Now that bugged hideout appeared on map, with half troops. It seems that in moment i destroyed robbers hideout - there has been some kind of glitch and phantom robbers that should appear next sent an attack.

    And yesterdays SS

    If you check it carefuly you will see its half of their troops and yday there were no visible robbers on dam map.

    Edit: Yet im waiting for resolve more than 24 hours.

    Im sorry for my reaction, good i will answer and provide every bit of information. I thought you can acess my account and verify it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    @Deadjoe: Some hours ago, I gave you the best way to resolve your issue. I said submit a ticket through Help Center. It is there where you will find someone who is able to go into your account and resolve the issue. Georgi could do it, but would also advise you to submit a ticket. Talking about issues in the forum is good, and we all appreciate you bringing the information here, when that information is complete. However, Help Center is where you can get the issue resolved. So again, I will tell you, submit a ticket with all the relevant information to the Help Center.

    In all likelihood, had you done so when I first suggested it, there would have been some response by now, and if not by now then soon.

    Daniel i have done that already twice ... i gave em screens even link on this forum thread. Without any response.

    No one says that you are an idiot. We just need the right information to Solve this

    Im sorry for my alergic reaction i know you are trying to help me but cmon im an educated person before i make a post i verify every information.

    My 1st village is a bit seperated I do not have a repeat I DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER hideout on god.da.m map (my deff vilage is about 15 tiles from the rest there is no hideout nearby. I would have noticed that dont make me an idiot please. If i had it would ba named Hideout III not hideout II. Thats why its name distinguished by a number.

    Please before you acuse me of being an complete blind noob check my account in person and tell me yourself. do you need a zoomed out map screen ? so you can believe me i do not have any other hideouts left.

    Im kinda tired of explaining im going to provide you another screens.

    Im sorry for my behaviour im already kinda mad. Instead of asking me i would appreciate if someone actualy looked into this matter. It seems that it was "phantom" robbers not visible on map

    Nope im in same kingdom from begining

    and i had 2 hideouts nothing unusual.. they spawn near capital and i provided earlier screens there were not and are not any hideouts in my vicinty nor kingdom nor aliance i checked whole map.

    I just noticed that that robber wasnt even gaul ... it was roman which i destroyed at 8am.... attack started approx at 1 pm and landed before 7 pm. Something is completly wrong... If this happens i might wake up one day and lose half of my army for the sake of bug.

    Its clear what i said, im being under attack by a destroyed robber - meaning i cant be king (i expresed myself clear). You made assumptions that i dont know how robbers work. Instead of looking into a matter you just guessed. Now attack landed i lost some troops to a bug. I even sent a ticket nobody responded. Im paying for a game so please take care of your customer if he got a problem. This is not how you treat a player that pays for a game.

    Edit: I am expecting to get a refund for lost units. Since i both reported it to forums and Help center

    I have to correct you all im a duke not a king and it not a camp and its a hideout you could both see that on a SS. Look to my accout rather than guess.

    Anyone from gamemasters look at this mater. This is bug that shouldnt happen.

    I destroyed all robbers hideouts before they even started to attack me ... now i log in and suddenly robbers sent an attack from where ? there are no robbers hideouts since i destroyed all of them xD