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    The game is not new players friendly, it's simple like that this problem has been mentioned a ton of times but u keep ignoring it, how is it not new player friendly? let's go back to why it is, simply relocation system is a great tool and I was happy with it at first, I can make my kingdom invite random people to join easily and be able to compete with premade kingdoms until it was no longer that way and premade kingdoms kind of abused it by having multiple now premade kingdoms always win and new players have to simply join multiple servers make multiple relations just to be able to create a strong premade and most people cannot be consistent to play on multiple servers in a row to do such thing, we have a life, I'm sure there are simple ways to fix this problem without major system changes, certain time constraints that will ensure that premade kingdoms won't be able to join in all those branches whether size limit, rejoin time limit, certain time limit based on player server join date, you figure it out.

    You are correct that it is indeed not that new player friendly if you want to create your own kingdom. Then you must build relation over time and a lot of the player base already have various premade groups to join. So, the pool of real active/good players is limited. In addition, the menhir system seems to be good at first view for a new a kingdom. However, it could be that you have located yourself at the wrong spot and suddenly you see 30-50 new players close to your borders as they were relocated there.

    Your solution to the "problem" is not a feasible suggestion. Instead, I would propose a new game server where only low prestige player accounts could join in. It could even be the case that some more experienced players were allowed to join as mentors/advisors for the kingdoms. Then they could get something special for their commitment to get new players into the game.

    At least, through that you would not get that many premade as people gain prestige and at some point in time, they cannot join these servers. Further, it would be more fun for new players as they are more likely to do well on these servers.

    I like the idea about the fealty feature but I do not dig the rewards.

    - Instead of Hero XP boost then maybe get an amount instead each day? That would be more helpfully for less active players.

    - The Culturepoint bouns is fine.

    - Instead of crop "Troop crop consumption" bouns I would rather see a bouns to income of ress (not crop) to boost the players within the kingdom that do not have a cropper.

    But I would remove the others and add something else instead. Could be cool with access to a special buidling that does somthing or a new unit of some sort.

    (note I have not read the other ideas)

    Good idea. But as mentioned earlier there is a risk that people would not play other servers.

    Instead, I would propose to change the setup for the servers. Such that there is one Championship server each year, but all other servers are seen as a “qualifier” that you must win (be in top 3?) with your kingdom to be considered for the Championship server. (Here it could also be considered that you as a player would have to had played in the server, but then there is a risk that you might not get a full team for the Championship server). This kind of playstyle would increase the competition on all kingdoms between all servers.

    Among this I would love to see that a “kingdom page” is built on travian such that each kingdom have their own site on a travian site where past statistics are present and other relevant information. There can even be created a new set of achievement for the kingdom. That are both present on the kingdom page but also triggered on the players site.

    I hate the function. Sucks to be a small kingdom and suddenly see a large group of people setting up a treasury nearby and getting it full with players by the menhir.

    I propose the following:

    - Make it so only new players with low prestige can use menhir (friendly for new players)

    - Instead of spawing randomly you have the option to join the server as a group and are spawn close to each other (friendly for older players)

    The last point can also be made so you pick to start near a WW that you select as we often see kingdoms speed-settle and then kingdom players are menhir to their borders.

    There are many premade groups that talks through discord. Join a server and you would properly meet some.

    I send you a DM IG and if you want to join our kingdom you can get a mehir