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    I alread know they are not going to do anything about it. When they figured out someone had been cloning troops on a T4 or T3 server long ago (e.g. spawning troops out of thin air). They said:

    Hey uh yeah here is 150 gold.
    Your lost capital and attack village and defensive troops? Well you can SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE.

    That was the server I quit, thought I'd give it a go again. But if I fail to take the WW (I can't even ****ing aim because my brewery is still on) I will delete and never come back.

    Daniel, the mistake was discovered before any of the WW's were taken.
    They could've also banned the natars.... and continue as usual.
    But w/e
    And yes ofcourse a rollback hurts players. But not rolling back also hurts players.
    You say succesfull attacks, I say not a lot of interesting stuff happened in that timeframe anyway

    But you miss the point Templar Knight.
    A lot of players that complain about this spend a lot of gold/money on the accounts, just to see it get mucked up because of some bad coding.

    If you spend 106 days on a server and it gets ****ed up by something that simply should not have happened, it sucks a lot.
    You do realise that 106 days is 1/3d of a year? Can I get compensation for lost time?

    Lets say, 15euros/h. So uhm...... about 7000 euros or 250.000 gold would do fine for using me as a tester.
    Because that is basically it.
    I've spend at least 400 hours on this ****ing server and a muck up like this is so completely out of the spirit of gaming in general.

    @DanielHart: You would think they had a fall-back plan if a serious bug got in the game. You know, the same way I make a restore point before I upgraded to windows 10. Or when I backup my files. If you program things expecting to generate bugs (which you well... generally do) at least save your ****ing files to not get them corrupted. It's programming 1.01


    I'm sorry but this is just sad.
    I have a hammer 14sq away from the WW. I'll probably still grab it.
    But almost 20h later than I planned.
    -Not enough CP
    -Troops out farming
    -Brewery on, can't run great celebrations. With other words: not enough chiefs.

    However, I had a 100% shot to grab it without any resistance. And now I'm not so sure.

    It's from, not for the #1 alliance

    My point is, if a smaller alliance gets ahead of a Meta.

    Meta attacks. 1 attack goes through: steals 4k treasures = 200k VP and the Meta is n1 again.

    I simply mean that it's already hard for a smaller alliance to defend. And now they will get punished harder if they let one attack go through from a smaller alliance.

    Wings can steal VP from other alliances. In effect, using your wings to steal the treasures and then steal the treasures from them (as main alliance)

    New tactic: main alliance = pure defensive.
    Wings: offensive to steal the treasures from other main alliances.

    To ellaborate a bit:

    You are a Meta, 1 alliance has the most VP, gets free treasures from his wings + the wings defend only the main alliance dukes/kings.

    You are not a Meta, you need to fight for every treasure you want. You need to defend the dukes/kings by yourself.
    If you for some reason become the #1 ally. Have fun defending...

    This is such .... bullcrap. It hurts alliances that are small way more than it hurts meta's. Since META's have way more defence to defend their top 3 kings.
    Why WHY are you doing this!??

    Well, to be fair. I would rather play a gaul with a small TT hammer than a teuton/roman with 200k WW hammer.

    There are so few good offensive players I'm running basically solo ops. I fake, a lot with proper fakes (41 troops).
    I know how to play this game and I haven't changed my tactic from T4, however, defensive has only become easier, while attacking (and farming) has only become harder.

    Did you read my other post about how quick they removed inactive players? It's insane.
    On top of that: semi-inactive farms get defended by their kingdom even when they are not online.
    The whole of TK is geared towards defending and the offensive players have been given NOTHING to compensate for this.

    Ohw yes.. Sieges... you say fake with sieges? That is only feasable on Teuts, for the others it really is just to expensive.
    And even then, you'll fake with 1 or 2 sieges? They will probably still defend one or 2, since there are little to no other offensive players to coordinate with and they can't fakesiege, because they are not teuts or simply dont have the same number of troops as you do.
    At this point of the game, the game is inbalanced towards defending.

    Also: have you realized that 125-150% croppers are taken by natar villages? Another really hatefull thing.


    I feel this issue needs to be adressed.
    In TK, defending has become to easy. With the water ditch, seeing incoming attacks on alliance members. The advantage has been put to much on the defenders.

    The only "advantage" the attackers got was siege mode... which you can't fake with, how great.

    I would suggest to revamp the system giving rather ridiculous bonuses to defending armies.
    At least remove the population bonus on reinforcing troops. It makes no sense to add that.
    The big armies have always been on the large players. But I think (not sure, only tested it in combat simulators using the old and new system) the system gives even more benefits to low population players.
    This even more reduces the players will to attack.

    Population should be less of a factor when attacking/defending. Defensive forces have a lot of different players, and their population doesn't matter at all.
    It's already hard enough to build a decent army without a diet and/or trainer. Don't make it even easier to lose it.

    Uhm, yes I'm quite aware of that, that's why I said it's near impossible to top my current ping/down/up and that my internet is not the issue.

    The problem (I think) is that my window gets update to often, with 3000+ movements. And every troop return or attack gives me an slight laggspike of 0.2-0.5

    But it slows down my entire internet browser. On other tabs (for example this forum) I notice it as well.