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    If they attack you they do big damages.

    Why they should attack you? Just leave few resource inside of them instead full clear and you will be fine for the rest of the game. Only disavantage will be that you will not help your ally win server, which is your free choice.

    Well then attack them. I don't know what you want to hear. When you have to attack them you are unhappy, because losing army. Sure when you have only def army you have problem, but you should make off army too. When I say don't attack them you are unhappy too because you don't get stolen goods.

    Oh, I got great idea. What about remove robber hideouts and give us every night 100 stolen goods, 100k resources, 1000 off points and 1000 hero experience instead? Then we can happy building our villages without loosing troops. That's nice, isn't it?

    If you don't like robber hideouts then don't attack them. It's your choice. But give the rest people opportunity for easy resources, offensive and hero points. Btw with proper army I never lost more than 1% of main hammer and resources from stolen goods can cover all lost without any problems.

    Are you sure? Because what can I remember I always got most of wood. I cannot remember single time when I got more of another resources (but I can be wrong for sure).

    You have no influence on the resource mix when you sell stolen goods. It is predefined at the time you join the gameworld and can't be changed.
    The mixture is always 40/30/30% (wood, clay, iron) in different orders.

    Did you think about opportunity to change it? Because as Roman I need iron, so I always must sell wood for it. This combination is best for germans, but for other nations not.

    You mean robber hideouts, right?

    Sure. My mistake. :)

    Losses or not, still means you need to have your hammer home and spend hours fighting an NPC -_- and who said anything about farming? We're talking about know, fighting PLAYERS..

    Well I don't think that u are really FIGHTING players (= attacking simillar players with countable troops lose) 24 / 7. If you do we probably played different servers, because I had no problem keep army at home for few hours per day to kill hideouts or camps and still be in top10 of all ladders. :) But still I think robbers are good fo average players which not attack so much. Robbers are easy resources, OFF points, hero points. And there is most of average players.
    Btw I don't count myself for average players and still don't see any disadvantage of them - if you are mad about letting your hammer at home, just make another one. If you are at least half good as you present yourself here you must have at least few secondary hammers. (And don't tell me, that you are using them 24 / 7 for players attacking too).

    Well, last day of server I had rober camps with 6k - 10k units. Ofc you cannot atatck this with 1/10 of your army, but I always used all army + siege + hero and lost are under 1%. So not a problem for me. Of course it can be problem for someone who want to use that X hours for farming, but for most players it's OK.


    I don't know about you, but I don't keep my army at home, waiting for an NPC player to attack - they're either out raiding paying for their upkeep, or hitting the enemy. So I'm going to wind up wasting res, building a small hammer just for robbers. The robbers are actually a godsend for the sim city players who don't like risking their troops in real action, and have them sitting on their arses at home.

    Well, so just don't use DEF army for raiding and let them defend robber attacks. If you want raid even with DEF then you should make calculations if you DEF troops raid more than robbers steal.

    Btw, active kingdom is always cure for all problems. I played 3 servers and never got attacked by robber camps because they were killed after maximum few hours. :)

    While Sinon is right about "just kick them out of the kingdom", what if you're in an alliance where they don't get kicked no matter how much you complain? Not much you can do about it then.

    Well, if you don't want to change alliance then I have no idea how to solve it.

    I don't know why so many people cry about robbers. If you are not able kill them in attack with less then few percent lose of your army or defend againts them with same number of lose you are doing something wrong. This is not longer sim city as T4 where you could make only pop when noone attacked you. Just make army since beggining and you will have no problems with robbers at all and you will have big hero boost and many supply from them.
    Problem with inactive kingdom players can be solved easily - jsut kick them out of kingdom, then you will have only active players and robbers attacks will not be any problem if you dont have def army.

    What is problem? If someone wants invest hundreds of dollars into game, why not? This can happen in T4 without problem too. You can buy 100 000 gold, swap it to silver and then buy all what you want too. You have no money? Well its your problem bro, world isn't fair.

    1. Používej anglické fórum, které je mnohem aktivnější a jsou tam smysluplnější diskuze. Snad opravdu nečekáš, že se snad někdo z vývojářů bude dívat do nějaké české mutace (s výjimkou českého TK týmu).
    2. Brání ti někdo se zaregistrovat na anglickou jazykovou mutaci, kde hraje mnohem více lidí?
    3. Hraješ BETU, takže se s tím dá počítat, že tu chyby budou. Ale jenom Čecháček, si myslí, že při projektu takové velikosti jakou má TK je možné opravit chybu do pár dnů. Zkušenosti s vývojem velkých projektů nula, ale huba plná keců a ideálně ještě arogantních (tohle je ale jenom česká specialita, na anglické mutaci jsou nikdy nic takové nečetl).

    Btw hlavně kvůli třetímu bodu upadá česká komunita ještě více, protože znám hodně hráčů z CZ/SK hrající na anglické mutaci, aby se vyhnuly pytlování do podobné sorty lidí. A mě nevyjímaje, protože když si tak jednou týdně otevřu tohle fórum, tak mě to akorát tak utvrzuje v tom, že na českou mutaci hodně dlouho nepáchnu.

    Well great warehouses and great granaries would be nice in capital cities. Because this time is maximum 19 lvl resources and 20 lvl crop. With great variants it could be a little bit higher. :)