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    You just have some really bad and ill-informed ideas and nobody likes them. It's like watching a compilation of fail videos on youtube, one can't help but laugh. Everyone has been really patient with you and respectful towards you, but you can't seem to handle feedback on your ideas.

    I imagine Travian 2 to be exactly like Travian Kingdoms but without cheaters, and with a few minor quality of life improvements.

    You dont build WW in Kingdoms. Its Legends, where they try all kind of new things. They even have 5 Tribes and now they are Beta testing 6th. Kingdoms is still stuck with 3 Tribes. You could also argue, that adding new Tribes adds Imbalances in the game and nobody wants them. But some people get bored to always play the same tribes, and want variety.

    Thanks for proving you haven't even played through a single round of Kingdoms. If you did you would know there are WWs in Kingdoms too. You should play a few rounds and become proficient at the game before suggesting a complete overhaul of the game's design.

    Making a balanced game is easy on paper, but in reality, the more complexity you add the more difficult it becomes to keep things balanced.

    If you want to play WOW go play that then. Travian already gives perks for hero levels by allowing players to increase hero strength, attack power, defense power, or resource income. It's quite easy to jack a hero up to lvl 250 in the game so your ideas would only make imbalances in the game.

    Also, try and simplify your ideas, nobody wants to read a novel.

    P.S. You can't win a server without ample defensive players, let alone build the WW.

    Since this thread has devolved into clownworld, I have some new suggestions that fit the theme.

    1. Make everyone have the default avatar, no customizations.

    2. Remove chicken boots.

    3. Make inactive players stay on the map longer and remove farm lists from plus so players who use external tools will only be able to do farm lists.

    4. Make spyglasses reveal the full attacking troops from any distance.

    5. Make multis legal so IYI doesn't have to break the rules.

    I didn't suggest that all farming people used bots. I have farmed top 10 a few times legally. I did say that it incentivizes bots, which is true. Farming by beating actual players and stealing their resources is strategy. Logging on every 20 minutes to send out a farmlist for 100s of greys is not strategy. There is nothing wrong with it. It is just not what I'd like the game to reward. I would like it to reward real strategy more. Where you have to think and plan, not mindlessly click a button the most. I am suggesting that the game take away some advantages that bots and hyper active people have.

    Yeah, you did by lumping them together. Take away the farm list feature and people will use external tools to run farm lists, giving a very few players an immense advantage. If setting up farm lists is so easy, then everyone would be doing it. I use farm lists to farm and I find that they actually save me time. Punishing activity sounds like a great way to drive active people away from the game.

    5. Eliminate farming incentives. Delete greys sooner. Prevent farming loopholes that bots take advtange of, etc. Possibly have a cool down or move accounts below a certain size being farmed. Not only will this actually provide newer players with some chance of sticking around, it also removes cheating incentives and forces players to focus more on strategy to build great accounts. I would guess the number of players who want to spend all day sending a farm list is much lower than the players would prefer being able to compete by using their wits to build a strong account. I know this idea in particular will get pushback, but think long-term about the need for a larger quantity players, not 100 dedicated who will spend 100 hours a week on the game.

    Farming is a strategy. If you don't like it you don't have to play that way. Please provide evidence of bots and cheats to Support rather than smearing those who raid.

    In no particular order:

    1. Add a log for the King to see who attacked each camp and require a hero to be with one's forces in order to attack a camp. No raiding.

    2. Add more advanced quests to the game, for example, there is a 100k troop quest but not a 200k, 300k, 400k, 500k or higher troop quest.

    3. Add a provoke feature to allow players to cause robber hideouts to attack with their full force. The hideout will not be able to be attacked during the robber's attack and the robber cannot be provoked while under attack. This would allow defensive-minded players to get more involved with robbers. The surviving robber troops return to the hideout, and the player cannot attack while they return.

    4. Remove the "Nothing valuable found" reward for hero quests.

    5. Don't raze resource fields after a menhir.

    Right, it isn't hard to take it. I said that just wanted to reply the Manager's question. He thought my suggestion will provoke some imbalance in the game, so first, I try to explain even we don't change anything, it is still hard for a small player who join a big kingdom and want to take those 9&15c cuz they are always clamed by powerful players or gold spender.

    I respect your opinion, but small players are going to have difficulties with many things in game since size is an advantage. As players become more experienced they will have better results, with or without gold. Not everyone needs or can effectively use a 9c or 15c so the idea that everyone should get one is kind of silly.

    Actually the natar's 15c always taken by the kingdom's super active player like King or top robbers. On the other hand the natar's land is enough to make many kingdom take it. If we make the natar's land only can train the natar's troops(everyone know natar good at off weak at def.), the game will be more complex cuz those natar's land just like the little WW will be the first target like the main treasury.

    The natar village is not hard to take, any Governor with a half decent army can do so. A 15c is good for a treasury village, so that's why Kings/Dukes often take them.

    I think the changes made should be incremental, and then everyone can reevaluate the system for any additional changes. Start with enforcing the attack with a hero and remove the raid option on camps.

    Getting back on topic... trappers on speed rounds.

    I can only think of one player I have encountered on the current speed round I play on that is going all-in on traps. I still managed to chief a village from him with minimal losses. The trapper is not OP, it's just very situational and most good players don't even bother with them. Phalanx + wall is a much better investment.

    3. It's hard to tell anyone that really want to trick you to relocate them into your kingdom. So , they can steal the 15c field close to you !!

    Genesis#EN(3) is this relevant enough for you?

    Last I checked this was a discussion about the Menhir feature. If you want to talk about a part of it that I did not address then do so. Everyone seems to be in favor of limiting the feature's use for players with a certain amount of units, so I chose not to comment on that part.

    Traps don't cost any resources to maintain. So once you reach that 600k phalanx point of the server, you can start building traps that doesn't cost you any extra crop per hour :D Trapper is only really useful if you are getting attacked by someone who uses a lot of cavalry and that leaves large gaps in the attacks giving you time to build enough traps to help you wall his hero. Traps on their own is very rarely useful because either you get attacked too much for them to be useful or you don't get attacked at all in which case, why are you building them? Switching the trapper for something else would be nice, or completely overhauling it would also be great, which is why I made that suggestion of making it give cages. I could probably come up with 20 different ways of doing the unique buildings in more interactive and fun ways, but until they are able to fix the menhir feature that has been out for several years now, I won't even bother with writing them down in words. It will just stay an idea in my mind until that day comes.

    They still cost resources and time to build the trapper and traps. Troops are actually useful and can be deployed to other villages so building troops is always better than building traps. I guess if you have the resources to build troops and traps then more power to you, but it's still probably a waste of a building slot.

    Just wall people with troops + wall. It works for Romans and Teutons.

    Idk if we are playing the same game then, but I know for a fact that we are not playing the same servers. I admit, the game can seem to work just fine on most servers, but the ones where people take things to the extreme you realize just how many broken mechanics and interactions there are in the game that are not being fixed or patched properly at all. If you are not playing on servers with people doing everything in their power to abuse these mechanics and interactions then I would completely understand why you wouldn't see the balance being out of whack, but just because you don't see it doesn't mean that it isn't. And I agree with that other statement, knowledge is the #1 determining factor for having a good round, but #2 is a good team and #3 is the other kingdoms on the server. If the other teams are dead set on ruining the server, then it doesn't matter how much knowledge you have. If they set their eyes on you then there is no mid or endgame left for you to play. It's all just struggling to stay alive or start from scratch somewhere else and hope they don't come in for a second round of punishment :D

    I'm on com3x3 atm, it's been a decent server so far. My comment was about balance, and I do think the three races are quite balanced. If any race was more OP than the other then everyone would play it. But most people play Gaul despite your opinion that the Gaul race is inferior to the other two because of the trapper being not as good as the HDT and brewery.

    Yeah, it would be op. But so is HDT and Brewery as well in comparison. +40k crop per hour from HDT and +20% straight up off strength for teutons vs 1000 animals per day for a gaul player where most of them would be spiders and rats if there even is any animals left on the map.

    1. Free cages would be easily exploited and players would play Gaul to be able to essentially farm gold. You complain about exploits yet you want more exploits. Confusing.

    2. So what if Romans have the ability to reduce the cost of unit upkeep, they have other weaknesses that actually make them one of the more challenging races to play as, for most players.

    3. 20% brewery bonus is good but not a magic bullet. Clubs are still expensive to maintain, and the brewery has some weaknesses.

    Every race has its advantages, I personally think the Gaul race is probably the strongest all-around race, even with the unnecessary trapper building. In the end it really comes down to the skill of the player.

    I for one have been enjoying com3x3. The server has been stable and there's plenty of action.

    The main reason I don't play multiple servers at a time or even back to back is due to real-life constraints. I have a full-time job, etc. and those things are a priority.