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    Limit Kingdom size and allow friends to spawn in together... this limits excessively large kingdoms and it will make the need for large ones less since you will be with your friends from the beginning.

    Losing 70 TTs early game is certainly not the end of your hopes of being an offensive Gaul.

    I'm on Com5 atm, I was playing as a defensive/sim Gaul but decided to try something new at around week 5. This is how I did it:
    1. Don't worry about rushing TTs.
    2. Settle a decent cropper asap.
    3. Decide which villa you want to raid out of, and get TTs.
    4. Raid only inactives you have scouted and that are undefended. (get the gold farm list feature at some point)
    5. Build TTs 24/7.
    6. Build your TS to lvl 20.
    7. Raid the whole map.

    It is really easy to be a top robber as Gaul. I also strongly advise you find a sitter that can send out farm lists while you sleep.

    Nope, the minority does, the majority wants an easy win, it has almost always been like this on TK.

    Nope again, just like Tonkas or Vicious or The Wall, or RA, or HAPINES and co or many other premade group that started to solely win, if not by metaing but by abusing the VP system using loop holes (look at COMx3 Round7 and Round8, look at the last COM2(Round 3) or the first TK round, COM2(Round 1).

    They don't, the ones who do its because they log once a day and they do nothing to stop or prevent that. It's very easy to stop being beaten up, but you can't expect the game to do it for you (well except for the new server with the night truce..)

    This is just lame from you, expecting people to do a certain thing and making them do something they don't want to. You want to have fun? Then split the meta and have fun. There is absolutely no need to have metas unless you strictly want to win (which would be understandable for Tonka after many servers), but most of them are just being used and they aren't learning anything..

    I had my ride on previous versions, got beaten up, cataed down, learnt how to play the game and I've had enough metas here and there in T3 and T3.6. Call me what you want, from what I see, you find excuses for being a meta, justify it instead of trying to make yourself the difference in game. Sometimes you need to be the change you want to see instead of waiting for it. And yeah wanna see what we did with my team? check my posts. We fought 60/70 vs the rest of the server two servers in a row and we still won destroying everyone. All the other servers I've won on TK aren't as glorious although all of them were really fun.
    PS: I don't intend to be a jerk, but every week someone is coming to the forum complaining about the state of the game, about how it is unfair (from either sides) and yet no one is doing anything to improve it in game. You're a meta on COM5, accept it, don't blame the game for you being a meta because you could stop being one if you wanted. You just gotta do itò

    I believe we are saying the same thing... that is: "Metas are bad." Lets just leave it at that since you seem to be kind of person that has to try to contradict everything by using overly reductive reasoning... smh.

    PS: Go ahead, its your turn to comment Mayo, i'll let you get the last word.


    Metas are sometimes created because some players want the easiest route to winning. It would be reductionism to say that is the only reason metas are formed. I believe most groups of players who pre-determine to join a server and play together, would rather play for the competition, the struggle, the battles, the team spirit... not just to win. If winning was everything, then some meta players would not delete their accounts when their server turns into sim city. An empty win is not satisfying.

    The reason some metas have so many wings is because the pre made team is usually spread out, and it pays to be the king. The various meta wings grow and eventually coalesce into a single kingdom. Their is safety in numbers, and when your friends are spread out, you can't rely on them as easily, so it makes mores sense to take the easy route and bring your neighbors into your kingdom... instead of fighting all of them.

    Players want fun more than an easy win.

    You say that if players could spawn in together, noobs or random players would not stand a chance... If you and 10 buddies spawned in together in the same kingdom area, odds are there would not be many noobs or random players spawning in that spot. Yes, a team can absorb noobs and random players into their kingdom if they see fit... but if the random spawn system was designed to prevent noobs and random players from getting beat up, then why do noobs and random players still get beat up on the current system?

    You yourself say it is boring to sim your way to a victory in a single meta... I thought the only thing that matters is winning? (sarcasm). Com5 still has some strong kingdoms... been waiting for them to form their own meta, because as you said, its boring to have no serious competition.

    In many ways, the kingdom system does force many players to join a meta out of fear, especially newer players or loners... who don't have a group of friends to rise up and fight along side. This in turn expands it and increases the fear factor.

    And btw, if you think that metas are this new invention of players playing TK, then you might want to play TL, or some other similar games in order to have a bit more experience on the matter.

    Mayo, I think you misunderstand my point about the meta problem.

    Typically groups of pre-agreed to teams are competent players who want to play together in order to increase their chance to win.

    When they spawn into the world, often times if they don't all spawn at the same time, they will be quite spread out from one another, especially if it's one of the first days of a server. They could all move to the same area, but usually what happens is the kings/dukes want tribute, so they sign any one up that is in their area. Now there is a meta... metas usually have a few strong players running things and a bunch of simmers providing tribute. It's a broken system, I know because I'm in Tonka on com5.
    Kingdoms could resist accepting as many members as possible, but they would fall behind other less picky kingdoms in tributes, etc.

    I believe that if players could spawn in with their selected team, there would be more independent kingdoms, more fighting, and less metas till maybe the end game. Kings would not have to accept everyone into their kingdom in order to keep up with the Kardashian, they would instead have their "team" already spawned in next to them.

    1. Make only treasures and not VP stealable.
    2. Allow players to make "pre-made kingdoms" and spawn in together... that way you don't have to meta everyone around you to be with your friends.
    3. Make VP generation have higher "corruption" that makes the larger pop kingdoms take a linear penalty to VP generation.
    4. Don't take away hideouts... They are great for hero xp. Instead make them non aggressive so you don't have to kill them if you don't want to.
    5. Make the card game only allow gold purchases once a week... for balance.

    I used to be a run of the mill player. Played defence because I thought gold was what made you a top player. But one of my allies showed me how to farm efficientlyand now I'm top 15 on the server and have been top 10 in robber consistently. The most important thing a non gold or a cheap gold player can do, is raid, no matter what your play style is.

    I have a good idea, how about don't add unified armies in any form. The game is supposed to be about strategy, and doing the best you can with time constraints. Truthfully, a united army type feature would be the death of strategy and the game.