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    The app still helps when you are travelling or at work and cant login via Web

    As a King/Duke, the "Collect Tributes" button takes a few minutes to become green and clickable. This is the most irritating item for me.

    I would also like the App allowing the daily Card game when i am away on travel.

    When a server is completed, the achievements / prestige earned in that server can be given as an extra gold (or travian plus / resource / crop bonus) that can be used for an upcoming server.

    Another way is that if a player achieves certain rewards in a server, give some bonuses that they have to use it in the same server. (This may lead to many experienced players start with a fresh account with zero prestige and build up again though)

    Would like to see a All time Hall of Fame / Leaderboard based on prestige of players, so we know the long term players and their prestige/achievements at one place.

    An indicator of which of them are currently playing in which servers would be an added advantage

    Anyone thinks probability of first week/second week quitters are more for tuetons (you cant be online 24 * 7 even with a sitter)

    Merchants carrying capacity. Does tuetons score a point on merchant capacity while being slower than romans? Gauls has the best merchants in terms of speed and capacity.

    I prefer roman for a king and duke (Tribute income helps on double build, and Attack/Crop as well as Def/Crop ratios helps to maintain effective armies)

    To play a governor with higher online time, ready to spent effort on microfarming, Tueton is still best. Unless you have a person defender or a defensive team, avoid getting into conflicts where your barracks are catapulted by enenmies

    Seeing COM2X3 political map after 6 days of the server, i think too much misuse of menhir has backfired.

    all around 0,0 is too much crowded, big and active kingdoms all around with not a single tile to settle your 3rd and fourth villages. One Simmer kingdom far way in one corner who can bored to death in the mid game, 4 other wonders where only very few players settled, not even expected to contest in end game.

    Remember this is week1. Feeling like using menhir for day 2 relocation should be planned better.

    The interesting fact is that if you are not settled on your second village in a hurry, your options are very much open. You can see how the server plays out and join any kingdom and move anywhere

    Hope the troops will move to the new village automatically. What if they were travelling? Will travel time increase/decrease?

    What happens to the troops when suddenly the crop fields move to level zero in the new village?

    If we store enough in the granary when the movement is initiated, hope the troops will not starve to death before the crop fields are rebuilt

    Or can we reinforce the troops to another village (preferably the new treasury) and then initiate the move?

    Can cities be moved?

    The king/duke will know that you are denying the tributes and get ready to be kicked out and farmed by your neighbors.

    If the village is in enemy territory, the king/duke may not let others to attack you if you keep giving tributes and make them happy. If you deny it, again expect attacks.

    If you are inside the borders, its also suggested to let your leaders collect the tributes for overall kingdom growth (in VPs, Treasury defense). Anyway its only a percentage.

    But in case your king/duke is not active and the tribute fund is overflowing, you may attack yourself from other village to collect and use it. It keeps refilling once you collected from an overflowing treasury

    With the Unions feature and limited number of treasuries, an intelligent king can influence the demography of the server. Whom to have union on what conditions, the right placement of dukes first treasuries and who is allowed to set up the next treasury, the potential enemies there make a kings role really worth while rather than pure resource economics.

    While we have a huge hammer or population or defense statistics or wonder, why you finally play the game? To have fun

    For me, fun comes by able to strategies (even if i am not playing a king in my current server) and not about resource income.

    Send the hero to defend the wonder by all governors can be added in the guide. Hero should maximize on defense bonus and can have a defense weapon giving extra bonus for the troops already sent to defend wonder.

    Also, governors (and dukes) can maximize the defense unit level in smithy. If one or two villages has maximized barracks and maximized smithy, better to build most defense in that village and then sent to wonder. Every percentage of such bonus counts.

    My preferred way is to ask the governors to use all resources to build defense troops during the first 5-10 days of wonder until the base infra and a few levels of wonder is built, keep it with them if wonder has reasonable defense and start sending them to wonder only after level 25. By that time, governors can contribute more on resources.

    The king (and may be dukes) can build a treasury closer to the wonder and use it as a supply village with large warehouses, market and trade office. Easy to collect tributes and push to wonder. Again the preference is that the King should build the infra and first few levels of wonder with only tributes and not ask governors, let them build defenses meanwhile.