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    I was unable to find an answer to this, so how does starvation work in travian kingdoms?
    I found that each dying unit refunds it's crop cost, but in TK there is no crop cost... Do dying units still refund any crop or how does it work?

    So for the past 3 hours I am unable to do anything on com5. First I thought it is only my problem, but finally I have been at least able to open chat and I found out everyone is having difficulties.
    I can't send troops (can't send out farmlist), All the units returning and outgoing display time left 0:00:00 but won't finish. All the buildings show 100% and 0:00:00 time left, yet won't free queue for next building.
    Everything is broken and there is absolutely no info anywhere about this problem. This is a major set back for me. Can we get at least information the problem is being worked on? Does anyone care?

    So I have a village outside my kingdom's borders and when I loot treasures from this town (I see looted treasures in the report), they do not go towards my Kingdom's treasury. If I loot from other village, the treasures appear in my Kingdom -> Tributes and after tax collection they add up to our score.

    So where are the treasures from the other village go? Do they disappear? Will we be able to collect them, after the kingdom expands to cover my other village?