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    The character will be deleted after 01:30:00.

    Since no one is able to say what it will be and when it will be, there is no other solution. Thank the whole team for quality game and for the money I lost on your server invest in rewards for the development team. I think you are the only company with such a quality team.



    Now it occurred to me. If you attack at a time when servers restart, every 3 hours. So you have about 15 minutes after which the defender will not be able to respond. I call this a fair game, huh?

    so nothing really happens. The game is destroyed, gold you keep and continue to do the experimental.

    Have never seen greater recklessness. I would like to specify that this is not of some competition in the forum, but a fighting game in which communication is necessary.

    Why don't you restart? The whole game is lost.

    today will there be any information? or some other Monday?

    unfortunately this information is probably secret :( we can only argue and speculate.

    I think their servers can't handle many queries. Now they are waiting to deleted enough accounts and then solemnly announce that everything is fixed. :D speculation :)

    That something breaks down with it I'm willing to accept. What I don't want to put up with is ignoring the players. How can I play if I don't know what will happen? Responsible people are silent or max shares the shaky phrase 'technicians working on it'. My questions are? Should I buy gold? should I stop deleting? is there any prospect of improving the game? How will the server continue?


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    Pokud by hra byla zcela zdarma, měli byste pravdu, ale protože hráči platí za službu, která nefunguje, je správné kritizovat a stěžovat si.

    yes I totally agree. That's why I suggested that they return all gold and convert this server to beta. With fixed gold.


    Here you have clearly described why the game is unfair and not fair play. A few players can handle this, but most don't. What about players playing on the phone? What is their chance? They can watch the others decimating the armies and pludnrují villages. This is not a beta server, here players pay for the game and want a quality product.

    Trying to organize def calls is always fun when chat is down.
    There have already been situations where a player could not contact anybody about an incoming attack due to chat being down. You cannot expect us to get all kingdom members into discord.
    We have also had an incoming with 1:10min running time (TT+hero on one diagonal field distance) not showing up or giving any notification (I was going through villages the moment the attack was launched until it was landed). Report just popped up.
    It is not that servers are unplayable all the time, but chat is down several times a day, sometimes for serveral minutes or up to hours.
    Every now and then a building is stuck, an attack not going through or what else.
    It is genuinely a pain to play, but with the amount of gold you spend on a 5x and how much time we already invested, now is too late to reconsider playing it -_-

    Yes, as I wrote holding us hostage. They do not care that it does not work. they got their money. it's really sad as the quality of support has been decreasing lately. They ignore the players just keep repeating learned messages, they are not looking for a solution.