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    Hello community,

    I have the following issue: I am Duke on a rather new server, and my current treasury is not at the right spot, so I want to put it into my second village. How would the treasures from my current treasury be moved? My plan is:

    - Build treasury in second village
    - Deactivate treasury in first village
    - Activate treasury in second village as soon as it is possible

    Will all my treasures be automatically moved to the new one upon activation? Or will they be moved to the other Duke/King? Or what happens to them? What is the best way to move my treasury, without losing the treasures to my other Duke or King?

    you like to play easy and respect it, but this discussion is for competitive players who would like to change things

    Sorry dude, but this makes you sound slightly arrogant. I don't think lua is an inexperienced guy that does not want competition! But you are missing, or confusing, something here.

    Your statement is that people who sit back, build a massive hammer (maybe for endgame WW rush?) get lots of off points for their big hammer from killing robbers, while people who use their hamemrs in game and lose it once or twice will have less robbers and thus less off points. Well, if they lost their hammers AND have skill, they will have killed quite a few real deff troops doing so. These are twice as effective as robbers, so they are easily on top of the laidback hammer builders. If they are really good, they lose only a fraction of their hammer and still kill a decent amount of deff, thus enabling them to get big robbers AND "real" deff points. So I do not see the problem in the system as it is, regarding your criticism.

    However, I do see a problem in the robber system: Nowadays, it is a much "better" strategy to focus on deff building, accumulate a huge number of players and use auto-generation of treasures from robbers to achieve big numbers of VP. At the same time, stealing treasures from other kingdoms has become increasingly difficult (ditch, push-notofocations and such).

    Age of server is a key factor in crop bonus

    Hmm, how would that be fit into lua's formula? His numbers seem to be right. From what I know (credits to Be2-e4) is that the non-crop bonus is somehow related to server age. More precisely, it is related to top player income.


    after 32K treasures there is no change in slope, my samples from game just fits in 5th formula

    so I guess from 32k to infinity (at least 205k), you will get extra 50 crop per 1600 treasures.

    Ahh sorry, then I missunderstood you. Yes, the numbers Renuo and Jallu gave fit into your formula! So likely you are right :-)


    formula is the same, just increase the limit (range):

    I guess the limits are potentials of 2, so it should be 32,000 64,000 128,000 256,000

    But that somehow does not work: 32k reach until 7k crop, 64k until 8k crop, 128k until 9k crop and 256k should then go to 10k crop. But Renuo said 200k treasure make fo 12400 crop. So maybe the limits are less sparse for higher numbers? Such as 32k, 50k, 75k, 100k, 150k, 200k? Because then it works!

    Well, one needs to ask himself what a game is for. Isn't it to have fun? And then the question arises, what creates fun? I am rather sure it is a mixture of being successfull and at the same time having some variance. Trying out a new song on your guitare is fun the first few times, because you want to do it well. At some point, you know how to play it and enjoy the success. After some while, however, it becomse dull and you look for something new.

    I never said a Hybrid Roman is the best possible power build, but it is rather doable, not as bad as one might think and still lots of fun! I think the Legionnaire is a very underestimated unit, and I wanted to give it a try. Since most of fs for a Roman comes from horses, the difference in fs/time and even fs/crop is not so very severe. Like I said, roughly 92% fs/time, and 88% of fs/crop as compared to an Imp/EC build. Compared to an Imp/EI build, it is 97% and 88%. Not that much of a difference, actually!

    I am quite sure it is a partially defined function. I also think there is a linear relationship in each of the function's segments, so if T is the amount of treasures and C the amount of crop, the function is something like:

    for T <= 4k: C = T
    for 4k< T <= X1: C = 4000 + (T-4000) * (Y1-4000)/(X1-4000)

    for X1 < T <= X2: C = Y1 + (T-X1)* (Y2-Y1)/(X2-X1)


    This gives us roughly twice as many variables as functions, hence not possible to solve from empirical data :-( But maybe, with enough data points, it would be possible to define an approximation function?

    I actually right now play a Hybrid Roman account, and I love it so far!

    I make Legios and EC in the main village, and prets in all other villages. The off, as compared to the standard Imp/EC off, has roughly 90% of the attack strength, and especially versus Natars that attack the WW, Legios are as strong as Pretorians (Natar army is very horse-heavy). Adding 24/7 catapult queue, I will have a nice cat hammer for end game, a good support deff for the WW and many pretorians in all my other villages to defend my kingdom. Needless to say the Legios will only be used for kingdom defence in a dire situation, else they are used for robbers (together with my EC), defending the WW and a final blow to our enemies.

    I will tell how it went after the server is over! :-D

    So I need to disagree to Be2-e4, it is quite doable and fun!

    Hey guys,

    I have tried to find it here in the forum, but did not get a satisfactory answer to my question:

    What is the calculation formula for the crops in stolen goods? I know it is 1 crop per stolen good for the first 4k treasures in the kingdom, and I know it gradually becomes les afterwards. But does anyone have the formula? From what I observed, it is a partially defined function, such as

    1:1 for the first 4k
    1:2 for 4-8k
    1:3 for 8-12k

    and so on. Anyone knows for sure?

    The reason I say not always is because there are times people clear an oasis for hero experience or cages but don't send troops to take resources.

    In that case, the resources are lost! Be2 is right, the storage capacity is 50 per animal, and each animal produces 1/h of the type of the oasis. a 25/25 oasis thus produces 1 clay and 1 crop per animal and hour, until 50 clay and 50 crop per animal are in the oasis. If you kill the animal with a hero, the storage is reduced and thus you cannot steal the resources later! Essentially, you get maximum 50 resources per killed animal in a normal and 100 per animal in a 25/25 oasis. 50% crop oasis make 2 crop/h but still only 50 crop per animal storage!

    Sorry to dig out this old post, but I would rather keep this than open yet another thread....

    I heard from a friend that he was sitting an account for way more than 60 days, and the owner DEFINITELY did not log in during that time. So, does anybody know if they changed the rules?


    maybe it is just a bug, but on current com3, my NPC villages says it has loot, just like a robber camp. 3 times 1200 and 800 crop. Quite worth it, but how do I get it? I cannot attack the NPC village

    So disappointed with you on this one, it's obviously internal pumping system that brings the water up from the river circling the city :D

    No, I cannot see any pumping device there. You would have to see it. And: If it really WAS an internal pumping device, it means there must be a pipe. Seeing the amount of water pouring down, it must be a large diamter pipe, so there is access from the ditch onto the wall. Any attacker could simply intrude into the city then, so the 49% bonus are nowhere justified!

    Yes. Inside, all buildings can be upgraded to lvl 30. Troops don't eat crop because it is the Garden Eden on lvl 99 inside. And there is a well of milk and honey. And toast (tribute to Roxette). No, seriously: When conquering a WW village, it kinda stays Natarian village, meaning you can only build Natarian wall there. It is to make the choice of who conquers the WW a bit less depending on its tribe. In older versions, you would often choose the Teuton because of the sturdiness of the Earth Wall. Now it makes no difference as all WW will have a Natarian wall with same properties.

    I am not sure about the City thing. Yes, 500 CP are nice boost in the early stage, but CP cost later grow very strongly, so they can be neglected pretty soon. A village gives you some 300-500 CP plus again that much and more if you have enough ress for festivals. Also, two times lvl 1-10 fields are less expansive and more productive than one time 1-12.

    Thank you for the reply, although I am unsure if you understood what I mean. I was not talking about the hero being mounted, but rather if the sword makes the Swordmen stronger or if the bonus for the hero is increased for each swordman that attacks with the hero