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    I have a small but still important question!
    Does the robbers attack only one of my villages or will it attack random ?

    I mean does it only target a certain village before the other like does a capital village matter and so on ?


    I would love to se a features that allow us to search for inactive players at the farm finder.
    As it is now we can search for villages thats great but sometimes at later game we aint upgrading our biggest villages so that means that farm finder show us fals inactivity.

    So a feature that allows us to search for the whole players activity and not only the village would be great


    This is the problem I see with robbers but it may only be me.

    I'm top 3 robber with around 20 mil in average in loot.
    I always get those robbers that have around 10 k units in them and to kill those robbers I need to stop raiding basically.
    Even if i send 25 % of my troops i lose 1k units every robber run and on top of that i lose close to a million resources cause of stop farming.

    It have came to a certain point there i not losing troops and not gaining any.
    So i standing still in units cause of this I cant seem to get the hammer bigger.

    Well now some of you would say that attack the robber when he attacks you well it works when I se the actual attack coming.
    Its a way to go around it but is this mean to be or is it me who missing something here


    Hey there Madlord,
    are you by any chance trying to conquer a city? In order to do that you need 2 CP slots and that would explain the error message you're receiving.

    Kind regards

    ahh thanks aloot,
    That will explain it.

    Did not find anything about it on the wiki

    Call me noob on this but what is needed to Chief an village.

    This is what I do know.

    #Village cant be capital
    #You need enough culture point.

    Even though i attack a player with no capital it always says not enough culture point even though i have.
    Do I miss something here


    Correct. 3.6 and earlier there was the bonus for all troops. I think it was 20% in 3.5/6, and 33% in 3.0 and earlier. They restricted it to with hero only from T4.0

    Been playing this game way to long so cant remember when things came live.
    Thanks for the information @VVV

    have he activated his account on tk,
    I'm not sure but it says player and no name of him.

    For me this says that the account exist but have not been registered in there database yet

    [quote='The Mentalist','']hey Madlord

    All Teuton heroes are have this effect without Pouch of thief as old days
    nothing changed here

    Alright, though that in the old days this effect was added on al attacking even without hero.
    But I may be wrong in this matter.

    Are you serious? Travian has always been a team game, and the way TK is designed being part of a team is even more important. One of the main functions of teams in Travian is to provide support and protection to each other.

    of course its a team game but if you have in mind that you gaining any kind of defense just cause you joining an alliance / kingdom is wrong .
    You could never trust that an alliance is willing to help you out cause you are under constant farming.
    And being under constant farming from the first place shows lack of experience.

    But hey its maybe just me in my small world who knows right ?

    I think he means that it's not a good idea to try and join an alliance on the basis that you want/need protection while being a farm/while being unable to anything for the team you're joining without having made any effort to build crannies, dodge attacks, etc.

    Yes thats exactly what I meant thanks @Ammanurt

    First there is probably no suitable location for you, and joining an kingdom / alliance for protection is never a good idea.
    Get some crannies and use the resources you have so you won't lose any.
    Hide your hero with some deff and whalla put them as defense.

    You will never have any problem again if you start to protect your village

    Is it logical that you take in troops from an enemy, think if this was in real. You get 10 troops to your castle that was from your enemies would you say ahh welcome in join us.
    I know that its just a game but is it logical ? Don't take this to serious though its just a though.