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    I think that the Dev need to understand that this is not just a "u just got to deal with it" kind of situation, i know this happens on many servers but that doesn't mean it should happen on every server.

    This whole spiking is taking out a huge part of the gameplay experience which is farming. if u do not farm, it's almost impossible to get a huge army which is also another big part of the game. What's war without armies to fight them with? Do we still call Travian a War Game?

    All it takes is just a handful of people to do the spikings, and it can affect the whole server population, ruining game experience that many people have paid for this game.

    Yes u can. U can do it by changing the home village of your hero. U send your hero to the village u want it to be at as reinforcements and the option to change home village should appear.

    For example, i'm a king and settling a 2nd village on a specific coordinates, so i'm assuming that only with the active treasury do i have have influence around the area (boundaries?). Within the boundary of my 2nd village, is it possible for anyone to just choose to settle their village in my boundary(without my consent)? And what happens when they do settle in my boundary? (if they are kings or governors)

    anyone have any idea roughly how much population is needed to do trades that are not 1:1?