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    I really like this idea :D

    I use the name Robbel since I started playing online games. I started playing Travian in 2004, almost always used the name Robbel. Don't like the idea of people using my name.

    Your tests confirm what Be2-e4 is saying.

    And when you select North, you can end in all Northern places:


    North East

    North West

    We did many tests last year choosing 'East' and we ended up in East (area 50/0), North East (+/+/ above ww 50/0) and South East (+/- below ww 50/0).

    The above picture is correct.

    When you sign up for a server, you are asked to pick a region and it will show the North quadrants like this:

    But then comes the confusing part, after signing up, you will find out that the map looks different and North doesn't seem in the same place anymore.

    It is like when using a compass. It always points to the north, but when you rotate the compass, the north is no longer pointing upwards. But it is still north.

    The WWs are in these positions:

    -22/45: North/West Quadrant

    -50/0: West Quadrant

    -22/-45: South/West Quadrant

    22/-45: South/East Quadrant

    50/0: East Quadrant

    22/45: North/East Quadrant

    When in doubt, use the coördinates of the WW as a reference.

    I guess I messed up with my explanation :D haha sorry for that. I edited the X and Y.

    Many people have suggested to get an option, as a dual (= not the main account holder) to transfer gold they have left over from a previous server (where they had their own account), to transfer it to their dual account.

    Bridget, thanks for your explanation.

    But 1 thing still has to be considered.

    Player X has left over gold from a previous server and decides to dual with player Y. Player Y will be the main account holder with Player X as his dual. Player X wishes to use his left over gold and spend it on the server where he is the dual. This is now impossible.

    I have, as a main account holder, teamed up with 2 duals and we stick together for several servers. But my duals really want to use their left over gold from previous servers instead of having to spend money again. Now I can understand the fact that Travian Kingdoms needs to earn money, but now people don't want to spend new money because they have paid for gold they can't use.

    Would it be possible to submit a support ticket where the dual can ask the support team to transfer the gold?

    (And I really wish you would move the location of the dual account in the lobby. A dual account is like your own account and should be on top of the page instead of on the bottom (scroll down through the list of people you are sitting for until you arrive at your account)).

    Thank you.

    I agree. My duals are part of my account and should get the same options as I do. But they have the same amount of work and don't even get a medal when we win or an achievement.

    They can't even transfer their gold from the lobby into our account. One of my duals has over 500 gold from a previous server which he cannot transfer. Since he will continue to play with me as a dual, the gold is being useless. They should be able to choose where they want to spend it!

    And to log in they have to scroll down all the way because the accounts they are sitting are shown first. Annoying.

    Hey guys,
    I got a confirmation that currently only sitters can transfer Gold from the lobby to an active game world avatar due to an issue, but soon the duals will get this feature too

    Best regards


    Is there any news on this issue?
    It is highly annoying for future duals and a waste of their money.

    thanks for your reply.