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    lol jethro_tull81#EN are you too blind to see you were used? I suppose they sold it to you as some diplomatic arrangement ;)

    He is really blind and... not a smart leader.

    @jethro_tull81#EN , I wrote you this at the start of this server. Read it again. Then again. And then say something to you team, who pretended to win this server but could not reach anything even with the help of the Empire.

    Wow. You really have me on your mind! :S

    I believe your sarcasm is nervous. Your team won the last server, but now you are not even sure if GGG have a Wonder of the world or not?..

    You'd better to be friends with us, honey.

    P.S. The Great Wall

    P.S. my post from September 18th

    I guess our tactics are the same then, you hit GBB when they are 60 players against 120, you hit ONR when they are damaged by GGG and you use GGG to kill ONR. We are similar at the end don't you think?

    Lol. Glad to see that someone else noticed this fact.

    We already fought against GGG + Power-On + Cerberus (~100+ ~60+ ~30 and they DID joint attacks on us like a "meta") when the Empire attacked us.

    These guys made my defrate .:thumbup:

    Guys, we are all tired of waiting for you to fix bugs.

    How to defend myself in such conditions when I don’t even see the name of the village, where does the attack come from? Did we play the entire server in order to lose everything in one day due to bugs?

    If you are not able to fix your mistakes quickly, turn off the hunger on the server and enable the truce.

    I can’t even imagine how many bugs will be waiting for us on New Year’s Eve in this situation!

    Is this forum read at your company's head office? Or is it better to write them directly?

    изначальна, империя была и будет ниже ПЛИНТУСА))))Я буду стаАндр

    Андрей, не надо. Давай просто их поздравим как Алик. У него правда сообщение настолько милое как и он сам, что даже непонятно что это сарказм :saint:<3

    No, not caught. For the entire operation there was no discharge of information anywhere. I, too, keep records of experience, etc.

    Check with Tender Beast again.

    As far as I understand, she also got caught on the last server when she played with the nickname “Страшная баба”.

    Не знаю чего ты так взъелась на нас.

    I'm calm. In fact, even happy.

    Just a closed landing, which writes similar messages on the forum as below does not cause respect at all.

    I think that the fact of "closing" your squad implies that your position is one.

    ОПГ,че с немцами меж булчат третесь?Тогда возможно у вас скоро появятся гости:|

    1. Caught heroes at the exits

    2. Did not break the village despite 30 attacks sent

    3. Lost seven offensive players

    4. Not captured a single treasure

    But..! ran ahead of all to boast about the forum

    мстители из вас так себе, если честно :) зато форумных воинов у вас больше всех


    P.S. The Great Wall

    On the last server, the Empire, despite the heroes caught on the scan, defended two other points and all the attacking troops went into concrete.

    I then suggested the presence of a spy in the team. Do you know what Empire answered me?

    "It's great when there is someone to blame. Is it really so difficult to admit defeat or an ordinary accident?"

    Now I return your wise advice. You are welcome! :)