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    This makes sense on speed rounds, but not on standard game rounds that last more than 5 months.

    Do you think, there should be harsher rules for speed rounds and relocation? Or would these harder restrictions harm to many players that got a rough start?

    If you limit it to two weeks on x3 and 6 weeks on normal speed, almost every player will have at the very least 2 villages (which stops menhir automatically). If not, they are having a rough start maybe, and they can move around in that timeframe. After that there is little sense to continue playing with only 1 village, unless for menhir abuse.

    Poles are curently mostly gathered on COM3. I think we have most the team in there. Most known and influenced polish players are there. And from talks inside our own community seems that if it is possible we ask to leave polish language. And if there will be a problem with future translations, we as community will translate it.

    This is why commerging with those domains will fail.

    There is such thing as good and bad players when playing 'a game'. If you are getting robbed to death, then maybe you lie in one of those 2 categories. I will let you guess which one :)
    A good player will make someone attacking them not worth their time/resources. But this game also involves a lot of diplomacy, which you clearly lack

    You clearly have no clue how many times I am mentioned in the Hall of Fame of the last comx rounds. I have all the right in the world to give feedback like this. The problem of travian is: the devs and cm's dont understand their own game.

    Already posted this on the Dutch topic.

    U can market the game as much as you guys want. But as long as the inexperienced players are being demolished by the experienced ones they will continue to drop out of the game. Look how many players leave the comx rounds for instance!

    Futhermore, there is no fun for experienced players. Sim the hammers to the WW stage because using them at treasuries is suicide and other villages are not being deffed. This game is so predictable without midgame!!!!!

    You should reward players who help each other out! Thats the only way the game is going to survive.

    Btw - to late to retain me. I salut all my travian friends. After Test and NL2 my Travian carreer is over.

    so even a governor of kingdom's attack on treasury will result in vp loss...... This even makes sense to me. Why would u want to attack your own kingdom's treasury? Now now, how do we transfer treasures between treasuries then?
    for this , i suggest the following change , when there is no incoming attacks from players outside kingdom on a treasury, govs can still hide treasures from the treasury and incur no vp loss. But the moment there is an attack from outside, all attacks on that treasury starting after that moment will incur the vp loss whether it is a gov within kingdom or otherwise.

    This atleast would make sure an off op planned on stealing treasures and VP will not get upset by the 'hiding treasuries' strat without incurring a vp loss on the kingdom anyway.

    VP losses can be mitigated if a duke/king attacks other duke/king. So you can still transfer treasures because loss=gain of VP

    a) Why shouldn't they?
    b) Why shouldn't they sit at governour's villages. How would you decide that it's a lawful attack which stole them or whether it's "hiding". Besides: when they sit in a governour's tributes, at 0:05h server time, then they don't generate any VP.
    c) Why should that? It's part of the game. Also here the question: how do you decide whether it's a legitimate attack - which the defender just chooses to not defend against or whether it's "giving away"?

    A) Why should they? You commit to being Duke/King and are of interest to the enemy therefore. Abuse of vacation mode for those players is just lame and needs to be brought to attention for discussion again.
    B) U just place them back at that time and repeat the matter every day. This tactic will soon be used by everyone and the servers will become even more stalemate then already.
    C) Thats cleary a point where the rules need an update (preferably through game mechanics)