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    I did play Travian Legends way back. However, other things took priority, and I stopped playing.

    When I first started Kingdoms I joined a king, that did not really want the best for the kingdom. Halfway through the server I got involved with some really experienced players, after the others had disappeared. Had a lot of fun and did learn so much from these.

    Certainly it can be difficult being the new guy around, but how easy that is depends on your neighbors. I believe an experienced king will better be able to show the in-and-outs of the game and how to do different things to a new player. A good king let responsibilities grow with the governor, which will be fun for the players and a way into a group - something to keep the player in the game.

    It ca nwork with a limit, but there are also those players who start late or start as a group of friends and do not want to join a kingdom.

    Summary, an experienced king is the best for all players, but some might not want it.

    That will be treasury 2 that is attacked, and the third (3) statement is correct.
    If the robbers attack treasury 1 the first and second statement is correct while the third is incorrect.
    If the robbers attack treasury 2 the third statement will be correct, while the first and second statement will be incorrect.
    If the robbers attack treasury 3 the second and third statement will be true while the first will be incorrect.

    This leaves the third statement as the only possibly true statement.