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    Hello, I am looking for people to form an alliance in the new Spanish server that is to be created, it is much easier to communicate in the same language so if anyone is interested in forming an alliance leave me a message in the post or in the forum.

    "Hola, estoy buscando gente para formar una alianza en el nuevo server español que esta por crearse, es mucho mas facil comunicarse en el mismo idioma asi que si alguien esta interesado en formar alianza dejenme un mensaje en el post o en el foro."

    Gracias :thumbsup:

    Where can I see clearly the dates of starting and ending of the servers? for example I want to know when the test server and comx3 will be restarted.


    Thank you for taking time to answer . I do not think translate was the problem, they have already translated lot of servers with much less spoken languages. I guess it will be because our currency is the " peso " ( in the case of Argentina ) and it is known that never could say that to the public . Without generating more problems hopefully I check out a Spanish server as soon as possible . Thank you very much Georgi and Templar Knight.

    Best regards
    (my written english is not the best

    I know you are a worker from the company and your information to share with us is only a part but my message was for the compañy, if they doesn't share more info they will lose a lot of public that is asking for spanish servers long ago and always we have the aswer "we don't have an exact date yet". Please, you already generated enought expectation, please report something.

    Thanks for always answer kindly.

    Hardly anyone plays travian and there is still no server in Spanish . It's amazing how they are letting the game fall apart . I want to play on some server but there 're few and all are started long ago. I want to play some server x3 with people who speak my language but I cant.

    I hope you can solve something or goodbye Travian. It was really a good game.

    Travian continue to be updated , bringing news but when some server in Spanish will be created?. do not care about Latinos , Spanish , etc as public?
    Im so desapointed with your publics relations, I want a date, some information, please.

    Whats ETA?

    Thanks Georgi, if you dont forget spanish players please try to find infromation and explain why spanish servers are not here until now.
    appy Holidays

    Happy Holidays

    I suggest you change the size of the avatar and allow bottomless pictures without adding the white background that ruins the image of truth . It is important for aesthetics more than anything a forum for players to feel comfortable with that. Good, that is my opinion. Thank you

    Where can I find elphants or bears? I saw in all map and only find 2 oases with bears, I saw a player with elephants but where he found them, no idea.

    Can I take out the beginners protection? I need to attack but i cant and robbers take so long to appear. im duke.

    Second question, can i relocate in the map? at first in tutorial say that i can change later but i dont find where.