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    No, the Original Poster suggested that attacks should not be visible until they will arrive in 1 hour. I said that was an interesting idea for a special server (I dont like the idea for regular).

    A server with this feature will rely heavily on the speed of defensive forces, since attackers will have the upperhand. So I suggested the rally point should change the speed of troops out on a reinforcement mission to it's own kingdom by whatever the bonus of tournament square is (without the minimum 20 tiles distance).

    This is of course just dreaming, because these kinds of special servers will take a long time to develop.

    or they could just tweak standard percentage

    You are chilling and boom 21x double target attacks incoming and no def available within 1h as all are stacked in treasuries. So as off you watch as your hammer village gets deleted before you can use it :kekw:
    My opinion is a big nono for this too and i assume it is x1 world so in x3 world it would be 20mins and in x5 world 12mins <X

    only king/duke whose treasury influence you are under can collect it. If they are not online when you are attacked you can raid them yourself or if you do not have own villages nearby ask your neigbours. Surely your king won't mind it as then they stay within kingdom rather than hostal one.

    Any progress on revision after +3 months?

    Hi, got a question ? I can't make my third settler , it says not enough expansion slots . What should I do???

    I think that in your case it is because you have residence at lvl 20 and you can only make 3 sets of settlers/chiefs in palace and only 2 sets in residence. Or do you mean that you have 2 settlers and cannot make 3rd one to finish the set

    Even with VP reduction they can still open more treasuries earlier than others and they will still get more crop from their sold treasuries they even have bigger chance to to get more troops in their def calls as there are more of them.

    Old drunk Teuton Brewery employee said in drunken stupor:
    There is a legend of master spy that you cannot catch no matter how many scouts you have. He is like santa's little elf, always everywhere and the story goes like
    "In tribe summit where :chieftain-gauls: & :chief-teuton: & :senator: were talking about conquering :natarian-emperor: mountain.
    They suddenly heard a rustle from nearby bush and there were 1 master :birds-of-prey: spying on them .

    Their legion of intel officers :pathfinder: & :scout: & :equites-legati: tried to catch him but failed. It was if he had flied away.
    On the same day all the :elephant: had vanished from oases and appeared near ww's as :war-elephant: ."

    I know it is too many words but 50 is kinda limiting.

    ~ Build x amount of off/def units as kingdom.
    ~ Destroy x building lvls of kingdom that is in top 3 of VP leaderboard.
    ~ Kill x amount of troops while defending fellow kingdom member. "Works only when attacker is in kingdom that is in top 5 of attacking leaderboard"

    Click that banner in lobby. There you can set sitters and duals. If you do not trust someone do not give them gold or raid others rights as they can hurt your acc.

    That I understand, and I appreciate you trying to help. I am sorry that I did not reply sooner. The issue lies in me wanting to sell items my hero brings home. when I go to the sell tab I just have those items listed and when I click on them the only choice is to sell outright not send to auction.

    I am sorry if I was not clear in my prior comment.

    That thing sells it to auction and you get only that what it offers as it is same for all other players. It calculates average price from previous ones and the price it gives you has 2 modifiers which are quality and age(read as previous owners) if you got it from adventure age factor is 1. Think it as AH buying in bulk and trying to sell in profit. Hopefully this helps.

    There are players using a player activity tracking tool, perhaps this external one

    My evidence is because once a player has been tagged as inactive you can see 50 attacks coming in all of a sudden, something must have told them this player is inactive. After that they put them in their raid list and farm them by never logging off. I don't know about the legality, it is kind of a cheat imo

    Gettertools has inactive finder and that is used by almost every kingdom in com region