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    Yes, but how do we access them from the PC? I also did not mean such emoticons. I meant the icon of the troop and so on. Emoticons that are more related to the game.

    ( win ) + ( . ) opens emoji list in win10. Yeah i know but they have bigger problems than emojies. On top of that most of chats are in discord as ingame chat is restricted in so many way

    All these should work ingame too so how many do you want
    ps. I skipped half the categories... and still this many


    What if u take note of these suggestions and when you feellike there is enough good options you do one of those player surveys x amount of options and 100 points to distribute between them like todays survey.

    In this case you can have just one tab open with the music, without the rest of the sounds. :)

    And, the best part is that for a while there will be a live chat where you will be able to speak with some of the team. ;)

    Oh right this game has live chat for whole server and kingdom I never use them either last time was in halloween server when there was tips on new achievements

    You can try running adventure with both of those and see how many health points your hero loses and keep better.

    I personally like scale armor as it heals and reduces damage.

    It doesn't sound nice if i have more than 1 tab open as i usually have more than 1 server going with different tribes.

    Ill finish this server, and ill be out from Travian for another decade or so. No wonder the game dropped from the most popular to whatever it is today. :(

    I found you and see that u started 10 days late and that is almost 1/5th of server length 😬 and that big baddie is in same kingdom as me

    U must have started round rly late if you got spawned next to player with 5k pop, but hey there is this menhir feature that lets u menhir to inside of kingdom borders that is far away from that bad biggie.

    Defending becomes a lot easier as possible targets go down to 1/4. Tbh i see no point on this as it would make successful off op almost impossible.