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    Today I'm bummed on kingdom/SS chat, cause there is no option to cancel/edit your own comment. Even 1 minute window to cancel would make it easier keep important posts cleaner from typos.
    ps. why SS founder can't lock other players posts even after they have left that SS?

    You can't. This is from ingame help page:

    No other player may take the place of the king or vice king, even if they decide to leave the game. If one of the partners leaves the game, the vice king slot will remain empty. A kingdom may only unite once. If both kings quit the game, the kingdom is dissolved. As such, kings that are looking to unite should consider this as a commitment to their group for the remainder of the game world, and only agree if they're certain that they can and want to lead this kingdom until the very end.

    Multihunters this server is a scandal from your side. Problems all the time with the site. App doesnt work, chat doesnt work and now you cant collect taxes on app. Very fun for players with big hammers if they start to starve because you cant give us a server does work normally. Think its more then me who have had problems with this server from the start. Give us money back because of this problems. :cursing:

    Found in com2 thread

    We have Boots of the Chicken at our disposal. Add to the hero the ability to use the treasure cart with the use of Boots of the Chicken. A treasure cart that can carry 100 250 500 1000 5000 treasures away with the army. The prerequisite is that Boots of the Chicken and treasure cart solutions are of equal strength.

    In this way, the inexperienced and the little kings will be able, at least in the slightest, to defend themselves against the great spoils of treasure.Only King.

    Treasure Cart be able to card game.

    I don't see this working. as there will be 1 man kingdoms just to secure treasures and new players take governor as it is labelled for beginners + they prolly won't even get that from card game

    As I see it there is 2 ways to do it.

    1. add hourly production after each resource in Resources tab

    2. change warehouse capasity to hourly production when pointing with mouse + add said feature to Total row in Resources tab. Warehouse tab should still keep its warehouse capasity when pointing with mouse


    EDIT1: it should be debatable if crop part should show gross prod or gross prod - crop usage
    I prefer second one.

    From travian rules

    In cases of a violation of the rules or the General Terms & Conditions, an avatar shall be banned/suspended and may only be released with a punishment in accordance with the violation that occurred. Any losses during the time of a ban/suspension, including Plus accounts and Gold will not be replaced by Travian Kingdoms.

    Every player is treated equally, regardless of their Gold status. Purposefully abusing Travian Kingdoms's rules regulation system, game mechanics or any other of Travian Kingdoms's regulatory procedures for one’s benefit or in order to impair others is impermissible.

    Menhir was intended to help new players to find kingdom for themselves, so doesn't off and def jumpers break rules here?

    Why do you have to use the mist? Why can't you use something else as border like ditch or fence (doesn't give def bonuses just visual aid). Imo great natarian wall would be better as it doesn't move thus it will spare those chrome users

    But they would be stopped by the bridges :D (also they are more like creeks, hardly wide/deep enough to fit a viking longship)

    Longships were mainly used as troop transportation. On other hand I would like to see 10k rams trying to get over that small bridge :D