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    Yeah private farms.

    Or are we talking >1M in first week on a 1x server? That's cause they got multis developing their fields and only fields, then relocate and they steal all the refunded resources.

    ♫stop talking bs♫

    It was embarrassing at first but now you're just trolling.

    Seriously your pathetic excuses for "arguments" are just offensive at this point.

    The issue is that inactive accounts, until they are deleted, could be reactivated by the owner... let's say the owner goes to hospital unexpectantly and has a time of sorrow, but luckily comes out of it and is eager to back to the routine and the things that give him/her joy... like his/her Kingdom's account... how do you think that person would feel if his precious 15c is now a 6c?

    I understand that in some edge cases it is a bit of a pickle and that the person is never coming back... but even if just 1% does come back, we must make sure we do everything possible to ensure they have the avatar ready for them to come back to the game (while the game world doesn't finish).

    You should really make sure that when someone comes back they can instantly start over. No wait. They are FORCED to start over.
    Besides, of the 1% that does come back, 90% come back to prevent their account from being deleted. You know why? CAUSE IT IS A GRIEFING MECHANIC.


    So seriously, shut up and do your job. Players want something, relay the request.

    Not necessarily Greenman , any player could use that strategy, no matter how active or inactive they are.

    And since you can spy villages before attacking, you have a perfect counter against it.

    You have to think that the one sending those defenses is as well risking loosing them... so it is an even playing field for everybody.

    I feel like you're missing the point here.

    This point isn't from the spiker perspective, but from their victims perspective.
    Active gameplay, by farmers, can be punished by way less active spikers.

    This devalues activity, which is the opposite of what we want to see.

    To further illustrate:

    The issue is that passive players can punish active players through this mechanic.

    No active player will put their effort into random spiking over farming as farming will almost always be more lucrative for them.

    One of the biggest arguments against spiking is that it is a lazy tactic that harms the active players.
    Then people "argue" against that by saying "but active people can also use that tactic". However, active people never, or almost never, do that.

    Start a poll and collect the following data:
    - How many people spike.
    - How many people farm.
    - How many people are hurt by spikers.

    - How many people think spiking needs to be removed.

    - How many people think spiking should stay.

    Most importantly, correlate between these answers.

    I highly doubt that anyone who suffers from spiking would say it should stay. Like wise I don't expect any spikers to be farmers.

    There are some bugs that bother me a lot which did not exist a couple years ago. So at some point you guys broke it and didn't bother to fix it again. Stop being lazy.

    - Farmlist check all targets stops at the first target that doesn't have troops assigned. If I open the console it shows the following error:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'vacation' of undefined
    at gf.a.checkAllChange

    - Maximum storage doesn't update when storage buildings have been upgraded. This is a visual bug, it goes away with reloading, npc, and maybe some other events. It should just update when the building gets upgraded.

    Can someone tell me how long do I have to wait on the speed server for a 0pop grey to vanish?

    Once grey it takes 21 days for a village to disappear regardless of size.

    If the target is banned it might be faster but that feature might be exclusive to Travian Legends, I don't remember.

    If people like it... then why not?

    I personally don't care for it.

    If others like it then we should have it.

    Inb4 "but it is supposed to be for special occasions"

    Well then they make some minor change to it, call it a skin, and use that.

    You want to receive a message/notification when troops returned?

    If you mean just like a message when you reinforce someone then yes, that sounds good.
    Will clear up some confusion when you def someone and need to know which troops have returned already.

    Though this is just a small QoL improvement. It won't add any gameplay or change any behavior, it will just make things easier to track.

    It sounds nice but it also sounds like a "give it to the intern" priority level feature.

    The whole point of this conversation around robber camps is to ensure that people have access to them. I pointed out an access issue with the force hero solution and your argument is "well we can just send them more resources". I didn't say I wanted specific players to have more resources. It was purely brought up as an access issue. People who are participating with their hero elsewhere will be completely cut out from robber camps.

    Having people zerg the robbers is an early-mid game issue. In late you should have your troop sustain in order without depending on stolen goods. IF you depend on robbers in the late game, then you are a problem and having this force-hero system will be especially for you.
    Nah, it is an early-mid game issue. Day 7 you can easily have enough troops to clear every single one with a raid. One player can get a disproportionate amount of stolen goods which is not fair to the rest of the kingdom.

    This isn't the first time this has been discussed and unfortunately I think it won't be the last.

    Every single time the conclusion is the same. Forcing hero attacks on robber camps will provide the best balance.

    This has been a very interesting conversation. I agree that there have been issues with people following rules inside of specific Kingdoms.

    In a dream world - we would all be team players and support one another by only taking what we need.

    When looking at players who have 200k troops and another that only has 35k troops it's really hard to make a good argument about why they both deserve the same number of robber camps. So I don't think you can build it into the game that would limit the number of camps a player can attack.

    My immediate concerns from the conversation so far.

    • Tying the hero to attacking a robber camp could make it to where certain players, active players who participate, get less robber camps.
      • On a x1 server, it's entirely possible that a catapult attack could cause a hero to be gone for 24+ hours. This would penalize players who regularly participate in offensive operations. These players are also the ones that probably need stolen goods for those long walks due to the lack of resource income from raiding and high negative counts having the full army at home.

    It is the job of the team to provision the attacker with compensation for their efforts.

    I can't believe you actually consider that an argument.

    The force-hero solution will prevent people from hoarding stolen resources all server "just in case".

    If you limit the amount of robber camps a single player can logistically get then you enforce a more even spread of these resources.


    Greenman suggested that the amount of attacks that can be sent on a robber camp = the number of waves to that robber camp.

    I like this idea. It would solve about 85% of the frustration around robber camps. It's disappointing to miss robber camps, but when you get cut off on a robber camp and it's the last wave that's probably the most frustrating. This could be also be abused - but there are very few features in the game that can't be.

    You think so? You honestly think so? So you can pull an argument out of your... "magic hat" against the forced hero but fail to see the problems with this?

    Robber camps spawn. AIIIIIGHT, I'm gonna send 100 unit raids on every single camp. Because I am the one that was online when they spawned I have now secured treasures from all 10 camps. Rest of the kingdom can go... "play with themselves".
    To make things more fun I also send a SIEGE against the farthest camp. Now it will take a day or so for my troops to land ensuring the next robbers appear a day later. People only 10 min away are just straight out of luck. Not my problem they weren't online when the camps spawned.

    Stop trying to deceive the rest of us by pretending this is more complicated than it is.

    Couple it to the hero. PROBLEM SOLVED.

    Want certain players in your team to get more resources for whatever reason? YOU ORGANIZE A PUSH! IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

    Great to have a definite answer here.

    Is the activation from governor to king instant for treasury? Also what is the quickest time you have gotten this done on a speed server?
    Thanks for your help it saves me struggling in future servers :)

    Yes, instant.
    Speed server I would have been able to activate around 12 hours into the server but that's midnight for me. Would have activated the next morning but my neighbor woke up an hour before me and activated.

    Edit: This was before warehouses and silos had more capacity.

    What if you were able to select if you wanted to fight with offensive power or defensive power?

    If you reinforce a robber the fight that takes place would have them be the attackers and you be the defenders.

    After the fight you can recall the troops and attack the now cleared robber to collect the resources.

    Alexandruu I've actually tried this on a previous round. The original King had to reach 200 population in order to abdicate. Then the newly appointed King did not get the instant open. They had to wait 12 hours. This is still beneficial because it allows the Kingdom to merge sooner - which allows for an extra day of Victory Point accumulation.

    I hope this helps answer your question. :)

    Yes but it is much easier to have a king (who didn't fast settle) reach 200pop than for someone who fast settled to reach 200.

    Given, it depends on the tributes they are receiving but its not that difficult.

    Stop making excuses. Stop being lazy. Stop lying.

    We address an issue. We present a solution. Stop talking around it. Stop pretending that it is "more complicated".

    Nonsense excuses so you can remain lazy.

    You absolutely 100% can take away their possibility to do so.

    Force the newbs to restart in such cases. It will be better for them and better for the rest of us.


    So, again, it is finding a balance between the normal players and the ones that may not be playing with the best of intentions.

    But we cannot just act thinking about the abuses without thinking about the consequences for the rest of players.

    Do you think there is a good balance to find in that respect?

    How would it affect the game play if we change the mechanism of how it works?

    FORCE THE BEST OPTION. FORCE IT. It is ALWAYS better to restart than to try and build up a 0 pop village.

    We've been addressing fundamental issues since the first open beta. Stop being so lazy. Stop making excuses. Most importantly you got to stop LYING. Most of these issues are no brainers. It is a problem and there is a fix. Stop pretending that you have to consider "balance" or whatever other buzzword you like.

    Someone settles a 15c and makes it their only village? Cat it to 0 and they go back to the intro of the game with a message "Your final village was destroyed. Your hero and the last of your men found a new village about to be overrun by robbers. Perhaps here you can start again.".

    There did your work for you. Even thought of a nice story with it. Now stop making excuses for keeping broken mechanics that are being used to grief the honest players.

    Speedserver: Keep your starting village and build cheap buildings in both your starter and cropper till you reach 200pop.
    Normal server: Become duke and start activation of your treasury right after you landed. Have king abdicate and then you are king.

    I think an active village that has been 0 popped should disappear.

    Player can start over if they want.

    Been too many servers where some douchebag fast settles a cropper just to keep it occupied for the entire server without actually playing.