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    Besides, the problem isn't a few people having 1 or 2 multis (but its still bad), the problem is a few people having hordes of multis, often times bots.

    Also, the problem is more about how people use those multis.

    These are in my opinion the most harmful kinds of multi use, from most to less harmful:

    1. Private farms / pushers
    2. Private def
    3. Personal rammers or other dispensable off armies.
    4. Private scouters
    5. Tribute slaves
    6. Spying (as in joining the other kingdom to find out what their plans are)

    The private farms are the worst. These are also not one or two accounts, these are entire kingdoms.

    Private def is usually a similar situation. Often multis are used both as private farms as well as private def. They produce just enough def so they can feed it and the rest of the resources are farmed by the main.

    Don't allow any accounts or server avatars to be created from VPN ips but do allow people to play from VPN ips.

    This has most of the benefits of "banning VPN" but none of the harm. I believe Legends does the same thing.

    They are planned but we think that to add every single buidling does not have to be directly integrated. You can use the ingame help as well.

    Ingame help only shows lvl 1 costs. It is way too limited.

    You also quoted my comment about export to .csv but you mentioned the menhir, I assume something went wrong there.

    Good idea, we will rethink the title. Perhaps something with Tutorial will fit

    Tutorial is everything you do BEFORE you get to the quest book. The tutorial literally ends with opening the quest book.

    Most important are building properties. Cost, population, culture points, construction time, production, building time modifier (main), training time modifier , celebration time of both small and large celebrations, capacity (tent), upgrade time modifier (smithy), defense bonus (wall), etc

    There is quite a bit that could use reorganizing.

    In the context of buildings, make 1 page with all buildings and fields. Still split them in Infrastructure, Military, Resources, and Wonder, but the Walls, Brewery, Trapper, and Horse Drinking Through should be listed with the Infrastructure and the fields should be listed with the resources, just like when you select catapult targets.

    Since you're reworking the wiki and such anyway. Perhaps add an option to export the tables to .csv or something alike so it is easier for players to put into spreadsheets to do calculations on.

    Next most important thing.

    The menhir feature. Having this properly documented will help new players a lot since the tutorial doesn't mention it at all.

    It's a slow process because we have to review all the info we had on each article ( that was originally created by the players) and make sure the info is up to date and correct. This has to be done by the QA team and then re written and posted. We want to make sure the info we post on the support site is 100% accurate and useful

    I am very sorry but this sounds like nonsense. 1 article per year is not "because we have to review all the info we had on each article" it is because you simply aren't doing it. Also, not having something is worse than having something that is only 99% accurate cause if we detect the inaccuracy we can couple it back to you and you can fix it. Not posting anything means we also can't provide feedback. Just post whatever you know about it cause anything is better than nothing.

    Pinky this one is pretty accurate
    Travian :: Conquering calculator

    I know it is, there are many useful tools. It is not that I lack information, it is just that when people ask me why I want an official source to link to.

    Yeah nah, we get that. The question is what is taking so long? We have only 2 buildings documented. Healing tent cause duh, where else would we find info about it, and marketplace. But marketplace was "Modified on: Fri, 30 Apr, 2021 at 1:47 PM".

    So why is the rest taking so long? Is it for some reason more complicated?

    Somethings aren't even in the wiki. "Administrators" (chiefs) for example are badly documented. It does say that the roman one is more effective, that the gaul is faster and that the teuton is cheaper, but the stats for decreasing loyalty are lacking. When players ask me about it I have to refer them to the Travian Legends wiki on chiefs and tell them that the roman gaul and teuton information from legends is the same as in kingdoms, aside from the costs (to the best of my knowledge). This shouldn't be necessary.

    I mean... if you were to make it possible for us players to write this stuff for you and then you guys just have to approve it then that would probably already be pretty good. Cause the situation right now is just sad.

    The wiki is outdated.

    Please fill the knowledge base so I can direct new players to a reliable source of information.

    It is tiresome to direct them to the wiki but then also having to keep track of everything that is no longer accurate in the wiki and correcting it for them.

    Also, it makes you look bad, like you don't care enough about new players.

    Then it is not a support village.

    Support is pure resources and CP.

    Embassy 20 is only for capital village. It is too expensive for anything else.

    Support villages are for resources and culture points.

    Mine look something like this:

    Main: 10

    Academy: 10

    Townhall: 10

    Market: 20

    Embassy: 10

    Silo and Warehouse however high I need

    Stables: 0 or 10 depends if I need Trade Office

    Trade Office: 0-15 depending on distance from other villages

    All fields and resource buildings max level

    My build order is always fields and resource buildings first. Then townhall, then market, then embassy to 10, then trade office

    And don't give the excuse that you don't know how long servers will last so you don't know when they should be restarted.

    If a server takes longer than usual, just start a new domain for a change.

    We don't need to know when every specific domain starts, just a regular schedule with when COM servers start.