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    Of course it's possible. X members per kingdom at max; you can only reinforce players in your own kingdom. Bam. Done. Creating multiple wing kingdoms just lost its purpose.

    "its not possible" as in "its not possible to make it practical and fun"

    In the situation you just described people will do what is happening on large Legends servers right now. People will get rotated. You just need one village in each kingdom borders, which isn't that hard. Deffers will get invited to the main kingdom whenever they are needed. Off players will only go to the main if they are participating in an op.

    A mechanic that promotes small kingdoms can be gamed by creating a meta alliance where the "main" kingdom is small. It's literally the same "exploit" you just said people would do if large kingdoms were punished

    Obviously not in a way that can be meta played you absolute buffoon. I'm not talking about a morale buff to small (pop) kingdoms that then amass a ton of treasures. The morale would not apply to anyone who is ranked higher than you in pop, vp, or current treasury count or up to 20% lower.

    Still, a stat buff (like morale) for small kingdoms is not great. But there for sure need to be more anti bully mechanics. Extra cranny capacity still sounds really good to me after I've seen how well it worked in Legends.

    Regardless, are you going to contribute any ideas of your own or are you just gonna try to shoot down others with logical fallacies?

    It was more to add to the suggestions listed above, if the 200 pop limit is not implemented, we would still have a lot of issues, seeing big armies jumping around. It is not to say that all options listed by Unknown should be added together, but a mix and match of those and it will fix most of the current issues.

    Ah, I understand, my bad.

    Yes indeed that is an option, not the most favored option I believe, but it is one of the options.

    I think what Detached was trying to say is this game is all about like 4 -5 big kingdoms in a round and everything else is just farms, which is a shame to see as the last few rounds i played you had to join a big kingdom or just stop playing after you get turned into a farm. I also understand that some new players might join with a few friends and instead of just joining the main 3 -5 kingdoms they want to try and make their own which is almost impossible which also makes the game unplayable for small groups.

    Yes, that is also what I understood.
    That is simply the reality of the game.

    It is not possible to enforce smaller kingdoms cause in reality this will turn into multiple smaller kingdoms that are practically still the same big kingdom.

    You indeed have to play with a big kingdom or you will become a farm.
    Legends had the same issue (or almost the same). They made it easier for new players to prevent them from becoming farms by increasing cranny capacity (cranny lvl 10: 2k for roman and teuton, 3k for gauls).

    Small groups are possible on regional servers. But then still it isn't optimal.

    There need to be some game mechanics that promote the small groups, not punish big ones. I know you didn't call for punishments to big kingdoms, but I know someone will. So I am simply stating it preemptively.

    I don't understand why the unit cap is such a big deal.

    If you have a 200 pop limit then the chances are slim that someone can actually train and/or sustain enough troops to cause problems.

    If we add a limit to its usage, 1x, plus 1x every time your king goes inactive, then hit and runs aren't possible anymore. It is already very unlikely due to the 12h no-attack restrictions.

    From a noobs perspective imo the biggest issue is all the large premade groups that take over servers and by doing that chase off most new players, which naturally causes the playerbase to decline. Those same people will generally blame everything else without realizing that they are the problem, similar things have happened in a lot of other games

    I understand 100%.

    We need to make clear to the newer players that it is completely acceptable to join those big kingdoms. We also need to make sure big kingdoms respectfully educate the newbies, given that they are active and they also give respect.

    Unknown How come you guys don't make any YouTube videos, its free advertising and you can engage with the community. We would like to see what is going on behind the scenes and put some names to faces :) Also maybe set up a discord server, user engagement is important to keep the game alive and healthy!

    Look at the top of your screen, what is right next to the forum button? XD

    lua  Unknown The time has come to establish a mentorship system and I am volunteering to help new players with my expertise :)

    I locate low star players and help them but the system can make this much easier for us

    The tutorial sucks its just a fact pls accept it 8)

    Had this same discussion on many similar games, including Travian Legends.

    Generally what officials responded was along the lines of "Too much effort figuring out who can be trusted with these responsibilities and making the tools for them to properly do their tasks."
    It is also very vulnerable to abuse, people who help newbies just enough to further their own goals.
    Generally helping newbies should be done by the players, giving certain players more power, under the idea they help newbies, is vulnerable to abuse.

    I just remembered.

    People are abusing the refunded resources to let their multis build up fields, then they relocate those multis, raid the refunded resources, and then they menhir the multis away again.

    If refunded resources could somehow not be raided, that would solve this abuse.

    Edit: This is literally on the first page of the thread, I just completely missed it.

    Yes, if resources are spent on a building and the building gets cancelled then those resources should be returned to the non-raidable source.

    Alternatively, only allow relocating to 4446 and then just don't have any fields reset or res refunded.

    I mean, the build times are also a big hurdle for f2p (mostly new) players.

    I've been reading through some older threads about robber camps.

    People try to use "it will take too long to clear camps" as a counter argument to the hero only solution.
    How about starting the timer for the next wave of camps when the current wave spawns, not when they are cleared?
    That way clear speed won't matter.

    Possible technical challenge would be what happens when a robber camp is still there when the next wave of robber camps needs to spawn.

    Two solutions for that:
    - Just remove any remaining camps upon new camp spawn.

    - Make sure that even with max waves and none cleared, the robbers attack fast enough so all their waves have attacked by the time the new ones are supposed to spawn.

    Congrats on the win bbash-ballonbbash-tadabbash-partyhatbbash-cake

    But I just clicked into the com2 chat .... where was the fun & banter ?? :( it seems to have been overlooked, well it never made it to the forums anyway ?(

    There is a lot of positivity in the game and in the discord servers of all the teams I am / have been part of.

    In the game. Not the forum. Please come back when you've learned how to read.

    maybe make a limit that village can attack robber camps only 8-12 squares away.

    Thought about it. More empty space = more chance of robbers. Robbers prioritize new territory (so a new T opening up means more robbers there). This usually means that there aren't enough players close enough to the newly spawned robber camps.

    If you enforce hero with the attack then you give everyone more chance to get at least 1 robber. People will still try to get more than 2 but now at least it is a lot harder to do so. Also, if you can do 3 while others haven't done 1 yet then it should be your right to do so.

    The biggest issue that needs fixing is people sending 100 clubs to every robber on a raid and stealing the stolen goods but not the resources and not killing all troops. This means the next wave is stronger, has more res, but still the same amount of stolen goods.

    This could also be fixed by making stolen goods be the LAST resource stolen from a wave,

    No Lifers are destroying the game and they must be stopped. Dev team must dedicate their life to improving the game and helping new players. Next server I will play defence and help new players in my kingdom survive abuse from elitist players who refuse to log off. We will max our walls and not delete :)

    No Lifers are usually dual or trio accounts, or bot assisted accounts. Rarely are they actual people who spend their entire days on the game.

    In my experience, defense makes the game stale. Defense depends on others doing something to you. If they don't then its no fun.

    Going f2p teuton and building->smashing->rebuilding hammer every week is a lot more fun. Problem is, it only works for the first 30 days or so.

    Do you not think I don't know there are negatives in the game? I just don't see the point of coming to the forum day after day to just whine about it.

    What else can we do hmmmmmm???????

    We aren't really given the tools to do anything except voice our opinions.

    There is a lot of positivity in the game and in the discord servers of all the teams I am / have been part of.

    The forum is for announcements and player feedback.

    You know what. Lets apply your "logic".

    You don't like how the forum is used? Just stay away.

    Things used to be nicer, cause the feedback was actually listened to. Problems were fixed in weeks instead of years. If people are bitter then it is their right to be so. It is not their fault for becoming like that, it is the disastrous state of community management.

    then everyone has to quit because all troops died defending the treasury and now were all farms

    I feel ya. Underdogs can't form in a game, they need to join a bigger kingdom and then work their way up.
    Daninho and I met at a German server (we're not German). We made a small group of less than 10 players. We then started COM7, made a quite big kingdom but were forced to join FnF as dukes (WORST DECISION EVER). After that fiasco we started COM8 as a proper half-kingdom which put us in a good position for a union. Unfortunately we had to make some concessions and were again not a vice king I believe but we did prove our worth that server by making it very active from our end. Now we were part of the core that led Vanguard to victory on COM2.

    It was a long road, almost 2 years I believe.

    You can't get there by trying to just turtle up, you really need to play the diplomacy part too.

    No positives for you. Read my activity. I've been here since beta and given lots of feedback. If you want happy clappy nonsense then you won't find it here. They know what we like about the game. We provide info on what we'd like to see. Either they provide, or the mood will keep getting more gloomy.

    You can't expect us to stay happy about the extremely bad customer support and community management that we've had.

    Conquering such a place for your own use is not unfair, just like an oasis, anyone can access it, so whether the kingdom is large or small does not matter. A player without a kingdom would even have access to this bonus.

    Its not a place that you conquer. It is an event that you take part in. The rewards are usually vanity, premium goods, and smaller in game rewards like faster troop training, or a % based bonus to resource production for a limited time. Everyone who participated a certain minimum would get some premium currency and maybe a nice badge they can put in their profile.

    I think we all have our roles to play in encouraging a new audience to the game.

    Players need to be more honest, reports problems when they spot them & not look for ways to exploit the game.

    Everyone should look for exploits in the game. If there are any then they need to be fixed. You should never rely on the good will of people.

    Also people need to stop coming on here (the forum) just to post negative comments all the time & then carrying on playing the game, just looking for other ways to come & be more negative about the game again. People read these comments before signing up & then don't bother & find some other game to play instead

    People have every right to voice their opinions. If people were to simply stop playing instead of voicing their (negative) opinions then things wouldn't get changed. "Hey players are leaving, wonder why? We never hear anything from them."

    if you like & continue playing the game, then also look for positive things to write about too (there must be some reason you keep playing or you would just quit)

    The good reasons shouldn't need mentioning. What we need to avoid is people complaining without proposing solutions. People who complain should at the very least do so in a clear manner with good examples and preferably specific cases that they can back up with screenshots and other data.

    They also need to apply harsher punishments for anyone seen to be abusing the game multiple times, 3 strikes & you're out kinda thing

    anyone can make a mistake (we're all human)
    2 times is questionable

    3 times though is a serial offender & need to be gone from the game

    People make new accounts. IP bans don't work with how easy it is to get a VPN.

    Devs need stop adding new features until all the current features work as intended.

    Then when everything is working & we're all in a happy place, a marketing campaign/re-launch should be considered, to bring fresh players into the game

    Sounds good, doesn't work. It is simply not how the industry works. You need problems that you can fix in order to create a positive feedback loop. You need to keep coming with new ways how you service the players, bugfixes are a big part of that.

    The time for happy clappy nonsense has passed. The fixes they made last month should have been made last year. The rallypoint additions they made... a year ago on the top of my head, have been requested since at least 2017 I believe.

    And we need a new community manager. Nothing more infuriating than constantly having to correct him on how the game works.

    We still didn't get a explanation why the 200 pop rule was removed as menhir limitation.

    'after feedback' doesnt work for me, there wasnt any negative feedback.

    Such a rule would've been nice, because if you get a euro for every time somebody menhirs on the current trick server ;)...

    Perhaps it is their way of saying "We noticed a significant drop in paying multis. We ofc can't let changes hurt our income."?

    Sounds a bit like you want artefact-like bonuses in kingdoms.

    Maybe it could be a mid-game kingdom wide target?

    Its a bit challenging to come up with midgame objectives that don't collide with the wonders or other already existing map features.

    Perhaps, since we don't have enough players for expanding maps, we could have the map expand during the midgame with some natar villages with bonusses?

    In another game like Travian, which I won't mention, there are regular objectives for teams of players. This can be that you need to attack, reinforce, spy, supply, or shoot a certain target (which isn't on the map, travel times are the same for everyone). The player with the highest contribution gets a vanity reward like an achievement, and a bit of in-game reward (which usually doesn't measure up to the investment the player made). The team with the highest contribution gets a big reward that does give a significant gameplay boost. The idea here is that when you try to do the objective you invest resources or troops, this makes you more vulnerable to attacks from other players/kingdoms. However, if you do make it then you get a huge boost.

    Now I know this is more of a win-more situation which isn't ideal cause it would reward the big kingdoms and leave the smaller kingdoms out of it.

    Maybe normalize it for the team size?

    Finally one more idea, which sounds bad to me but maybe someone else will turn it into something good.

    Perhaps at the time of union the kingdom can select a certain bonus for the entire kingdom? Maybe the storage can be tied to that?