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    The NPC button annoys me, I almost always use the "manually adjusted resource exchange".

    I feel like the "exchange resources automatically" button is there to intentionally make you spend gold on accident.

    Like when you have enough crop to npc 2 buildings. You want to NPC 1x but with that button you might accidentally click you end up using 2 NPCs.

    Combat sim doesn't show the 13 attack from an EL on its stats but does have them taken into account in the combat calculations. Strange.

    I think the relation with upkeep makes very little sense. It favors units with low stats / crop. Clubs get a 30% increase in offense while imperians only gain 23%. If it were to have any relation with upkeep, I'd expect it to favor the ones with already high stats / crop. Boost the strong points, not the weak points.

    But whatever, doesn't matter, it is what it is.

    Allow this, but these accounts need to have 2 factor authentication. Each time they login from a different IP, they need to use an authenticator.

    Agreed, there should just be a new type of cards. 'Rebuild level 1 field', 'Rebuild level 3 field' etc etc.

    These are both really good solutions imo.

    The 2nd one will also mess with the current fast settle strats.

    Feels very counter intuitive.

    IIRC smithy bonusses 1.5% per level.

    This meant that lvl 20 was 1.01520 = 1.35x better than lvl 0.

    Have the smithy bonuses always been custom per unit in kingdoms?

    A club gets 30% more offense, 45% more inf def, and 140% more cav def.

    A druid gets 42% more offense, only 26% more inf def, and 38% more cav def.

    What was the reasoning behind this?

    Right. Upgrades work different in Kingdoms. Somehow EC gets 46.25% bonus when leveling to 20 and a druid only gets 26.08% bonus. In Legends its all roughly 35%.

    Still, Haeds > EC


    Haeduan: 296/(52*60)=0.0949

    Druid: 221/(42*60+40)=0.0863

    EC: 263/((58*60+40)*0.8)=0.0934

    Haeds > EC > Druids in terms of training speed.

    Yet... EC cost so much more that you'll hardly be able to keep up training them. If you want to train cav for def you'd better be playing gauls.

    If you reach late game with wonder def and have more crop income than def, you've not been training enough.

    Last time I was def with romans I had a 150% 15c with fields 18, and 18 other villages, total crop production ~137250/h. 100k in wonder (50k upkeep), 30k in treasuries, 20k on hand, and a 20k scout army. 120k upkeep + you gotta send more to wonder cause there are always people who don't send enough crop. You have crop to spare for npc into resources so you can fill queues?

    Maybe you just play speed servers where pop and upkeep don't cut that deep in crop production but in 1x servers you should have pretty much all your cropper income go to maintaining your troops by the time WWs arrive.

    And yes, ofc you make TK if you build one big hammer. With Brewery they are good enough for pure power. But is that really all you use it for?

    Good off cav is fast and allows you to hit enemy off troops at home. You just can't do that with TK. TT are amazing at it and EI are good enough. Have you ever hit a Teuton hammer at home with a TT or EI ghost hammer? I doubt it, otherwise you would have thought of that factor.

    The bottom line is still that EC are bad. You should never go for EC. If you go off you go for EI. If you go def you go Praetorians. If you want enough cav def that is also fast enough to actually do its job then you should have played Gauls.

    If you know better, please, post your own calculations.

    The national servers I've played were even worse.

    Ok, maybe first check the numbers how they are and then write here.

    Maybe you should check the numbers.

    Unupgraded def power (inf+cav) per second training time:

    Haeduan: 225/(52*60)=0.0721

    Druid: 170/(42*60+40)=0.0664

    EC: 185/((58*60+40)*0.8)=0.0657

    Upgrades favor the ones with the lower training time (the flat increase per unit) so druids benefit the most, then EC, then Haeduan. This effect won't be enough to push EC above Haeduans.

    Upgrading stables has the same proportional effect.

    EC is worse than druids and haeds.

    And I don't know what you were thinking when you added EI in that list but hey, lets also calculate those.

    EI: 115/(44*60*0.8)=0.0545

    While we're at it, lets add the paladins.

    Pala: 140/(40*60)=0.0583

    So... Haeds > Druid > EC > Pala > EI and that is with HDT, without HDT palas are better than EC.

    Capacity * speed / cost:

    TT: 75*19/610=2.34

    EI: 100*14/790=1.77

    TTs are the best in the game in this stat. Closely followed by clubs.

    Capacity * speed / training time:

    TT: 75*19/(41*60+20)=0.57

    EI: 100*14/(44*60*0.8)=0.66

    So when you have HDT EI become better. But until then TT are better.

    If you are able to raid peacefully you will get to upgrade stables and other training facilities faster with TT raiding income.

    This means you get to max raids faster. When you are at max raids the carry capacity matters less and the speed matters more. Then TT are better again.

    EI are very good raiders, but TT are better

    Max income gov city no gold:

    Crop is for upkeep. Oasis varies, lets assume crop oases so you can actually sustain enough troops. This is especially the case when the WWs are there.

    12 fields, 375/h, 25% bonus from buildings


    Lvl 20 barracks training praetorians consumes train 3600/((29*60+20)*0.14)*(80+100+160)=4968 resources per hour.

    That is 657 surplus per hour. Not enough for even one EC. With gold you'd have a surplus of 2063 which is enough for 1 EC, but not for 2.

    So yeah. Most roman players won't be able to train EC for def. IF you farm you are better off having no cities, just more villages and using the extra income for more praetorians.

    And finally.

    Yes, TK are terrible off cav. Teuton hammers are good because of inf, not the cav. The only reason you build TK is because it is better than nothing.

    There have been multiple servers where I chose not to make any TK but instead make many smaller pure inf hammers with some catapults. And it was well worth it. This was back when we still had the 1k raids/village limit instead of the 2k in total.

    Druids and Haeduans are better def/training time than EC

    "third best cavalry unit per resources in off" is... bad. They are tied with TT in cost per power but TT are the best raiders so they make up for that. Haeduans have mad cav def. Given that they are tied with TT, you could also call them 2nd WORST off cav.

    Buffing the def of the EC like I described will still mean they are a lot worse than Druids. They will be roughly the same as Haeduans but with more inf def and less cav def.

    They are still very slow. They consume 4 crop when stationed at a village without HDT, making them the worst standing def of all def units.

    Training speed isn't that important for def units anyway cause the cost of keeping barracks going 24/7 is going to be roughly the production of a city. This means that if you train def in stables you will only train very little.

    All in all they would still be bad, just not absolute garbage.

    Also, TT is better than EI in terms of raiding.

    That just means you don't use them as standing def.

    You just gotta make sure you don't send them super early.

    I don't think this is a good idea. Romans have many strengths which just need a little tuning. No need for completely new features.

    Romans used to be, and to some extent still are, a very balanced tribe that really starts to perform when you have big armies. Romans have the lowest crop upkeep per power both offensive as defensive. Their cav also trains very fast. Problem is, cav def is cheap and there are more options. With so many gauls in the game cav off is always worth less than inf off.

    Romans have the extra building queue, which makes them very good for non gold users. Romans would be a lot stronger on any server where gold usage would be limited.

    Another big problem with romans is that their wall is so extremely easy to destroy. This means you have to make ditch to effectively defend in the late game.

    Maybe a good change would be if romans wall could be a bit more resilient at higher levels.

    But what I really think the problem is with romans is their cavalry options.

    I think what would be better is if EC got buffed to 185 attack (5 more than current) and got the iron cost reduced from 600 to 550. They can hand in some def points to make it more balanced. This would make EC the best offensive cav unit per crop consumption. Current best is EI by only a little cause of the way the smithy works. EC would have second highest power/training time (HDT at 20), highest power/crop (HDT at 20), and manageable price. Many players will still go EI cause EI are so much better at farming. Maybe EC should just have 35 carry capacity, make them terrible for farming.

    OR make the EC better at def. Rework to 120-150 attack, +/-110 inf def, and +/-125 cav def. Bit like the Resheph Chariot from Legends.

    This essentially makes them a lot like the legios. With HDT at 20 you have a unit with 50/36.67/41.67 stats per crop. (legio has 40/35/50)

    Another good thing about romans which might be buffed a bit more is the senator. If buffed by 5%, 3 senators will be a guaranteed chiefing.

    While we're at it, lets get rid of the randomness from chiefing. There is almost no randomness in the game, why do we need it with chiefs.

    Please don't ever speak again.

    So I can't help wondering if Travian Games slowed down the conversion of players to inactive status during this time. I can image someone being off line for a day or two then not being able to get back on for 3 days during the outage. How long does a player have to be offline before being marked inactive?

    3 days if under 100 pop, 7 days for 100 pop and more

    I can't find my old thread about this.
    0 pop grey villages take 3 weeks or so to despawn, that is way too long.

    "What if they want to return?" was the answer from the staff.

    People who have been inactive for 3 weeks stand more chance at having fun with the game if they start over than if they return to their 0 pop village.

    1 week inactive + 3 weeks grey is too long. People should be removed from the game sooner if they are 0 pop.

    Edit: I'd say, if you are at 0 pop you enter deletion.