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    Because of my spiking, some big kingdoms stopped farming grays. That made the battlefield more balanced. So it is not only griefing tool.

    And by "balanced" you mean dead boring.

    Offense already lost the ability to croplock and cities make chiefing harder.

    Last thing they need is to have part of their income taken away.

    One server i spiked and killed about 1 million troops and got 1st Defender place.Not only i used my one and only account but i've also spent 600 euro+ on gold to achieve this.It was sooooo much fun.

    And that used to be a perfectly valid reason.

    However, since a year or so you don't get def points anymore for deffing grey villages.

    If you have 0 amount of valid arguments don't yell/insult.

    Do you need to make a pact with a small kingdom though? Isn't it more beneficial to wall real enemy hammers on foreign lands with no strings attached? Strategy :S

    Don't talk about "valid arguments" when you don't know how to read properly.

    Your "argument" against the feature is presenting a cherry picked edge case that was already given a solution in the initial proposed feature.

    Reinforcing non-allies is used primarily to grief or to use personal def multis.

    If you want to use it strategically then use the confederation option for that. Proxy wars are for cowards.

    Yes you can make the multis part of your kingdom so there is a way around it. Despite having a workaround it is still a valid deterrent.

    Succesful attacks are small part of kingdom offence points. Most of it is gathered by killing hideouts/camps, so these ribbons are given to biggest kingdoms, because simply they clear most hideouts. Same with robbing ribbon.
    If they didnt give any off/def/ robbed resource into statistics, maybe then it would be logical to implement such change.

    Almost as if we should stop counting robber and nature attacks.

    That feature would not prevent multi accounts at all. The multi user could still place his accounts on the same kingdom. It would maybe force the choice between the "personal" spy accounts vs within the same kingdom "helper" accounts who can always damage the target kingdom anyways.

    Can you read? Or do you just talk?

    NEVER did I say it would PREVENT multis.

    I only said that spiking mechanics PROMOTE multi usage.


    At the end of the day I see this as "I can raid and I don't have to worry about spikers so I'm happy".

    I find it really funny that you mentioned "unsportsmanlike" and "skills" in your quote but the arguments don't make sense to me.

    So what you call "unsportsmanlike" I read strategy. Simple example: big kingdom helps a smaller independent kingdom defending treasuries vs another big kingdom. Why would you call it "unsportsmanlike" when Travian is a strategy war game and has always been?


    If you wanna help the small kingdom and do it as STRATEGY then you MAKE A CONFED.


    As for the "skill based game" how bizarre :D This is P2W ;)

    Yeah thats what all the noobs like to believe. "I don't suck at the game, I just don't have the money to pay to win."


    Travian Legends also has 5 tribes, this is Kingdoms :)

    What does that have anything to do with the discussion?

    I mentioned Legends cause farming is a shared CORE mechanic from both games.

    If you don't want to improve the core mechanics just because Legends also improved them then why don't you just throw the entire mechanic in the trash? That way Kingdoms is certainly a LOT different from Legends.

    Seriously, learn to read before you speak.

    Oh idk maybe its that a ton of players find it extremely frustrating?
    Or maybe cause it promotes multi usage? Nobody wants to waste their own def so they might consider using a multi.

    Other than that the game is already passive enough.

    If you allow spiking then you discourage farmers, who usually up the stakes of the game.

    Same as the BS mechanic of max 999 outgoing attacks per village.

    Promote active gameplay. If you want to counter farmers then you COMPETE with them or ORGANIZE off actions against them to kill their troops. You don't allow lazy sobs to put their spare def in grey villages.

    Edit: You don't want to adopt changes that Legends made which were welcomed with thunderous applause? I understand you want to eliminate as much "internal competition" as possible but this is ridiculous.

    I would like to see how useful everyone else thinks this would be.

    You say this often.

    What I'd like to see is a monthly showcase of new ideas so that these ideas can actually reach a broader audience than just the forum dwellers.

    You're never gonna get anywhere close to a realistic idea of what "everyone else" thinks if it never leaves the forum.

    Anyone with a significant overflow needs to be farmed. They shouldn't be pampered by implementing features that reward their passive gameplay.

    Make a storage village, setup trade routes, get a sitter, trade the resources you produce too much of. There are enough features available to help you keep your warehouses empty.

    I like that idea..some buildings could be built on lower level WH

    Maybe the WH storage dont have to be set by hand, but that it automatically stops when total resources are reached so that vilage cold specialize better with oasises and dont need to build all res types in the village. Could even be some kind of gold option to increase storage liquidity.

    From a business perspective it HAS to be a gold function cause you need to NPC less as a result.

    Lol wut?

    If someone can't make it for whatever reason then you deal with it. Postpone, risk, whatever you do, that is the consequence of being a TEAM.

    1 player 1 account, if someone isn't there for whatever reason then that account shouldn't be allowed to do any major event.

    If you want better account coverage you better get someone to dual.

    For example, I don't play Com3 but am dual of a friend. When he can't make off actions he asks me to do it for him.

    And how will this improve the game?

    Keep in mind, simple features are often better.

    Changing warehouse to be total of the 3 resources might be good and simple (gameplay wise, technically still complex).

    Lets then also do it for the crannies and the hidden treasury.

    The challenge would be to identify each aspect of the game where this is relevant.

    See, there are a lot of checks for each individual resource (NPC, tribute collection, selling stolen goods, refunding buildings).

    It might be a challenge to rewrite this to check for total resources.

    I am sorry, I think this is once again a nice idea but too technically challenging.

    What is the reason you came up with this idea? There might be a better solution to the underlying problem.

    I remember when I just started playing kingdoms, I didn't have any money to spend on gold so I bought whatever items I could.

    To get the full gear quest I only needed a weapon. I was roman and none of the roman weapons were cheap enough. So I bought a paladin hammer for I believe 200 silver.

    Another argument would be that the bonus applies not only to your own troops but to all defending troops, so if you know your teammates already have phalanx spears but no druid staves then you might just want to buy that one for when you need it in def.

    "show only available options"

    This would be technically simple.

    Would simply only show trades that you can actually accept.

    So no trades you don't have the res or traders for.

    I like it.

    What if whole kingdom build one of those "great crop wilderness" together and in return the res% of crop increases whole kingdom ...kinda like oasis, but just adds another factor to the equation. So lets say 10 players build lvl 1 crop wilderness and then the whole kingdom has 10% more crop production.

    That idea goes a bit in the same direction of the Farmer building (which a lot of players liked):

    [Farmer Building] - Vote for 15C game mechanic