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    I know we talked about this before but I feel that this is still a pressing issue and I simply can't find the old thread.

    The problem:
    Servers become too crowded.

    The original solution:
    The map expands based on the number of available spawns.

    It seems to happen when any quadrant runs out of spawn locations. I could very well be wrong on this specific.

    Why has this solution become insufficient?

    1. The relocation system has made it possible for people to relocate to non-spawn tiles, opening up their original spawn tile for new players.

    2. Less players register later in a server. By the time a quadrant has filled up the first inactives start despawning, opening up the old spawn locations.

    Possible solutions:

    1. Make map expand sooner. Once all spawns X tiles away from the map edge have been taken the map expands. Or factor in the world age.

    2. Don't open up old spawns. When someone relocates their spawn opens up once or twice for new players to spawn and then it gets locked. When inactives despawn their former village locations don't open up as spawns. Don't despawn inactive and instead allow them to be catted down. Allow kings to prevent spawns in their kingdom. Slowly lock spawns from the center outwards.

    3. Increase base map size. Maps never seem to expand more than once anyway so base size is too small, first expanse is good enough. Right now the map has a radius of 60, first expansion makes it 70, so lets do that.

    4. Decrease the available spawns. By making the spawns more sparse players get a bit more space, decreasing crowding. Less spawns means that the condition for map expansion is reached sooner, again decreasing crowding.

    Technically easiest solution:

    I think from a technical point #3 is the easiest solution.

    This also increases total croppers at server start, which is also something some people asked for.

    Most elegant solution:

    Combination of #2 and #3.

    Though #3 addresses the crowding and the croppers, it fails to prevent another nasty byproduct of spawns opening up.

    I've seen people who start more than a week late spawn very close to the center, often within an already established kingdom.

    By locking the spawns you prevent new players from being dropped in an overwhelming situation. And you prevent frustration in already established kingdoms over total newbies spawning inside the borders hogging a potentially desirable tile.

    Possible downsides:

    Game slows down, people have more space, will have less to fight over.

    My personal suggestion:

    Try to increase the base map radius from 60 to 70 and see what happens.

    Please feel free to add your solutions, thoughts, problems, and other suggestions.
    I'll try to add them by editing this post.

    Last week my internet was unstable like crazy.

    When I registered Tuesday the tutorial extremely frustrating cause crucial images, such as the map puzzle, wouldn't load.

    I think a skip tutorial function would help.

    A returning user with a certain level of prestige starts on a server.

    Gets choice, short setup or full tutorial.

    Short setup goes as follows:

    1. Chooses tribe (unchanged).

    2. Gives username (unchanged).

    3. Skip the attacking, building, training, and defense tutorial.

    4. Select role (unchanged).

    5. Skip map deciphering.

    6. Select spawn direction (unchanged).

    7. Skip robbers and stolen goods / defending govs and tributes.

    8. Get that screen that shows roughly the server timeline.

    Step 7 would be tricky cause then for example you can't choose to use hero while defending NPC, or also use def troops when clearing the robber.

    Maybe the tutorial needs changing on this part to adopt the best way of doing it or just force one approach.

    While we're at it.

    I once played a german server and now every single time, without fail, new servers start off in german.

    If we could just lock that to region as well, that'd be super.

    "Was being a bunch of simming cowards in the best interests of Blade? Yes"
    Yeah okay, but dude, dont put in your kingdom bio "We are looking for active players. JOIN US if you are looking for a fun, active round." Just put there "We are gonna do nothing the entire round but play it safe and boring. If you're okay with that, come join us."

    Also who called you cowards for going to the (50|0)? That is a standard move. Nobody called you cowards for that, you just wanna throw up a strawman cause you can't handle the criticism.

    You guys have the same amount of pop as we do.

    We've been close in terms of pop for quite a while.

    Yet you've done absolutely nothing.

    You say we were a large premade team, yet we started with 17 premades, that's not a lot.

    Also, we've fought loveland, who were quite big.

    We've been fighting Cesko who might not be that big, but they are hella strong and active, basically the opposite of you guys.

    How utterly moronic would it have been to directly go for vanguard while we have such potential threats on our doorstep.

    Bottomline is. We've done things, we've actually played the game, you still haven't. You can throw as many fake arguments as you want but you know you're talking nonsense.

    Just in case you wanna speak again, make sure you fact check and stick those strawmen deep where the sun doesn't shine.

    It's truly hilarious to me. Are you really complaining about meta? You were like the first kingdom who actually, as you nicely put "absorbed" everyone around. Who cares by which means others join your kingdom, some do it with diplomacy, some with force. Doesn't really matter as it's a question of strategy. Due to that, around Early-Mid game point, you were two-time size bigger than anyone else, so don't come here crying about meta.

    Everyone cares. It is supposed to be a war game, not a simming game. We got big through force, which is the only way the game remains fun. We came here from COM7 which was a huge waste of time cause we got stuck in a kingdom like blade, doing nothing but simming and waiting for the time to use WW hammers. It is so sad to see people do nothing the entire server.


    You are putting nice stats here, which are sadly present. Rollback 2 months back and post us the VP/treasures there. You know you were way ahead from every kingdom by a mile, but you are posting stats that currently suits you and complain about your current state. Other kingdoms do tend to plan ahead, however, when you were around 2-3mil VP ahead of everyone, it seemed like you didn't really care about the future, as you nicely wasted few months crashing your hammers over and over into us(not really threatening kingdom, truly <20 players). Maybe consider changing the strats next time as that one didn't really get you anywhere.

    This was never about VP or treasures. VP only matter at the end of the game. Treasures only matter cause they provide extra treasuries.
    The "strats" you propose we should try are LAME. It is killing the game. "Winning" the game is not even an achievement this way. We are using hammers cause it is fun. It is what the game was made for, to wage war. Ofc you guys ain't threatening, but you are so much fun to play against. You are the first kingdom that actually fights back.

    You honestly think I am complaining cause of our chances to win or something like that? I am complaining about people making this game LAME and BORING. You are just butthurt cause you sure as hell ain't gonna win, which apparently, is important to you.


    It's nice that you call Blade cowards, but it seems that their(boring) strategy worked better than yours.

    "worked better" towards what goal? Sitting on your asses, claiming a medal that you can show off in the next rounds where you are gonna do the exact same boring stuff?

    No thanks. Our strategy has worked fine. I never stuck to the meta in any type of game simply cause its no fun, no netdecks, no looking up builds, none of that makes the game fun.


    I'm not really big fan of their PVE style, but hey, it's not like you have tried to harm/stop/attack Vanguard either so, yeeaah.

    One at a time. Either submit, quit, or stop crying, then we can move on.

    1. We never used Fox as proxy, they operated on their own. We had players in almost every kingdom in the +/+ quadrant. Ramez was one of us from the start, only joined fox to keep his capital safe. Ramez was the only one from Fox participating against Loveland.

    2. If you didn't want the meta then you shouldn't have made it. You can still stop ruining the game and break up the meta.

    3. You hide behind the argument of "oh but wonder too big" well guess what? We actually fought for most of our players or were in position to do so if people didn't cooperate. Viper would have been wiped if they hadn't agreed to the NLM terms of union. The other kingdom to the north east of viper (forgot the name) was cleared and their players absorbed.

    Avengers and Avenger (2 different kingdoms) basically surrendered after their leadership had proven inadequate. Vitamin, wiped. We also wiped the Spanish kingdom (CREDO I believe) to the west of the 0|0 WW.

    4. We complain about blade not doing anything. They have earned nothing this server. We complain about you guys defending them (in the moral sense of the word).

    5. TO THIS MOMENT YOU STILL HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING ACTIVE TO "STOP" US. You just agree not to fight each other... cowards. Pretty much all kingdoms that were active at some point were so because we fought them. There are only 3 exceptions: Vanguard, Fox, and NOGROW.

    Seriously go play the game and fight a bit.

    If it were up to Design we would have absorbed Cesko and Loveland when they were open to it. Then the game would instantly have turned into a 1 against all. NLM and Viper leaders prevented that. It was our attempt to make the game interesting and so far it actually has been. But now the numbers 1, 3 and 4 team up against the number 2, basically we're outnumbered 2to1. Either of you could have just faced us fair and square and you wonder why we complain about your alliance. This should be a 3-way brawl, not a mexican standoff.

    Holy moly you guys really can't handle being confronted about your terrible game ethics.

    These are the kingdoms:

    1 Jayre Vanguard 546 471,555
    2 Design Wonder 513 458,158
    3 oscar Blade™ 457 409,215
    4 Cool and Crazy Česko 94 80,968
    5 huh ЛИС 71 71,559
    6 Thrud SH1T 49 44,684
    7 KaK_Veter МаГнаТ 33 27,274
    8 Deadly UNITE 25 24,689
    9 SPARTA WWW 27 17,357
    10 Amoot RedRocs 9 8,124
    11 Energy Vitamin 2 2,773
    12 hkkan HKN 6 2,676
    13 Pussy Cat 2 2,396

    #1 + #3 + #4 + #10 = 969.862
    #2 + #5 + #11 = 532.490

    You call that even?

    Keep in mind we've fought several neighbors for their subjugation. Not saying others didn't cause I don't know.

    Also, Cesko/Hellgate lost at least a few cities and players to our attacks, they used to be a LOT more.

    But none of that matters.

    This matters:

    1 Wonder 142 20,136 2,859,308
    2 Vanguard 131 10,225 1,339,457
    3 Česko 18 72,425 1,303,650
    4 ЛИС 20 34,351 687,026
    5 Blade™ 125 5,019 627,345
    6 RedRocs 11 27,402 301,417
    7 NO GROW 2 103,246 206,491
    8 SH1T 16 7,474 119,577
    9 Vitamin 2 48,079 96,158
    10 МаГнаТ 9 10,210 91,890
    11 WWW 7 6,429 45,004
    12 Жопа 1 12,994 12,994
    13 Cat 2 5,963 11,925
    14 ÇUKUR 1 11,410 11,410
    15 UNITE 10 995 9,951

    As you can see there are only 4 kingdoms that earned their place in this server.

    Though blade has roughly the same total as ЛИС, you can't really count them cause their average is nihil.

    Vanguard got most of their defpoints through deffing Cesko/Hellgate if I recall correctly.

    Attack stats can't be trusted cause robbers still count.

    Blade are passive cowards who lie in their profile "We are looking for active players. JOIN US if you are looking for a fun, active round.".

    You've not been active and you haven't contributed anything to the fun of the game.

    Vanguard, if you are any kind of proverbial "man", start some shit with blade, make them earn whatever place they end.

    We could help, but we've got too much fun with Cesko/Hellgate.

    Yeah, all these cowards sitting back and simming.

    Blade just avoided any conflict, 0 off plans, 0 def actions. 325,289 def points... they have almost that much in terms of pop.

    Vanguard just has an NAP with blade cause.... idk, they are a bunch of wussies.

    Only RedRocs, Hellgate and Loveland are actually playing.

    Vanguard NAPs everyone so they can just only attack wonder without any kind of real risk cause they know we've still got our hands full with shooting down hellgate.

    Vanguard is just fighting a proxy war, where they have 0 risk of losing any villages.
    My GOODNESS is this game boring. We could have easily finished the game by now if we indeed had just absorbed kingdoms instead of fighting them... But what would be the fun in that?

    Blade is an NPC faction that is there to build a wonder to lvl 100 and end the game. They just mark the end of the game for the rest of us.

    They won't "win" cause nobody lost to them. They didn't beat anyone.


    Go play the game, start some shit.

    Kuddos to loveland, hellgate and redrocs.

    Redrocs can't do anything significant but they are very annoying.

    Loveland were a bunch of multis but regardless, tried to make a stand, even after their royals went inactive.

    Hellgate... you guys are something. You are doing everything you can to make it hard for us.

    Change the default number to 1, just like with stolen resources. Nobody ever wants to turn in the full amount of transferred resources cause it always would cause overflowing.

    I hate that bit of anxiety of "oh what if the game bugs and it still turns in all my resources".

    It is also something very minor and really easy to fix.

    I'm aware of that, but that's possible with ingame tabs aswell and not a rule violation or anything. ^^

    In game tabs are restricted to these rules:
    < 3h: 1 wave

    3-6h: 2 waves

    6-12h: 3 waves

    > 12h: 4 waves

    If you have a target > 12h then you have 4 waves land at 00:00:00.

    If you then upgrade the Tournament Square again, you can again send 4 waves to land at 00:00:00
    With this trick you can have way more than the 4 wave limit land at the exact same second.

    The farmlist tip is exclusive as far as I know. I've never been able to pull it off in legends.

    1 sec between own troops returning and enemy landing I have been able to do in legends.

    But I am talking about same second snipes.

    I think it is because kingdoms checks incoming troops, then checks if those troops are being used that second for outgoing attacks, and THEN checks if those troops are being used for incoming attacks (so on the defense).

    I don´t hate fast settling, but what about give it a go in a server for non gold users? That would put manny players equal.

    You can fast settle with starting gold.

    You start with 40 gold.
    10 gold goes to plus for a few days (tip, use a referral link to spawn with 50 gold and free plus for a week)

    12 for insta completing main building levels.

    Leaves you with 18 for the academy, granary, and maybe a warehouse level.

    You can get a few more gold by selling items.

    You will indeed no longer have the option to NPC crop to res in your fast settled cropper.

    Anyway, you can fast settle without buying gold.

    spawning closer to a cropper is a random advantage just like adventures, above you said we shouldn't rely on luck lol

    You're clearly too lazy to read my messages carefully.

    Training time for sure needs to be equalized.
    Training costs can be equalized through the quest reward. I'd rather see it all equalized tho.

    And yes you can "compensate" by getting closer, but you shouldn't have to rely on luck that much.

    but you shouldn't have to rely on luck that much.

    And there wasn't speed settling in 2015/2016/early 2017, it was like any other server tbh, the problem with speedsettling is the menhiring that comes with it afterwards, you start withba 15c cropper and you have the tributes of 15 players capital right away

    Speed settling was already a thing well before the menhirs. It was a thing in travian legends and people were doing it during the kingdoms beta as well. Just because there wasn't a forum thread about it doesn't mean it didn't exist.

    You clearly have your issues with menhirs but I'd kindly request you keep those out of this thread.

    The menhirs aren't what is making a bunch of Gauls RESERVE 15c for others, or just settling them, demolishing their starting vil and then going inactive just so people can't access the cropper for the first 21+ days.

    The imbalance of tribes in the fast settle context is opening up the game to GRIEFING.

    And if u want to give the same chances to all tribe at that you need to rethink every other aspect of the game, otherwise some tribes are better than others for certain things

    I only talk in the context of speed settling. Other parts of the game are not being debated here.
    Unique aspects of all tribes were always an important characteristic of travian and always will be. I fully support that.

    You've intentionally misrepresented every proposition I've made in this thread.

    So, how about you take your strawman arguments and shove them where the sun doesn't shine?

    Wave builder

    Kingdoms has a built in wave builder where you can set up all your attacks and just spam the send button.

    Using any other means to circumvent the wave limitations, like doing it Legends style, is considered an exploit. (and is perhaps a bannable offense?)


    You can't set entire army to dodge in capital with hero. Instead you have boots of the chicken which allow your hero + a limited amount of troops to dodge.

    Quests with CP

    The townhall quest gives 800 cp, not the small celebration.

    Small celebration quest gives 500 cp.

    Large celebration quest gives 2000 cp (needs verification) and some resources.

    Card game

    There is this abomination called the "Card game" which is basically a lootbox system where you gamble absurd amounts of gold to get unique bonuses such as extra space for buildings (max 2 per village).

    It is virtually impossible to actually come out on top with this system. You basically roll to get the unique things like gems for your equipment, secret adventures, or building space. Whenever you don't get these you'll find yourself doing damage control, selecting things that are worth the most... but you'll still come out with less value than you had in terms of pure gold.

    Finally a special tip.

    If you have an incoming snipe, you can dodge it by doing your farmlists.

    Example: 1k clubs returning from attack, snipe landing same second. You make a farmlist entry for 1k clubs. You spam that button like crazy when your troops are about to return and the snipe lands. Your troops will not be home for the snipe. For the hero, rams, catapults you just put on chicken boots.

    Don't know how this is in Legends cause I always played def there, but Kingdoms has a limit on outgoing attacks, 999 to be exact.

    For teutons this is a big limitation to their late game farming compared to the other tribes who have fast cavalry.