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    Well then we need to change adventures as well, spawning of robbers hideouts,, and another tons of things to make it fair but then its not a race. The fun in it is the random variable as well, the stress of not knowing if you will be first or not, the adrenaline rush of the first day!

    One thing we can agree on, is removal of menhir, that gives an unfair advantage to big kingdoms or premades

    What? Dude... way to go with the assumptions and taking the story out of context. Your comment has nothing to do with any of what I said.

    It is perfectly fine to get a random advantage, I never said anything against those.

    I have a problem with the constant advantage of the Gauls over the other tribes in this particular strategy.

    The only context in which I mentioned random advantages is that other tribes need a random advantage to compensate for the constant advantage that the Gauls have.

    It'd require an INSANE random advantage to make up for 2 hours settle time that the Gauls can save.

    Still, main topic remains. Fast settle should be abolished for one server just to see how things play out.

    Side topic is that all tribes should have equal chances at fast settling.

    Unfair advantage is relative. Yes, you could be finished an hour earlier (or maybe two), but spawning randomly few fields further away from a good cropper will just equalize that advantage. Also if you're playing as gaul you have to live with not being able to play as off player. In general, all "solutions" will have some way which is the quickest to settle and gauls will always be quicker because of cost + time. If that is a problem and if someone should change it, then equalize cost + training time for settlers for all three tribes. ^^

    Training time for sure needs to be equalized.
    Training costs can be equalized through the quest reward. I'd rather see it all equalized tho.

    And yes you can "compensate" by getting closer, but you shouldn't have to rely on luck that much.

    And what would be the fun in that? Everyone is able to follow the guide, easy to find on forum. Making it all natar will just demotivate the newer players who don't dare to take one on yet to get a good cropper.

    Because gauls have an unfair advantage. This results in people being forced to go gaul if they want the fast settle OR, some gaul, usually 0 prestige, just straight up getting a cropper and later deleting so someone else can claim it.

    Also, new players shouldn't get croppers. They don't know how to use them. New players will most CERTAINLY not do a fast settle.

    Still, just once a server without it, lets see how things turn out.

    Edit: I am not saying you can't fast settle without going gaul, I am just saying they have an unfair advantage in terms of settler cost and settler training time.

    As you can see the 2nd attack only got limited VP, meaning that the 1st attack most definitely landed before.

    And it's not possible that there were no more treasures cause the 1st attack stole 33%, meaning there would have been 506 treasures remaining, which should have been stolen in the 2nd attack. Instead, the 2nd attack stole 33% of that remaining 506.

    Player 1 attacks treasury and shoots it down. No more treasury.

    Player 2 attacks and steals treasures (should steal all cause no more treasury).

    They landed at the exact same second. Player 1 went first.

    However player 2 did not steal all the remaining treasures, only 33%, despite treasury being shot down during the previous attack.

    Wonder warning messages.
    Automatic messages when a wonder is:

    - Under attack

    - Low on crop

    Or generally a small window (maybe next to treasure count) that shows the wonder name, incoming attacks yes or no, and crop storage.

    I personally would like the warning messages. The owner of the wonder could set the threshold for when the crop warning shows.

    This would mainly help those who spend not that much time or are not social enough to check the kingdom messages.

    The login page takes forever to load and lately it has been throwing 502 bad gateway errors at me like crazy.
    It is ALWAYS on the night from sunday to monday, around midnight when the weekly prestige gets processed. It is also sometimes on other moments, but that seems random.

    This has been a problem for way too long and it requires a permanent solution cause not being able to switch between servers is very problematic.

    Inb4 "make help center ticket" cause we all know that is for small problems and quick fixes, not for things like this.

    I have known people who spend over 100 per month and I've known people who performed just as good spend no more than 25 per month.

    I understand your point, but no.
    This game was never meant to be played by people who join late.
    Joining 2 days into the server is already considered "late".

    Just don't join late or just use the relocation feature to join an already developing kingdom.

    Server with limited access.

    People with low prestige can't participate.

    People who have been banned without getting unbanned at at any server are also can't participate.

    People with accounts that are being ran for over 80% of play time by sitters are also can't participate.

    Basically this ensures that almost no multis will participate.

    Finally another (additional) option would be to have a small registration fee. You get the registration fee back in the form of gold. Basically you just have to spend 5€ on gold to participate.
    I think this will help against the multis that just serve to feed a main account.
    An alternative would be to only have accounts sign up that have bought gold in the past.

    In any case. A game round focused on denying multis.

    If they aren't teutons then it must be that they are stealing tributes. Robber bag does not increase cranny dip, only carry capacity.
    You can't hide tributes in a cranny. Best thing to do is to build def. Don't let small groups of def die. Stash your def in oases, keep hero home with boots of chicken until you have enough troops to defend against the raider.

    You can't be dual and have your own account.
    You can be his sitter and still have you own account but as sitter you won't be able to access the auction, send attacks against other players (only raids) (you can attack robbers) and a few other things.

    We are talking about early game. Haeduans are not part of early game.
    Besides, they cost too much. Best is to just have 1k swords that you use to siege robbers with and go full phalanx for def. Maybe you throw in some druids if you are far away from the team but generally don't go for haeduans.

    There are only 2 reasons to go haeduans:

    1. Attack power per training time. They are better at this than TT and they have slightly higher power per upkeep meaning that the difference in training cost per power is roughly worth it.

    2. Anti sniping def. Haeduans have pretty high cav def and can be effective at blocking treasure sniping attempts by enemy TT or EI armies.

    Regardless of quests: All 7 -> 1x10 -> modifiers to 3 -> all 8 -> modifier 4 -> all 10 -> modifier 5.

    Unless you have an oasis, then you move the modifiers 1 level later. Except again if there are quests, then always rush 1 to 10.

    Hero utilization depends on strategy.

    Always try to get dmg reduction armor.

    Assuming you play gaul, cause we're in a gaul guide

    If you go def then best to put on at least 50% resource generation and do quests whenever you have hp. Don't do hideouts, let them smash into your def first and then clear.

    This will slow the rate by which you get robbers but you compensate by having hero produce resources.

    If you go aggressive then just put hero on full power. Use hero with a bunch of swords to do the robbers with but focus on TT for quick raid hits against other players. With no upgrades swords are about as cost efficient as clubs. Don't waste valuable TT on robbers in the first week.

    When attacking other players, go for aggressive teutons. You can figure out if they are aggressive by checking their attack score.

    If you go off but not aggressive then focus only on swords, no TT in the first week. Swords have better attack per cost and better def per cost. Now normally you would dodge attacks but if you can't then losing swords in def is less bad than losing TT in def. Your hero can then be put at 25-50% resources.

    Regardless of tribe, if I play gov and don't want to spend a ton on the auction I go 75% power, 25% resources for at least the first 4 levels. If I find good equipment (dmg reduction armor + weapon or shield or regen helmet) then I can go less power more resources but that almost never happens in the first week.

    Oh and NEVER def oases with 25% or 0% def bonus, only go for the 100% and 50% def bonus oases.

    TL;DR for hero story:
    Go 75% power 25% resources