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    You don't go clubs just for the lower cost but primarily for the faster build time.

    Best boost to clubs would be the removal of the 999 outgoing attack limit.

    If you do not plan to raid then you will never have the income to keep great barracks running. Best option would be to go axes and build slower.
    Axes are also a much safer option since they have the best defense stats for any off unit. They can't get sniped by a horse army like clubs can.

    That will just postpone the problem to 7 days into the server.

    Maybe have a 2nd storage that is JUST relocation goods. This storage cannot be raided and cannot be traded from. The only use for this storage is rebuilding of fields, not even buildings.

    Travel time is not okay. If 2 players select same spawn direction (say +/+) but end up at 1|30 and 30|1 then that is a bit messed up to force such a long travel time just to play together.

    You can't both have only after 7 days AND not recover resources spent. Either/or is fine but can't have both as that would essentially force someone to rush pop buildings with robber income.

    Reduce resources from destroyed buildings is not the issue here, its the quest rewards. If you would change the small celebration reward to a refund of some resources instead of 500cp then you would fix the fast settle tactic. If you want it to counter people destroying buildings to get res to top off their warehouses to boost other players/accounts then yeah sorta a solution but do we really want to make such a hefty game change just to counter this situation?

    Once per server and one per kingdom per day are both not enough. Some players want to jump cause they want to know what their team is doing and want to find the right team for them. Some kings want to invite everyone asap and should be able to do so.

    "Treasures" stolen from robbers are STOLEN GOODS, they can be sold from inventory.

    Treasures stolen from other players are TREASURES, they can't be sold, they go directly to your tribute fund and will be collected by your king/duke.

    Is it by any chance possible that you guys from staff make a comparison of average time players spent online before and during corona lock down (and after)?
    I am very curious as to how this global event is influencing the game.

    Yes, blame the players for pointing out blatent abuse of rules followed by little to no action from devs/CM. Believe me, I would like nothing more than to praise my beloved Travian - if it was deserved. Since there is only now a new update that only addresses 10 of 100 game breaking abuses/exploits, the rage continues.

    The fact that devs are trying to fix the game is commended

    Then just go away and let us enjoy our game in peace?

    Indeed, phone numbers don't work, account creation shouldn't be made harder as it punishes new players too.

    Best way to prevent account spamming is to simply block logins on VPN IPs, not playing on the VPN, only logins.
    Not flagging or something like that, I don't want to get flagged every time I want to torrent something or get around a region lock while still having travian open.

    And bot detection systems.

    Cause if someone has the time to manage multiple accounts without using bots then they have my respect for their absolute lack of real life. Its still scummy, but you gotta admire the dedication.

    the slider is worthless, how about letting me type in the amount of resources I want to trade or at least set it based on my merchant carrying capacity.

    You are absolutely right. It is ridiculous how stupid that system is. Its like providing a slider when asking for a phone number.

    It should either be that we can fill it in ourselves, or that there is just a button that just adds whatever your merchants can currently carry, just like in the browser version.

    Sounds good.
    I think a bit of hard endgame limitations would be nice.

    Essentially travian used to be a free for all game.
    The early game can still be a free for all state. However the endgame objective is a team effort.

    There are too many of the early game FFA liberties that are still there in the endgame.

    Alternatively, since this game has turned into a matter of which premade team was the biggest premade team, we might as well skip the premade team concept.

    We could completely get rid of the early game and just have each player sign up with one of 6 teams, each team will spawn around a wonder, except the middle one.
    You can't send resources or reinforcements to another team. If one team is significantly bigger than another then their signups are closed until the other kingdoms catch up.
    This will force the metas to accept new players

    Might need an anti-treason mechanic to avoid people making multis for disruptive purposes.

    Then, if we're gonna skip the early game anyway, lets just have everyone spawn with a 4446 with all fields 10, a cp slot, and 3 settlers ready.
    When the round starts everyone spawns, can orientate themselves, can start being social in the team, potentially swap teams if they don't like their team, and then 24 hours later game logic starts and the game actually begins. No more issues with fast settle, cause everyone can settle right away. Multis will be quite useless cause there is a player cap anyway. No more stalemates, being friends with everyone, everyone knows who their enemy is and they know what to do.

    So most issues would be solved. HOWEVER, this would mean we get a completely different game so its not gonna happen, but hey, the idea is there.

    Metas exist cause the best tactic in the game is booming harder than your enemies.
    Both fast settle and relocation encourage this type of tactic cause it allows you to distance yourself from threats and boom safely.

    But getting rid of fast settle and relocation are not options in my opinion. Instead we need to increase the benefit of aggressive play.
    When you crush another kingdom most their players go on delete, leaving you with nothing. If these deleted villages would turn into natars who can be farmed and chiefed then aggressive play is much more rewarding.

    Fast settle could use a nerf and relocation already got a bit of a nerf with the mists so I guess that's fine for now.

    Though I agree upon the issue of multis I don't think they impact the game as much as you are describing here.

    The main issue in this game is kingdoms who take the easy way.

    Last round I played was a small server. We were #5 and numbers 1, 2, and 4 all teamed up against us.

    Their combined power was ~20x ours and we didn't stand a chance. After that they targeted #3, which was also easy.

    They knew this would depopulate the game world and turn the game stale but they did so anyway.

    These kingdoms have players that want to build as large armies as possible.

    What is the point of building a huge army when there is nobody left to use it against?

    Multis only provide an issue when they are used for an already well established player or against a certain player.

    If someone, or a few people, were to make 30 accounts and use it against the biggest players on the server then that would spice things up.

    Its like they would be robin hood. They know that what they are doing is generally wrong, but its all good as long as it serves a higher purpose.

    Multis like the ones that are made to provide a service such as the selling of troops for real money and stuff is obviously a major threat to the stability of the game.

    While making those troops completely useless because of the bonuses they supply
    How about baking in an influence bonus to 15c and 9c ensure they have a bigger influence on oases?

    Yes, exactly, that is the point. The usefulness of these troops is to ensure a bonus... which means they aren't useless. The stationing of a few hundred troops to ensure you get the bonus SHOULD BE a small price to pay. If you think this is too much of a cost then you should rethink your priorities.

    1. When sending resources to my villages some indicator would be nice how much resource can I store there. (like I have wood: 650/4000, a number would show I can send 3350 wood)
    2. At baracks/stable or workshop at the bottom where there is a white space now, the required resource production per hour could be added to see whether I need to level up my barracks for the current production or not for the selected unit. For example: If clubswinger for a given level of barracks takes 30 seconds to produce, there numbers would be there: wood: 10200, clay: 7800, iron: 3600. It would be helpful to balance the level of military building production with resource production fields.
    3. Some ROI calculation for the resource fields, I think most of the players thinks higher the better but after level 12 it could take 20-30 days to produce the resources it was invested into the upgrade. Of course this ROI depends on connected oases bonuses, travian plus and resource production bonus buildings.
    4. Could the king be allowed to see his/her own kingdom member's troops somehow without using getter tool.

    1. Yes

    2. Yes but not a priority

    3. Yes but not a priority. I've made one of those in a spreadsheet where it calculates whether to go for another field or for a level of the modifier building. Its really not difficult to make.

    4. Opt-in yes.

    5. Could u change hero production so that we could choose with 4 slidebars.

    5. No, this is a form of micromanagement that is important to the game.

    6- It should be possible to filter attacks and raids seperately on rally point.

    6. Yes

    7: Remove the troop influence bonus in Oases. Its a complete and utter waste of troops......coupled with the fact that it turns into a troop pissing contest to get that top % bonus. Influence in Oases should at the very least be population based. Perhaps troop bonuses could be baked into Oases by some means...maybe by your population.....the higher your population the higher the bonus....with a cap of course.

    7. Absolutely not. This allows kingdoms to optimize resource bonuses by allowing players with croppers to get additional influence over crop oases with their troops.

    8- Being able to Edit/Delete own messages.

    8. Maybe. Not a priority.

    9. As a pure defensive governor sometimes it is difficult to deal with the robbers. Some option would be nice to provoke the robbers to attack or rethink the algorythm how the units calculated in the robbers so pure defensive units would add less units to them. But still waiting for 36(?) hours is a long time. It could be helpful for offensive player as well. They have to stop raiding for a bit just to gather all units and they will still lose 5-15% on robbers (siege is better but that will lose some time from raiding).

    9. Certainly a good thing.

    Quick link to the farmlist

    Quick links to anything really.

    Another wish from your fellow players came in the meantime, it would be great to hear your thoughts on them too:

    • Make attacks on secret society players to be visible on map


    on my wishlist would be the option to expand rally point if needed, many occasions you can have upto 50 inc's on multiple villages & it's tedious trying to analyze those in the current 4 actions format (also to be able to seperate incoming reins from farming & those of other players would be helpful)

    Adjust UI scaling in general.

    Finally 5 ideas of my own:

    PG1: Tutorial for joining/leaving kingdoms/secret societies.

    The help guy in the bottom right is nice but there are somethings that people just aren't picking up on.

    Joining/leaving kingdoms/secret societies should be incorporated in THE tutorial or in A tutorial. (Point to embassy and then the respective buttons)

    Including them in THE tutorial would be nice but that would require including the embassy too.

    PG2: Robber camps should attack treasuries.

    There should be more interaction with robbers for the deffers.

    Robber camps should have an initial wave that is substantially stronger than the rest of the camp that attacks the nearest treasury.

    Participation in the defense could be rewarded either by a game mechanic or, for the time being, by the kingdom members themselves just helping each other out.

    Idea for said game mechanic: A bounty for each enemy killed in the defense. This reward should, like the stolen goods reward, not come from the kings pockets but just from the game.

    PG3: Some natar activity.

    Perhaps a few natar villages in the mist that are hostile to players that settle in the mist, or kingdoms whose influence spreads to the mist.

    Just any kind of NPC feature that deters the bigger players/kingdoms from snowballing.

    PG4: Repeat traders button.
    Just like the repeat attack button there should be a repeat transaction button for when you want to send the exact same resources to another village. Shouldn't be too difficult to do.

    PG5: Copy entire farmlist.

    Copy entire farmlist so you can have one for your cav and one for your inf.