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    I dont find it funny anymore to play this game because of all the cheaters. Today I found out that I had a player inside my kingdom that had more than one account. He used the account he had in my kingdom to spy on our every move and today he said farewell and deleted the account. When people cheat they should not just get a ban for a few hours/days what ever they should be deleted completely if you ask me, and be forced to start over all again. I find it sad that the punishments for cheaters are very small and that players actually can use multi accounts to win servers like this. Its wrong and it takes all the fun out of the game. So I strongly suggest you do something about this. Because many of us are tired of this and we might stop playing if people can cheat so easy and get away with it.


    Just invited 200 people to an SS on a server. This took very long time because I was the only one that could invite them all. To make SS a better tool in the game it would be nice of the founder of the SS could appoint maybe 2-3 people to help them fix the SS, send invites etc. It would also be nice if you as the founder could decide who is allowed to make new chat threads in a SS to prevent people from making new ones overflowing the entire chat with different threads. Thank you for your time! :thumbsup: